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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part II: SWOT Analysis Paper

Business Model and Strategic Plan Part II: SWOT Analysis Paper

Business Summary

Matrix international company (MIC) is a major provider of modern and new technology upgrade. They are the leading dealers in installation of modern software’s and hardware’s parts of computers and other related accessories. The company also provides a range of technology versions that provide solutions through efficiency and sufficiency. Additionally, it provides digital marketing solutions and employment opportunities to skilled and technical students. The company has adopted different factors that enable it to be high in the market and offer relevant solutions to management problems that are found in the company. (MIC)Total Source management services to satisfy its customers and the clients. The company has adopted the following factors in its operations.

A table showing SWOT analysis of external factors
External factors are the factors which the company has little or no control over them
Human Resources
The human resources are crucial in the (MIC) company since it is a technical work. The company cannot carry out its operations effectively if it does not have adequate employees with relevant skills in software and hardware parts of the computer and related accessories. The company has employees with appropriate skills who can propel the company to a higher level.


It is important to the company as provides resources, labor and also support .poor political instability affects the company negatively
Legal and regulatory
The policies are relevant as they outline the requisites for the company to run smoothly. However, if the legal policies do not favor the company, it might affect it negatively. The policies of standard technology codes and standards apply. It ensures that the upgraded software is valid.


The economy of the company and the surrounding environment is crucial since it determines whether the company is selling its products or not. If the economy of the company and the surrounding people is weak, then the company is affected negatively.

SWOT analysis on the internal factors

The strategy of the company is to raise enough resources to build other branches, by doing so it will increase its marketing strategies. Strategy two is to increase efficiency in serving its customers by sourcing new methods of service delivery.


The leadership positions are diverse; there is the general CEO, who is the head of the company. Other positions in the company are the head of the departments and their workers.


The technology is a factor that plays an important role in the is the commodity of trade in the Matrix International Company. We install modern software’s to replace the old software. Also the hardware parts of the computer are repaired or replaced. It is for communication purposes. The internet technology allows online purchase of goods and services by the customers.


The company has enough resources to serve the customers worldwide, buildings to accommodate the staff members, technology to help the distance clients, enough commodities to supply to their customers.
The table summarizes SWOT analysis on internal factors
Virtually, change is the shift of the company from one state of affairs to another. For (MIC) company, Change or movement in the environment usually requires change mainly within the division. Because a change in any company comes with resistance, it is paramount for the company to strategize on how to counterattack that resistance. Therefore, the company division ought to develop various aspects of business functions to enhance in the process of reacting to changes. Business change can occur in various forms. It may comprise a change in company’s strategy, culture, structure or technology. Often, change in an organization change can occur radically and swiftly affect the operations of the company, or it can be slow and incremental. Some of the strategies that the company can adapt to change include; effective decision-making, proper planning to manage change, providing prior updates regarding change and how it can be integrated into the system.
Matrix international company (MIC) performs its work by sending the skilled technicians to upgrade or fully install the software or hardware. (MIC) Company supply chain is the system of the company that is involved in moving products and services from the supplier to the customers. In the context of the organization, supply chain activities involve the transformation of old and poor technology in to new and modern technology which is efficient to the clients. In the new departments, the supply chain will involve ecological, political regulation of natural resources, biological, human resource extraction as well as other distinct links such as assembly, component extraction and merging.
Another critical challenge is adopting change is when the installed technology appears new to our client. Often, change comes with various reactions some of which are negative. Market dominance is also another challenge, being a new division there is a challenge of gaining prominence in the market. The questions to be used in the analysis include; what are the possible reactions to change? How will the division cope with change? How can the departments enhance employee training? There is a challenge in trying to implement change in the new division due to different adverse reactions to change. As such, it is relatively healthy to put forth priorities to avoid any issue related to decision-making.

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