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The famous Epic of Gilgamesh precedes the period of epic tales recording relating to the 8th and 7th centuries BC presented by the most important epic works such like Homer's poems and the most ancient books of the Bible. Its hero, Gilgamesh is a demigod and half-man.
According to the traditional idea of the perfect man as the representative of society, he is the one who benefits people with own activity, especially if he is a Sumerian king. As the main representative of the ruling elite, he was responsible for the whole people and, consequently, his primary responsibility is to take care of them. One of the duties of Gilgamesh as a prince, explaining the reasons for his exploits, is taking care of the people. Gilgamesh builds a wall around Uruk, enters into an open confrontation with the ruler of Kish Aggoy. Going on a trip to the Huwawa (Humbaba), an epic hero is also guided by the goal of helping people. He gets valuable cedar tree in the Mesopotamian desert, and kills Huwawa villain who "does not know mother who bore me, nor a father who brought me up" (Etcsl.orinst.ox.ac.uk), lives in the mountains, away from people. Results of a Gilgamesh's deed, in the end, give him the glory of the winner over evil, embodied in Huwawa, as well as Lebanese cedar, brought in Uruk. The images of the people and the ruler by the poem reflect their coexistence and active cooperation, as members of one family of Uruk. Gilgamesh communicate freely with people, guides them and helps them. The image of his father's care of Uruk and its inhabitants, which manifests itself in deeds and conversations with citizens, does not limit the understanding of the people only with army.
In the legend, the hero as close as possible approaches to the question of the meaning of life, which for him is to glorify himself by exploits in the name of his people. The duty to take care of them turns here to Gilgamesh's meaning of life.

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