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Human Resource Management Interviews

After analyzing the answers that were presented during the interview, I have found that the results for each are somewhat similar, except for the one that had no interest in any of the questions that were asked. The results showed that the ability to resolve a conflict is necessary in many different circles and that some would try to resolve conflicts, while others would refer the problem to a higher authority. I realize that it is important to come to a compromise with both parties, in order to come to an amicable solution and that it is important to give each party a say into what their problem is.
I have learned that the behavior that people display occur for a reason, in many instances they seek ways to get noticed, feel like they belong or to protect them self. When they think that their self-esteem is threatened, it can cause them to display destructive behaviors. In doing so, they believe that they will feel significant. How people respond to these difficult behavioral patterns can determine how soon the conflict can be resolved.
The XYZ conflict resolution model is also an important aspect of showing how by cause and effect, the circumstances of a conflict can be avoided. Or the circumstances can be changed to make the outcome a different one. It was also clear that each answer, except that one, showed that each individual was able to view the circumstances in a different light and use the examples that were given to see the best way in which they could deal with the different situations that resulted in conflicts.
The answers were very helpful in giving me an insight into how different employees think and act when there is a conflict. Walking away is not the answer, as the conflict would not be resolved then. Finding an amicable way in which they can come to an agreement, or make a compromise is the best way to work out issues, not only in the workplaces, but also in your everyday life. The XYZ model is a universal way for people to understand the process and work on solving it.
My interview also showed me that effective listening is recognized as a very important tool in the negotiation and mediation of a conflict. The main role of effective listening skills is explained by the purpose it serves. It is used to generate a greater understanding of the motives and concerns of the other party. This can form the basis of coming to solutions that are acceptable to both parties, which will solve the conflict at hand.
For an individual to come to such an understanding, their effective listening skill is needed to address whatever problems exist in their attempt at oral communication. I also found out that paraphrasing is a way to clarify, summarize and allow one to reflect on the issue, in order to overcome existing obstacles in communication. In addition to getting an understanding, effective listening also serves as a way of showing the level of understanding that one party has of the other.
This can build mutual trust between both parties and this is an important aspect of coming to a satisfactory conclusion. I have realized that for me to listen effectively, it would depend in part, on my awareness of whatever shortcoming I may have when I am listening. I have learned that if I increase my awareness, I can possibly overcome whatever internal limitations I may have, that can be added to shaping the perception that I have of the conflict.
When a conflict arise, the communication process often fails, because each party is concerned with their own issues and do not focus on the other person’s issues. I realize that if we listen and understand someone, it will cause that person to be satisfied and make them willing to listen. The answers to my interview questions show that it is good to prepare and plan as it can have a huge impact on the outcome of negotiations.
If a person does not identify their goals adequately, then they will not be able to prepare a case and plan their strategy. This failure on their part would minimize their chances of achieving their ideal outcomes during a negotiation. In a scenario where one party spends some time before the meeting to define their desired outcome, plan their agenda and outline their plans to take on tricky questions, that party can outperform the other, who had not given any prior consideration to the meeting.
During the initial stage, they have to set their objectives, prepare and plan their expected outcomes. In setting these goals and objectives, the person who is negotiating can get the results that they expected from the negotiations. I have learned, not only from this exercise, that failure to plan can lead to problems and unexpected outcomes during a negotiation process. Many times, people try to negotiate and lose because they are not sure of what they want from the process.
The conflicts exist because one person is unwilling to bend, or to see the viewpoint of another, but if they use the steps that are outlined above; they can see the issue from the perspective of the other person, work on a compromise and get the situation resolved. I have learned that the three steps that are outlined above are critical to the process. During a conflict, effective listening skills and the ability to negotiate are key factors in coming to a conclusion.

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