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Presently, human resource systems contribute immensely to the effectiveness of organizations in the different industries. Different industries run under different conditions and experience different workforce challenges.
The hotel and hospitality industry is a large growing industry that contributes nearly $1.5 trillion in economic output and actively supports more than 7 million US jobs. The industry includes subsectors of accommodation, food services, and travel. Food and beverages, lodging, transportation, tourism and adventures, recreation and events characterize the products and services the hospitality industry provides. Hospitality industry employment increased by 15% last year and contributes to over 39% of the national jobs in US. The industry operates in a demanding and competitive market, and the expectations and stakes are high. The industry is favorable for companies that offer good services and with a huge profit margin. The industry demands that companies innovate ways to keep their profits high and sell their brands (Hayes & Ninemeier, 2008). The government in the federal and local levels has regulations and laws stipulated to govern and guideline the operations of the industry.
The healthcare industry in the US is a big industry with annual revenue of $1.668 trillion and employs more than 16 million people. There are about 784,000 registered healthcare organizations and companies in the US. The services included in the industry include patient care, nursing services, rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient services, surgical and non-surgical intervention services. About 58 percent of the industry organizations are privately owned and run while the remaining 42% are government-owned (profit and non-profit). The healthcare industry is a highly professional field with legal, professional and cultural policies that govern the industry and the operations. Most of the factors around the health care industry are federally governed, managed, and formulated. The industry relies on the professionalism, growth and technology mostly other than profits and branding.
Healthcare and hospitality industry have remained among the top industry segments with the highest returns and projected to grow further in the future with technology playing a huge role in their operations. The industries rely greatly on human resource input and, for this reason, need a comprehensive human resource management (Niles, 2013, p.82).
American Airlines Company is a transport company that offers flight services to and from different cities and locations with over 700 destinations worldwide. The company operates offices in different locations and employs agents all of whom are guided by the adopted operational standards of business behavior. The company wants to improve the efficiency of its services on the ground and in transit to improve customer experience. American Airlines Mission is to focus on diversity and inclusion at all operational levels to create a rich tapestry of engaged and dynamic teams committed to the airline. The greatest value of the company is the aspect of quality of its team and quality service to the customers.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital- Memphis, Tennessee is a premier pediatric treatment and research facility. The center’s mission is to advance cures and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. It seeks to employ remarkably talented people who enthusiastically embrace collaboration and teamwork. The facility operates under privacy and safety policies and procedures, and every employee has to adhere to the same. The facility operates with referrals where patients with certain conditions get access to treatment and care.
Human resource strategy involves actions and initiatives for integrating an organization’s policies and culture to the people involved in its operations to meet set goals and objectives. In order to support the mission and values of American Airlines, the company’s human resource management requires employing strategies that will ensure that diversity and quality get realized. They include training and development, selection and staffing, organizational management and performance management system. Training and development will equip the employees in different sectors with new skills and experiences to increase the quality of customer experience and improve their performance. It involves regular or on-demand training practices at recognized institutions or from experienced staff through the company initiatives. Selection and Staffing will promote the diversity need for the company. The human resource team should carry out extensive personnel sourcing by carrying out advertisements of positions available in every operational base. They should formulate policies that will give an equal opportunity to people of different cultural background qualified to work in the company. They can set up different recruitment centers to complement any recruitment plans aimed at cultural diversity. Organizational management will provide compliance solutions. The human resource management team should organize and create a culture that will align employees to deliver quality service. That involves activities like monitoring the employees at the office level through multiple managerial levels. Performance management system is a strategy involving managers and employees working together to contribute to an organization’s successful performance (Sims, 2002). It involves having the right person or team at the right position, and it is the human resource management’s responsibility. For American Airlines, the human resource team requires employing qualified members and place them in the right positions on the basis of skills, abilities, and talent. The more diverse and quality in operations a company is, the more loyal customers they get. As a result, the company performance will improve. An international image gives a company more advantage over other companies, which only attracts local or a small margin of customers.
The hospitality industry is all about better services and more customers. Once the strategies get implemented, the company will provide quality services inspired by the skilled and professional staff. A diverse staff will present the company not only as an equal employer with an international figure but also it will attract more customers to travel with the airlines. It will attract the passengers from the diverse background the airline operates. The quality services will improve customer experience and, as a result, retain regular airline travel users (Truss, Mankin, & Kelliher, 2012). The better the services offered by the hospitality industry, the more customers the industry receives. A diverse staff complements the success by attracting more customers.
For St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, training and development, job design and analysis, selection and staffing and career development and succession planning strategies will help them meet their values of advancing cures and methods of hindrance for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Training and development provide the medical staff with better skills to handle the non-definite nature of diseases and conditions. The center should set up a resource center in which medical staff can access academic materials and trainings. The staff needs motivation to undertake more research-based skills in higher learning institutions to remain steadfast. In job design and analysis, the human resource team will collect and evaluate information concerning the research jobs to create the job description and specification. That provides a base for other activities like recruitment and compensating performance. Job analysis and design are critical to the completion of tasks and responsibilities for the employees, and that will ensure that treatment and research activities performance meet the standards. Selection and Staffing require the human resource department to formulate a selection method through which the center will get the most valuable people to fill the jobs available. A thorough background check of potential employees will identify the most qualified person who will observe the professional conduct and carry out tasks professionally. Career development and succession planning will ensure the operational challenges facing the center are managed appropriately through enabling the staff to develop skills and to make good decisions. Succession planning will ensure retention of staff members to continue with research activities and any other pending long-term projects (Morrison & Adams, 2013). That is useful for the plans of the future and continuity of the center through in-house sourcing of talents and abilities. It will also motivate the staff members.
In the healthcare industry, professionalism and practical results matter most. In the case of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, treatment of chronic conditions requires specialized personnel and extensive research to develop cures. Adopting the strategies provides the center with professional medical practitioners who are useful in research as well. Once the center establishes itself as a professional center that provides practical cure to patients, it will not only grow that center but it will win public trust, and more patients will prefer the center. With more patients and staff, it is easier to understand the nature of different chronic diseases and initiate research activities into the conditions, to develop a cure. A well-trained professional team puts the center in a better position to handle challenges and remain relevant in the professionally motivated healthcare industry. The better the medical team, the better the research and consequently the more effective the treatment processes become.


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