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Published: 2020/11/01

The emergence of smartphones created easier and faster ways in gaining information via the World Wide Web and created a convenient platform for various transactions like booking flights, restaurants reservation, online shopping, banking, and many more. Smartphones that run through the internet provide users of all ages the easiest ways to do various things. Furthermore, the availability of these gadgets has no limitations providing the youth and students the access to the cyber world anytime they want. Currently, almost all people especially students that carry smartphones and use them unnecessarily and excessively are putting their valuable time at school to be compromised. Smartphones are effective gateways that transpose man from the activities of the real world to the boundless cyber domain.
The smartphone usage is undeniably inevitable in today’s current regime. This fact made man slaves to the gadget putting a major part of their time in accessing the internet for various transactions, watching videos, playing games, listening to music, and talking or gossiping with friends over social media sites. This phenomenon is based on the day to day observations that I witness every now and then. In the school arena, I can see lots of students just sitting around but are too preoccupied with their smartphones. Even people having dinner on restaurants, waiting on lines, resting in the parks, and even while walking, are actually fixed over the activities with their smartphones. Despite their seemingly immobile stature, they are actually busy with the cyber world dynamics. Their state of preoccupation is evident in their focused expressions on the screen and the sudden shift of facial expression that makes them smile, frown, laugh, sing, and shout instantly. Evidently, their focus is far beyond the actual scope of vision on the real world. Instead, they are absorbed with the online and multimedia subtleties via the smartphones.
The benefits embedded in the applications of smartphones carry the man’s activities in a higher and different level. Indeed, the advantages of having smartphones on hand at all times are justifiable. My inquiry to my classmates at school proved this point very well. One of my math buddies revealed his gratefulness for the invention of smartphones. According to him, he is amazed at the integration of calculator in smartphones. This innovation makes life for him as a student less stressful as he doesn’t need to carry a calculator at school every day to help him solve his math problems. In addition, he can easily Google questions that would help him understand the lessons well and answer his homeworks easily. To assess the valuation of smartphones with regards to this ideology is indeed remarkable. However, this example of dependence to smartphones is detrimental to the existence of the basic educational materials such as calculators and books. Evidently, the integration and fusion of man’s conventional accessories into applications on the smartphones prove that smartphones transpose man from the real world to the cyber dynamics.
The widespread usage of smartphones all over the world is due to various factors such as the user friendly platform, connectivity, portability, mobility, and availability of the gadget. In fact, there are many brands of smartphones available in the market. The overwhelming multimedia advertisements and global marketing strategies have effectively conveyed the magnanimous image of smartphones to the public. During my actual visits in the malls and shops, it is very evident that cellphones and smartphones are very available for anyone who wants them. There are also phones that are available for credit. Man can use them first while paying them gradually through credit cards. There is little excuse for man not to own such handy thing. Man is persuaded at all times from every side to own smartphones and taste the feeling of getting the world into their hands. The world of consumerism that totally enveloped today’s humanity dictates man follow the trends of today’s generation. Man is pressured to accord to the norms of the society that is geared by the various innovation of technology. Thus, the epidemic of smartphones is a social reality that forces the flux of culture towards the gateway to the cyber world via the smartphones.
The dominion of smartphones in today’s generation is starkly obvious. There are pros and cons to the use of these gadgets. Man is provided with the fastest and easiest access to various online transactions via the handy gadget that they can carry everywhere. The ownership of almost everyone in this world with smartphones made this world smaller and has indeed break down the barriers between nations, races, religions, and tongues. However, the excessive usage of the gadget has shifted man’s dynamics from the physical sphere to the online realm. Smartphones become effective gateways that lead man to the cyber dimension. Thus, man is transposed to a different dynamics which is eating most of his time compromising the actual activities in the real world. Man is transformed to physical immobility, but is actually perturbed psychologically and mentally in the dynamics of the cyber world. In effect, better friendships are built over social media, more time is spent on the internet, increase online activities over physical demands, higher information intake via Google than books, and so on. Hence, smartphones have effectively transported man to the dimension of the online and media mediated world while limiting the physical social sphere in the actual world.

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