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Matilda Rodriguez is a thirteen-year-old student in west view school. She is in grade eight and would like to become a handball player. She has a natural talent that she inherited from her father. She is tall, strong, and has a passion for what she does. She likes reading motivational books especially if they involve sports. She also likes watching movies related to handball. Her major problems are that there is no a female handball club in her area. Her only option was to join the boys' handball club. This was a big challenge but since she was determined she requested to join the club. The management and the team players were not interested but since she was a go-getter she managed to get a spot in the team which led to her success. She is open minded, friendly and charming. Many people in her town like her and support her ambition. She has managed to gather a lot of support in her area, and everybody wants to see her play because he does not fail.

Choose a book based on your imaginary student's profile.

The appropriate book for her was throwing like a girl, by Weezie Kerr Mackey. The book is about a young girl, fifteen years of age called Ella Kessler. Her story begins when her parents move from Chicago to Dallas, which is not happy about. She is enrolled in Spring Valley day school. She joined the softball team in her new school since she is a natural athlete. She barely knows how to play but she decided to take the challenge. Her first move was to make friends with students in her school mates and most especially with her teammates. Her natural athletic ability was an advantage because she managed to become one of the best students in the team. She was later nicknamed Lady Peacock (Mackey, 12). She also befriends Rocky, who is a former softball player and quit playing due to other responsibilities. One of the important strategies for the team was how to throw. In the class, she becomes friend with Nate, who is an all rounded nice guy. She encounters a big problem with Nate's sister Sally, who is also known as Lady Peacock. Sally is jealous, popular best and unfriendly. Ella is not discouraged and decides to take up the challenge. She decided to play her part and not mind Sally. She also has to be good in class. These are two things that she needs to balance very well. At the end of the book, she is bale to succeed in both sports and in calls amidst all the challenges she had to go through in her new school. Her parents were also supportive of her.

Explain your thought process for picking this book. How did you evaluate the book?

I went to the library to look for a good book. I searched for many, but I was attracted to this book because of the title. I felt that it was relevant to what my students wanted and that it would help her. This book is appropriate for Matilda. Ella, the girl in the book, and Matilda have something in common. They both are athletic and have to go through challenges in order to achieve their dream. I thought this was a good book for Matilda because of the inspirational story behind. Matilda requires a lot of inspiration for her to go through with her dreams. She faces the same challenges as Ella faces in her new school. Although she is not in a new school, the boys' team will be a challenge to prove that she is worth joining it. She will also have enemies and should follow the example of Ella in order to overcome them. Her parents

Describe one activity that would be appropriate for the book.

Sport is the most appropriate activity in this book. It is challenging and especially to young people who do not have enough help and support. The biggest activity for this book is throwing a ball. This book does not only motivate sports students but all students at large. They should strive hard to reach their dreams. They should also learn that it is a challenging journey, but people have made it through so can they. Matilda should feel inspired by this book because she will achieve her dreams only if she fights for them. She should play the best that she can to convince everybody that she should be in the team. Once in the team she should throw the ball with passion. She also should not forget about school. She requires knowledge to go hand in hand with her successful handball career. Going against all odds should be her new inspiration.

Explain how this book and activity will meet the needs of your student.

This would be a challenge for Matilda. She would know that she was not alone and suffered similar struggles of other girls in the world. Her need is to become a handball player and the book is just perfect for her because she will learn how to strive hard to get what she want. She will understand that she is not the only one and that there are still many more to come with similar problems. She could also take the book to the mangers in her club so that they can understand what the author is trying to say. All students with talents are special and should be given an opportunity to showcase the talent. If not, the talent will go to waste. Matilda will also learn how to balance her school work and her passion. Ella managed the two of them so this will also be a challenge to her. She will have to work hard to have good grades in school at the same time, she will have to play in the handball team.
The book is about sports. It is appropriate because it explains the challenges that female youngsters face. Ella only needed to learn how to throw (Mackey, 3). Matilda knew how to throw but did not know where to begin. She only had her father as a coach because he once played handball. She did not have any professional help and required help. There were very minimal people who would help her because she wanted to play on the boy's team. The boys would not be welcoming towards her because not only was she a challenge but she was a female. They were afraid of being challenged by a woman. The society would also be discriminative saying that she should not be in the boy team. The most appropriate activity for this book is throwing a ball. This is an activity that will help Matilda and other girls. It should be recommended to many girls who would want to join a challenging event and do not have the appropriate help. They can be motivated to reach their goals just like Ella did. If she reads this book, she will fight even harder to get a place in the team. It has not been performing well, and this could be its only chance to a better performance. The team members and Matilda should read this book.

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