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Simply, lying is a habit of, not telling the truth while communicating with other people. However, it is pertinent to note that there are several definitions of lying as can be given in different contexts. Because lying involves other people, it is sometimes considered a social activity (Friedlander 18). In most cases, it is a common view that lying is wrong because it compromises trust and occurs in situations that one expects truth as an obvious feedback from an inquiry. Pertinently, lying may not always be a wrong in other contexts and, therefore, can be crucial in communication.
Seemingly, lying is welcome in some contexts where the lies are considered not asserted. For example, when actors are on stage, they often lie but what they say appears put outside the bracket of lying. In a similar perspective, my uncle normally says, “Good Morning” to imply that the weather is terrible and not necessarily to mean it is a greeting of early hours of the day. Usually, lying presents an assertion that a claim is true with an objective to make the listeners believe the claim. From the definition mentioned above, both the uncle and the actors are not lying because they have no intention to lead listeners to make belief in what they are saying.
The act of lying is cultured in the society right from the early stages of children socialization. The children are brought up in such way that they are truthful in most occasions. However, in some situation the children have explicit knowledge from their parents that limits them from telling the truth in given contexts. Often, such situations entail polite settings and telling the truth is usually regarded as hurtful to the listeners or the recipients. Under such situations, it is fair to spare the feelings of the recipient by telling lies in order to prevent compromising good social relations.
Furthermore, lying is sometimes a means to manage modern communications and may not be always considered as a moral setback. Personally, I have heard people telling lies over the phone to save face or to calm down others. For example, it is a common habit for people to lie that they are on the way when they are not in order to make others wait for them a little longer with patience. Despite the fact that most of the people are aware that occasionally we are told lies, technology has made lying even more complex, a situation that makes it difficult to separate lies from truth (Friedlander 14).
Nowadays, managing how people interact and share with us provides us with an opportunity to lie each time of need. Most people, for example, using technology to set instant messages such as “in a meeting” or “busy” in an attempt to avoid conversations (Friedlander 15). Often, such messages are lies because you find whoever saying that is busy just inches away from the smartphone chatting with different people and claiming to be in a meeting.
In conclusion, lying can be most unwelcome in normal daily human relations. People expect that others are trustworthy enough to tell the truth. However, however, what comprises of lies varies functionally as well as in definitional terms. Therefore, it is essential to understand the boundaries of definitions of lies in different contexts in order to interpret information within its limits.

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