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Social Entertainment in Miami

The social entertainment quotient in the city of Miami can be better understood and appreciated once we understand a brief history of the modern day Miami. The Official Website of the City of Miami explains that the city of Miami, evolved a century ago very quickly. On account of the almost instantaneous evolution, one of the nicknames of Miami is “Magic City”. Miami’s geography and history is extremely exotic and colourful. It is so attractive that its charm is almost magnetic. The Official Website of the City of Miami further states that the city is constantly evolving. Even though the city is relatively new in comparison to the other cities of the United States of America, it is becoming as a major international hub on account of development of outstanding international ports, and a centre of major multinational industries that are using Miami to establish foot hold. Miami can very well be considered as a place where there has been a confluence of several culture on account of the immigrants from various communities, including, but not limited to African Americans, Caribbean and Cubans and Nicaraguans. The Government of Miami’s Convention Bureau data proves that there has been an increased surge in the rate of hotel occupancy, tourist movements, and spending on restaurants. [Official Miami Website]
The social entertainment of Miami is rich and colourful on account of innumerable options available, including, but not limited to dance, theatre, galleries, films, music etc. Let us now consider each of these avenues of social entertainment that makes the landscape of Miami rich and beautiful in terms of its social life.
Theatre: The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) on its website relating to Miami states that the Arsht Centre, the New Theatre, the GableStage, the Olympia Theatre, Frank Gerby designed New World Theatre, and the playground theatre are some of the remarkable theatres that are worth visiting at Miami. Among all these theatres, the Arsht Centre can be labelled as the largest in terms of the art space performance as its calendar is almost always full. It is worth mentioning that the Arsht Centre that with respect to the sizes, Arsht Centre can rightly be considered as one of the largest as it not only includes a gourmet restaurant and an opera house, but it also has a concert hall. New Theatre is also a reflection of multi-cultural influence and is a key source of social entertainment. [Website of GMCVB]. Another means of social entertainment are the performances of world famous troupes like the Miami City Ballet and the Florida Grand Opera. The Arsht Theatre not only hosts readings and attractive performances but also hosts festivals of short plays. The Hispanic Theatre Festival and the South Florida Theatre Festival are another major source of social attractions in terms of the social entertainment quotient. [Website of GMCVB]
Night Life: The GMCVB and the Metro Guide Network on its official portal gives a glimpse about night life in Miami. It states that the night life of Miami is almost legendary and colourful with numerous possibilities to have fun. This is because the night life of Miami is ruled by entertainment industry along with fashion industry to make it more interesting. GMCVB further states that Miami has been dubbed as a Fun Capital by Jackie Gleason in the era of 1960 and it has all the characteristics that does full justice to the name. Miami beach’s form a unique attraction of the night life and it is rightly called as Latin Hollywood on account of its theatrical pursuit. The Metro Guide Network on its official portal states that the night life of South Beach is worth experiencing on account of the chance to stumble across various celebrities luxuriously roaming around on the South beach along with a chance to enjoy jazz bars, lounges, hip-hop dance floors, restaurants, cafes and various concepts of fine dining at the wee hours at some of the finest restaurants. Aside to this, the African American area of Miami also offers an amazing night life that is full of vitality and entertainment. Little Havana, a place that is replete with the culture of Cuba is full of interesting eateries and there are dance bars that are famous for its salsa. Another place, known as Coconut Grove also offers an interesting night life as it is full of world famous restaurants, bookstores and theatres. Thus, the night life of Miami has something to offer to people from every walk of life, right from ordinary tourist to celebrities, without any distinction. (Miami Nightclubs: Metro Guide Network of Local Directories. Web.)
Shopping: Shopping can be, without doubt, categorized as a form of social entertainment on account of the fact that it is easy for any visitor to combine shopping with other delightful social experiences. GMCVB points out that it is advisable for shoppers who are looking out to mix shopping with entertainment to go for shopping at outdoor marketplaces. This is because these are places where shoppers can combine their shopping experience with sight-seeing. Further, in case they are saturated off shopping, they can recharge their energies as several cafes and restaurants that are located in the shopping zones. The combined experience of shopping, sight-seeing and eating becomes a form of social entertainment in itself. In this regard, Bayside Market that offers a shopper the view of breath taking cityscape that includes the Miami port and the American Airline arena. This area is culturally distinctive and it contains more than 150 shops wherein high end brands co-exist with local memorabilia. In the middle of shopping, shoppers can enjoy street entertainments like concerts and performances and simultaneously enjoy views of waterfront. (“Bayside Marketplace” GMCV. Web)
Another important area of social entertainment destination vis-à-vis shopping is Mary Brickell Village. This is located in Downtown Miami. The courtyards of this village are well shaded and occupied with bars and restaurants. It is therefore a very interesting shopping destination where shoppers combine their shopping experience with eating delight, a perfect blend of social entertainment. (“Mary Brickell Village” GMCV Web) Another area of turning shopping into social entertainment is Coconut Grove. This is because it is one of the oldest area of Miamia and it combines shopping with ceaseless street entertainment donned with wild artists who give engaging eccentric performances along with sophisticated entertainment. To this end, the shopping experience in the open air shop combined with fine dining experience can almost be compared to the shopping experience in Europe in the tropical experience. (“Coconut Grove” GMCV Web) Aside to this, there are many other unique shopping destinations like the Sunset Place, Village of Merrick Park, the Falls etc. (“Shopping” GMCV Web)
Thrill attractions: Another form of social entertainment in Miami is the world of adventure and thrill. In this regard, Wells point out that Miami is filled with thrilling social entertainment and adventure in the form of various adventure sports in Greater Miami and also the beaches. Wells further points out that one of the best way to explore Miami is through “Ocean Force Adventure Boat” (“Thrill Attraction” GMCV Web). Further, there are options for private tour boats that can take a tourist to many scenic sightseeing destinations like Star Island, President Nixon’s White House etc. Wells further point out that there are request based services in which an inflatable passenger boat can take a tourist at a super high speed to various remote destinations including Boca Chita Key. These unique destinations contain beautiful palm trees and are the source of various water sports like snorkelling that gives a tourist a chance to see various tropical fishes that is unique to the island. (“Thrill Attraction” GMCV Web). Another source of unique adventure sprts is a ride on a catamaran that is powerful and almost 42 foot long. This speed of this vessel is around 50 miles per/hour. This vessel takes a tour on various Miami landmarks. This includes Fisher island and Ocean Drive that is located on the South Beach. As there are many departures every day, this is one of the best of enjoying the breath taking beauty of Miami tour. (“Thrill Attraction” GMCV Web)
Wells further points out that “Miami Exotic Car Racing” provides car high speed enthusiasts the opportunity of driving their favourite car in a professional race. At the Homestead Speedway, a car enthusiast will be able to realize his dream of pushing himself to his limit by choosing and consequently driving his favourite sports car after being trained by a professional coach. There are racing packages that enables a person to take training as well as insurance protection on the basis of the number of laps and cars that one intends to drive. There are other packages that provide a person with the opportunity of driving along with a professional driver. (“Thrill Attraction” GMCV Web)
Another racing company, namely Redline Experience provides interested enthusiast a unique opportunity by allowing them to ride along with international racing experts and champions and professional instructors. In this package, the enthusiast is allowed to choose his own car and schedule. Thereafter, K1 speed is another go-kart racing facility that provides the car fans to ride on high speed electric racing karts. There are various racing packages that can be reserved well in advance. Another form of thrilling entertainment is GameTime video game centre that is located at Sunset Palace. This place also offers videogame attraction for people from all age groups. There are various sports bar that is another source of social entertainment.
It can be seen that Miami is a best place to find social entertainment in all its hues and splendour. Any tourist will be spoilt for choices. There are social entertainment options in all forms and shapes. Right from theatre to art and dram to night clubs to beaches to galleries to shopping to adventure sports, social entertainment forms the very pulse of Miami. Over the course of last 100 years, Miami has become a unique epicentre of social entertainment and it does compete justice to the name given to it, namely “Sun city and Fun City”.

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