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Section one

1) The audience for this policy statement includes the urban planners, the engineers and the members of the state government that are involved in urban planning. That is because it informs the activities in the urban planning process in which they are directly involved.
2) The statement is useful to the stated audience in their urban planning activities that involve construction work. It is important in raising their awareness on the importance of preserving soil, especially the soil that is fertile.
3) The target audience hopes to find information regarding the various ways that soil can be conserved during the urban development initiatives and constructions. They would also want to know how to include soil conservation in their urban planning strategies, and how to conserve it without interrupting the initial plans regarding their work.
4) The audience shall access the document from the internet at their convenience. The document shall be available in the University Website. It shall also be distributed in the state administration offices whereby even the urban planners that do not know about its existence shall access it.

Section two

1 To acquire the audience, I hope to attend the attend some of the meetings involved with urban planning whereby all the stakeholders shall be present. That way, I could introduce the idea and emphasize on its importance. It is not a very new concept, but it is one that has often been ignored.
2 Testing the usability with this audience is likely to be faced with the challenge of trust of the idea and willingness to try it out. Being an undergraduate, they could consider my idea a mere dream considering that they are more experienced in that field.
3 Qualitative analysis of shall be done by testing the impact of the effort on the climate. The quantitative analysis, in the other hand, shall be conducted on the general population and people that wish to put up buildings according to the requirements. Their opinion on the relevance and their thoughts on the practicability shall be recorded.
4 The usability testing shall be done during the construction of a structure that is proposed by the urban planners. It shall be done during the construction process, at the construction site for accuracy and authenticity.

Section three

The importance of soil is neglected most of the times during planning of land use, especially during urban planning activities. As the urban population grows, the importance of soil to urban life becomes more important because of its contribution to a comfortable urban climate. This they do by humidifying, cooling and growing plants that contribute to the purification of the air. This essay hopes to suggest for stricter monitoring procedures to ensure that the measures are taken to avoid soil wastage and erosion. Construction sites are some of the places where the most soil erosion takes place as compared to farms-during farming practices.
Mega-buildings that are set up in cities should be encouraged to leave out as much soil in the open as possible. This mostly applies to shopping malls. The designs should be made in a way that leaves reasonable paths in the building. The paths should contain spaces where as much soil as possible is left for planting. That means that the roofs of the malls have to be modified as to allow sunlight into the building. That could be done by the use of transparent roofing material for the parts vertically above the soil spaces.
Urban planners have the tendency to disregard the importance of soil when implementing the projects they propose. Good soil is rare and efforts should be made to avoid covering them all with buildings and pavements. The urban planners and all other relevant stakeholders should make a point of leaving out the good soils for other uses. We mostly ignore the extent to which the natural environment benefits human life.
This document seeks to encourage the sparing of land with nutrient-rich soil and constructing on different soil. If that is unavoidable, the engineer, the urban planners and all the stakeholders involved need to work towards covering up as little land space as possible. It could be done by leaving soil spaces at the sides of pavements instead of covering up the entire area with tarmac. That means that all efforts should e done to preserve soil space. If the efforts to do so do not start now, we may realize it too late when we have to import soil into the cities and look for space that can accommodate it.
In cases where the soil is good, but the proposed project that is important cannot leave out enough space, scooping the top soil and preserving it is a good idea. In addition to that, the city planners should encourage the construction of building tops that can accommodate plant life. That way, the soil that is scooped where the buildings stand can be put to use at the roof top of the building whereby plants are planted. That way, the rapid urbanization and urban constructions won’t lead to desperate situations where soil becomes a rare resource. That should curb the issues of loss of rich soil during construction.

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