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Technological progress is an integral and important part of modern life. Technology takes more time and space, develops like living organisms, except that all these processes in technology are controlled by man. Various devices and technological innovations - from computers, e-books, tablets and smartphones, to social networking and computer games - all this does not just change our lives, but our habits that they help us in our lives and complicates it, creating dependence and changing our characters. The main tasks that the developers put before themselves are to improve the standard of living, the elimination of human involvement in routine, repetitive and monotonous work. However, in reality not all achievements are good. There are negative aspects of progress, which oblige society to think on the problems of befuddling, alienation, depersonalization of man.
Thinking is a small but significant part of that distinguishes humans from animals. At all times we were trying to create our own kind, and now, in the era of computerization, it is becoming more real. Increasingly, attempts are being made to create an artificial human mind. But so far it is not real, we can only use the knowledge obtained by people. Most of this knowledge is available through a global network, the Internet, which is not only the world's storehouse of knowledge, but also a huge "dump" information intended for entertainment, leisure, communication, and so on. Now it is not necessarily to know when, for example, was born W. Shakespeare, just type in the search "When W. Shakespeare was born," and you get an answer. When such knowledge is needed, the person performs the following actions: 1) types in a search query; 2) receives the necessary information; 3) uses the result as intended; 4) and forgets the information. The rapid development of technology significantly lags behind the development of information technology, which can lead to the fact that computer systems will be smarter than all of humanity in 2050.
In the last few years we have seen the rapid development of social networks. Originally, they were supposed to help people have a dynamic address and phone book, where users add information about themselves, which provides a convenient means of communication. But, like any other part of human life, they began to take less idealistic and more vital features. Games, entertainments and frank trash. The worst thing is the fact that social networks are now very popular and fashionable, as many people have chosen them as an alternative to real life, spending "in the network" more than 10 hours a day. One can notice that social networks have become a stronghold of frankly low intellectual information that promotes drugs, violence and other negative issues. And since they are considered fashionable, then this information many "immature minds" idealize, and consider as quite normal for their own "implementation" in life. Man ceased to be a person on the internet, all individuality erases, and thinking becomes monotonous and simple. It all comes down to the touch of a button. Button - the central part of the social network. It thinks for you, with its help "friends" will show what they liked your picture. People eventually forget how to communicate in real life directly, because the network can do what ever you in reality do not allow: a complete lack of control in expressions, an illiterate letter - the norm, because it is possible to imagine yourself by a completely different person, with a different name than it actually is. (Brittany 16-22)
Even at the dawn of industrialization and mechanization the mankind has faced with conflicting results of the implementation of machines. On the one hand, they get rid people from hard work, and on the other - replacing the person by machine; the dismissed workers lost their jobs and the means of subsistence. Of course, if the robots perform faster and better their work, the entrepreneur will not even think whom he will hire: a human or a robot. The emergence of artificial intelligence rids humanity from work. Person works hard in order to ensure that in the future he will not work. It turns out that with the development of artificial intelligence, surpassing the human, person for the first time in the history will cease to monitor progress, and will only draw information obtained by artificial intelligence. This is the real picture of the technology development.
For a long time humanity went to the level of development of science and technology that is available today, and throughout this time it does not notice that it is destroyed from the inside: lost those human qualities that make him a person. Direct communication is increasingly relegated to the background, giving way to a remote communication, thinking boils down to that "computer knows better," and as a consequence, full trust to electronic sources. At the same time, all the shortcomings and negative effects of technology are overlapped by positive: the growth of science, growing and universal human knowledge that allows saving resources, money, and time. Also, more and more people taking the path of increasing the cultural values using modern technological advances.
Exploring the impact of modern technology on the younger generation, it is permissible to consider the Internet as a characteristic environment that shapes public relationships. Certainly, modern technology plays a significant role in the lives of teenagers – it is a means of communication and source of information. Enhanced development of media culture, and especially audiovisual (film, video, computer games, satellite TV), very actively influences on the younger generation, on their social consciousness as a powerful means of information, as a factor of the development of adolescent creativity. For today it is clear that the Internet, computer, smartphones provide to teenager the right of the individual communication in an interactive mode for cognition of the interesting information, and for realization of creative ideas. (Petrina 38- 49)
Everyone understands that the development of technology - an integral part of modern life. Now no one can live without the Internet, computers, cell phones and so on. But, unfortunately, numerous studies show that there is a significant impact of modern technology on the younger generation. Under the conditions of complex social and economic processes that occur in society, educational functions in educational institutions and families significantly reduced. Communication of children with parents goes by the wayside. Hence - the high influence of modern technology on the process of formation of outlook among the younger generation. It must be noted that many adolescents become addicted to computer games, television and social networks. Computer games from the point of view of medicine impair vision, as well as harden and generate aggression; satellite TV with multi-channel system often broadcasts the programs with a breaking content for the psyche, and on age restriction draws attention only a small part of teenagers. In connection with this dependence among adolescents, it is difficult to interest them by lessons in additional education establishments (sports clubs, creative circles). After all, modern technology is easy, fast, beautiful, and employment in the football section is hard work. If in modern technology, the result can be achieved by simply pressing a button, here for achieving the result an effort and time are required. That is why a lot of teenagers choose technologies instead of sport that negatively influence on health of adolescents.
Prolonged use of technologies especially computers is harmful for young generation’s health. Eye strain is the first and most important factor. Precisely because of it after a short time the child has headache and dizziness. If we operate on a computer long enough, visual fatigue may lead to a steady decline of visual acuity. Influencing factors are: quality of the monitor, content of the image and the time of behind the monitor. However, we note at once, not a computer is the main reason for the development of nearsightedness. Heredity, television and reading in the dark play a huge role. With proper formulation of the case load of computer vision can be significantly reduced. The second factor affecting the health is cramped posture. Sitting at a computer, the child should look from a distance on the screen and at the same time keep his hands on the keyboard or other things. This causes his body to take a specific position and not to change it to the end of work. In this regard, the computer is much more dangerous than TV that allows freely moving. Because of the cramped posture occur a lot of violations such as diseases of the joints of the hands and osteochondrosis. The third most important factor is the mental strain. The computer requires no less concentration than driving a car. Interesting games require enormous tension, which is not seen in normal conditions. This area is very poorly understood, as a modern multimedia technology has only recently emerged. And yet it is possible to reduce the mental strain. In today's world there can not be dispensed without a means of communication. One of the ways of communication is a mobile phone that currently a majority of the world population has. But also this product of modern technology has its disadvantages. Mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves which can cause adverse effects in humans. Daily use of a cell phone is fraught with changes in the condition of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, and is also capable to cause problems in the reproductive organs. Another body that are affected by radiation from a cell phone - it's eye lens. It is poorly supplied with blood and therefore particularly exposed to electromagnetic radiation. As a result decreases the visual acuity. The main symptoms of the adverse effects of mobile phone on health are: headaches; impaired memory and concentration; depressive illness; pain in the eyes; progressive deterioration of vision; increased blood pressure and pulse rate. The scary thing is that these health problems do not manifest themselves minutely, and, therefore, the process is uncontrolled. (Paula 20-34)
It should be noted that information technology is firmly entrenched in our lives, and also makes our lives easier. One of the areas that are affected by information technology is education. The schools began to make electronic diaries of pupils by means of which parents learn about the progress of their child. Electronic pages - this is good, less damage is applied to the environment, and large amounts of data are stored easier and more convenient in an electronic form. In universities and other educational institutions is increasingly practicing the sending lectures on electronic media by teachers, as well as the practice of independent study of topics. Thus, the need for attending a lecture decreases. Handing term or research paper on check, the student can just send his work to his tutor by e-mail, reducing the time spent on the trip to the place of study, and time of teacher, he can check the paper at a convenient time and send the student the instructions on completion. In principle, the difference between full-time and part-time forms of training is reduced, both in this and in another case, students independently study the topic. Also worth noting the importance of distance learning. People with disabilities have a chance to get an education, to develop mentally. (Karehka 12- 23)
Conclusion. Of course, we are not able to completely eliminate from the life of teenagers modern technology, but to protect them from destroying their psyche information or forbid them use harmful technologies for a long time is necessary. First and foremost, it should be a priority for parents, teachers and other professionals who deal with the younger generation, nurturing in them the spiritual and moral values and developing their abilities. The primary responsibility for the manner a new generation develops, superimposed on the parents. They have to see the makings and the aspirations of their child to be identified early with an experienced teacher, not only for the professional development of abilities, but also for the education of spiritually - moral values. But unfortunately parents often have passive attitudes towards institutions of additional education; they do not want to take responsibility, arguing that secondary schools are sufficient for their child. Here there is a need to inform society as a whole about the importance of additional education institutions in the modern world. It is needed to explain that the child can not be left to himself, when he becomes a free for all kinds of modern technology. The younger generation, who have not yet formed spiritually - moral values, not always able to discern truth from deception, material benefits from the real values. With this connected that they will accept from the Internet, television, and computer games a destructive the spiritual - moral values information. As a result of consideration of the issue, we can say that the work to counter the negative impact of modern technology on the younger generation should be carried out on a large scale, regularly and systematically, in close co-operation, especially with parents, then teachers and other professionals who deal with the development of abilities of the young generations.

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