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Personal Wellness Inventory Reflection

This paper has two parts. In the first part, I will use two inventories to asses my spiritual and emotional health levels, as well as compassionate fatigue and burnout levels. In the second part, I outline how I a plan to boost my spiritual and emotional health levels, as well as compassionate fatigue and burnout levels.

Part A. 4; 4; 3; 4; 3; 3; 4; Score=25

Part B

Principle i: 4; 4; 4; 4; 1; 4; Score=21
Principle ii; 4; 3; 4; 2; 4; 4; Score=21
Principle iii; 4; 4; 4; 3; 4; 3; 1; Score=23
Principle iv: 4; 4; 3; 3; 4; 4; Score=22
Principle v: 4; 4; 3; 4; 4; Score=19
Principle vi; 3; 4; 4; 3; 4; 3; 3; 4; 3; 4; Score=35
The above survey is essential in assessing an individual’s emotional and spiritual maturity. The surveys assess an individual’s past, present and future, and how they deal with the challenges and opportunities that are there in according to biblical teachings; or the word of God. In this case, these surveys assess an individual’s emotional health and spiritual health. Emotional health plays a vital in determining an individual’s experience when they are alone and their close relationships with others. Part A assesses general formation and discipleship of an individual. Part B, on the other hand, assesses a number of things. They include looking below the surface, breaking the power of the past, living in brokenness and vulnerability, and accepting the gifts and limits. Others are embracing grieving and loss and making incarnation your model for living well (Scazzero, 2003).


The assessment for burnout evaluates how an individual copes up with work related stress. On one hand, factors associated with the job environment and how they determine a person’s burnout and compassionate fatigue levels are assessed (Jennings, 2008). On the other hand, the personality of the person is assessed to screen their potential to cope up with work related stress (companionate fatigue and burnout) (Jennings, 2008).

Part Two

The two inventories provide a platform for people to explore their levels of burnout and a compassionate fatigue and spiritual and emotional maturity.

Spiritual and emotional health levels.

Furthermore, in terms of minimizing a compassionate fatigue and burnout, I intend to improve my interpersonal relationship with my colleagues. By becoming friendly, approachable and more considerate, one can improve their interpersonal relationship with others. The improvement of interpersonal relationship in the organizational setting helps to extinguish negative energy that would contribute burnout or a compassionate fatigue (Bakker, Le Blanc & Schaufeli, 2005). Besides, I will work on stress management by allowing myself to at every challenge as a learning experience to become a better person. Having solid stress management ability helps in the management of compassionate fatigue and burnout (Bussing & Glaser, 2000).
This paper has reviewed different inventories that are essential in the assessment of one’s emotional and spiritual maturity, as well as a compassionate fatigue and burnout. In order to be an all-round employee, one needs to be emotionally and spiritually stable and mature. Such maturity will help them overcome a compassionate fatigue and burnout, and lead healthy, active lives not only at home, but also at the work pace.


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