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In the article titled “Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations” by Philip Bourne (2007), the author claims that a logical and clear delivery of information is critical. Moreover, a great presentation must target the audience effectively; must be logical and entertaining; and must ensure that there is consistency in the take-home message. Having set the standards for the assessment of the ten videos, this paper posits Video A-1 as the best video and Video D-20 as the worst.
Video A-1 is the most well-presented, creative, and entertaining video. Jones (2005) suggests using slides for the purpose of the presentation and leaving the slides on display while presentation is on-going. Although Video A-1 avoided the conventional and instead used graphics, it conveyed the concept of leadership and management in a clear, succinct manner. What made the video even more captivating was the humorous way of citing the difference between a manager and the leaders. On the other hand, Video D-20 was the worst. Although it was interactive, Video D-20 was highly inaudible. Duarte (2012) cited some ways that make for a bad presentation. These include speaking in jargon; getting over the allotted time; and failing to capture the emotion of the audience. Video D-20 fit in all these standards.
Watching the videos provided me the opportunity to expand my knowledge about leadership and management. It also taught me how to prepare for a good presentation that will leave a take-home message of the concept introduced and the supporting details discussed. For instance, from Video A-1, I obtained three take-home messages – the distinguishing characteristics of a leader and a manager, the application of leadership and managerial roles in a school setting, such as a group presentation; and the many renowned leaders in the world. In watching the video and writing this critical assessment, I realized the significance of having a great presentation. Most importantly, a good presentation must not just be subject-oriented; rather, the presentation should be oriented to the audience. I can design a better presentation now than I did before watching the video clips. I also learned how to summarize materials learned in the whole semester through a video clip of five minutes as done in Video A-1. In addition, I have learned what to avoid bad video clip presentations that leave the audience confused or bored just like the case of Videos D-17-21.
Beyond the academic knowledge, the presentation has helped me in differentiating between a leader and a manager. It has also helped me realize the qualities of a good manager and leader as well as what makes a successful entrepreneur (Mador, n. d.; Narendra, n. d.). These are important given that in career development, I expect to work under a leader or be a leader/manager or even an entrepreneur myself. The skills therefore are very applicable in life. To further enhance my leadership skills, I plan to participate in activities, seminars, and other undertakings that would require me to exercise my qualities. In addition, I plan to engage in a one-on-one conversation with different leaders and determine how they make use of their traits to become effective leaders.


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Video 1: A-1
Strength: The presentation has good introduction, flow of presentation, appropriate examples used, and good definitions of terms
Weakness: The presentation, however, is fast and has few notes
Video 1: A-2
Strength: This presentation has good definitions and adequate amount notes.
Weakness: The video has poor introduction and lacks proper flow.
Video 1: A-3
Strength: The video is interactive and involves the use of relevant examples.
Weakness: The video has poor introduction and conclusion and did not use any references.
Video 1: A-4
Strength: There is the use of relevant examples with good animation to support notes.
Weakness: There is lack of clarity in the topic and so much interruption during presentation.
Video 1: A-5
Strength: The presenters made good use of references.
Weakness: The video has poor introduction and lacks clarity.
Video D: D-17
Strength: The presentation has good background sound and very interactive.
Weakness: There is poor introduction and the video is incoherent.
Video D: D-18
Strength: It is very interactive
Weakness: Presentation is not audible.
Video D: D-19
Strength: The presentation made good use of graphics.
Weakness: The presenters speak in low tone voice and the notes were poorly compiled.
Video D: D-20
Strength: The presentation is interactive.
Weakness: The video has poor introduction, totally inaudible presenters, and lacks clarity on graphics. The video is also incoherent and mix-up issues. The introduction made use of irrelevant material/content for discussion, leadership and management topic not clear, and the video ended with poor conclusion.
Video D: D-21
Strength: There is good use of graphics. The presentation was interactive, voice was clear, and references were used.
Weakness: The presentation has poor introduction and ended with a poor conclusion. There is poor quality of voice and inclusion of irrelevant content brought for discussion. The clip graphics are not in line with voice and there were occasional breaks in talking, poor organization of content, unclear photo clips, poor design of PowerPoint clips, and absence of in text citations.

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