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Description of the Message The message in the advertisement is in regards to the sale of Hummer series of vehicles by General Motors. In developing this advertisement, the message is delivered in a multifaceted approach. Firstly, there is the use of words. The message featured on the advertisement is that, “It’s a Little Monster That Will Kill Us All” This message is very effective to people who are aware of the Hummer series of vehicles from General Motors. The vehicle is big in every manner. For instance, it has a 6 and half liter V 8 engine that has a compression ratio of 20.2, a stroke of 97 millimeters and a bore of 103.1 millimeters. This is easily twice the specifications for many passenger vehicles. The vehicle has a twenty-five gallon main fuel tank and a seventeen gallon auxiliary fuel tank. The vehicle has a total gross weight of over 8500 pounds. Yet with all these specifications, the advertisement passes the message that the smaller cars are responsible for the production of more carbon dioxide when compared to the Hummer. Secondly, the advertisement uses a picture of the Hummer to help communicate the message even more effectively. The intended audience of the message is consumer who is conscious of their carbon print. In the recent past, there has been increased awareness on the contribution of passenger vehicles to the emission of greenhouse gases. This has led to the design of electric cars among other perceived environmentally friendly automobiles. The prevailing perception is that vehicles that burn more fuel per unit of distance contribute more greenhouse gases compared to automobiles that consume lesser fuel per unit of distance. This has provided a platform for the manufacturers of brands such as the Toyota Prius to market their vehicles on the premise of environmental consciousness. The advertisement by General Motors, the vendors of the Hummer series is directed to the environmental conscious consumers.Analysis An analysis of the context upon which this advertisement was designed further illuminates the intent behind the advertisement. A comparison was drawn between carbon emission of the Toyota Prius and the Hummer H2 models. Approximates by the Environmental Protection Agency show that the 2009 Toyota Prius emits an approximated four tons of greenhouse gases annually. The classification of the Hummer H2 as a light truck SUV excludes the vehicle from testing by the Environmental Protection Agency. However, independent testing of emissions by the Hummer H2 indicates an emission of 1.46 pounds every mile, which further translates to 10.95 tons of greenhouse gases annually (Wysaski, 2015). While the 2009 Toyota Prius seems more environmental-friendly in terms of emissions, the Hummer H2 has been shown to be more environmental-friendly when everything is considered; from the concept design to its disposal. This was determined using the energy requirements during production, assembly, sales, operation, maintenance, and the disposal of the vehicle. When all these are considered, the 2009 Toyota Prius requires 3.25 dollars for every mile in energy costs while the Hummer H2 requires 3.03 dollars for every mile (Wysaski, 2015). It is this knowledge that General Motors uses in designing this advertisement. Several concepts are used in designing this advertisement. One of the concepts used in designing the advertisement is brand alignment. Brand alignment is a concept in which the images used in the advertisement are in congruence with the brand of the organization and the product. In this advertisement, General Motors uses the image of planet earth. This merges well the written message to communicate the message that the Hummer series of vehicles are environmental-friendly. Of course the design of the message to discredit the perception that the Hummer series is not environmental friendly owing to the higher emission of carbon dioxide compared to the 2009 Toyota Prius helps in making the advertisement more effective. The other concept that is used in the advertisement is clarity on what is being advertised. It is important to not only coin a catchy message but also clearly to show the product being advertised. The advertisement by General Motors displays a product from its Hummer series. The Hummer in the advertisement is red in color, a color that psychologists attribute with vibrancy and the ability to stir excitement in an individual. The background of the advertisement is blue in color, a color that is attributed to reliability, productivity, and stability. The combination of these colors helps to articulate clearly what is being advertised (Shimp & Andrews, 2013).Summary The design of this advertisement appears to deliberate and well thought. The most effective aspect of the advertisement is the message and how it plays into the context upon which the advertisement is based. The persuaders in the advertisement did not account for all the variables, owing to the differences between the classification and make of the vehicle. However, they accounted to some of the most important variables with regards to the targeted audience. The choice of environmental consciousness as a theme in the advertisement is of great appeal to the targeted audience. This appeal would fail if the intended audience were also frugal.


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