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Every aspect of the advertisement shows several matters that are prevailing in the present and past society. The sociological concepts such as gender, status, socio-economic class, gender stereotype, role, race, and the methods of advertisement of product indicates the social concerns as well as problems of people that they face in their social lives. In this paper, ten ads, which include the ads of Dove, Matrimonial contents, Kenwood Chef Machine, Everyday tea whitener, Smirnoff vodka, Maybelline lipstick, Supreme Tea, leap pad, Liz Claiborne clothing, and Play castle , in light of the sociological perspectives and theories are described in detail.

Dove Advertisement in Light of Sociological Concepts

If the advertisement of Dove is considered, it can be seen that there are three females in the advertisement, and all these three females seems to belong to three different races because of the difference in their skin colors. This advertisement is also indicative of the prejudice in a way that white female is considered as ideal for representation in the media, while African American woman is shown as negative. In order to get respect one has to be white so that they can attain the desired status in the society. The advertising images are promoting the gender and race stereotypical attitudes, and paving the way to the high and low statuses in the society (Thomas & Treiber, 2000).

Matrimonial Contents in Light of Sociological Concepts

In the matrimonial advertisements in the newspapers, particularly in India and Pakistan the contents of the advertisements focus on the caste, sect, religion, and occupation for the purpose of marriage. It is because most of people want to marry in the same caste and religion (Gillespie, 2002). Moreover, it is also traditional to consider the all the features of bride and groom before marriage.

Kenwood Chef Machine Advertisement in Light of Sociological Concepts

Kenwood Chef Machine has targeted the white couples belonging to middle and upper class. The advertisement is indicating the stereotypical gender roles of the feminity and masculinity. It is indicating the concept of a traditional family in which male is considered as a breadwinner and woman is responsible for the household chores. The image in the advertisement of Kenwood Chef Machine is also representing the gender dichotomy, where men is wearing a suit, which means that he is a professional or businessman, and woman is wearing a hat of chef indicating that it is the responsibility of woman to cook food, and is representing the gendered role of woman in the home.

Everyday Tea Whitener Ad in Light of Sociological Concepts

The advertisements also portray families and their roles and responsibilities. The perceptions, happiness, and the expectations exert their affect the viewers. The advertisement of the everyday tea whitener is reflecting the family life. in the advertisement a girl is shown, who is serving tea to her family, which include husband, father-in-law, and son-in –law.

Supreme Tea Advertisement in Light of Sociological Concepts

The advertisement of supreme tea has also emphasized on the family life as well as on the socialization process. In the recent advertisement of the supreme tea in India, husband and wife are shown that visit their neighbor’s home being attracted by the smell of tea that paved the way to the socialization process, as new associations are developed by visiting people. It is also showing the cooperation in a way that some works are accomplished in a better manner because of the help of other people.

Play Castle advertisement in Light of Sociological Concepts

In most of the societies, patriarchy is practices, as males have dominant positions in such societies (Fulcher & Scott, 2011). In the print advertisement of the play castle, male dominance can be observed. It is shown in the advertisement that the boy is standing in the castle and is looking out of the castle, while the girl is shown as shy and frightened. It seems that the boy have the power and authority as he is looking down on the girl. However, gender stereotyping can also be observed because pink castle can be seen in the advertisement. However, the grey castle is meant for boys and the pink castle is meant for the girls. The colors are indicating the stereotype attitude that is adopted for the girls and boys in the advertisement.

Maybelline Lipstick ad in Light of Sociological Concepts

In most of the ads gender preference matters and most of the companies regard females in the ads for promoting their products. Maybelline has also preferred girl for promoting their products. The advertisement of Maybelline Lipstick is representing the sex as well as intimacy in order to attract the man.

Leap Pad Advertisement in Light of Sociological Concepts

The advertisement of leap pad is also indicating gender stereotyping in a way the the real leap pad was green and blue. But, on an occasion of Christmas, a pink pad was shown in the advertisement, as well it was also their on the stores’ shelves. The pink leap was proposed to be used by the girls due to the gender stereotypes.

Liz Claiborne Clothing Advertisement in Light of Sociological Concepts

The advertisement of Liz Claiborne Clothing has associated style with the life. This company has also considered women for the promotion of the products. The company has also represented the concept of the equality of men and women by introducing great little dress for office for the females, so that they can survive in the male dominating world by dressing like males. The company has taken this step in order to promote feminine image.

Smirnoff Vodka Advertisement in Light of Sociological Concepts

The Smirnoff vodka company has shown the concept of the friends and family. In the advertisement the family and the friends gathered together and shared their happiness. The company has also represented the concept of the home decorations as it is a part of the customs and traditions of many people to decorate the home and keep it neat and clean.


In a nutshell, the sociological concepts of various advertisements have shown that the contents of many ads exert their influence on the lives of people. They also represent several aspects that are associated with the social life of the individuals. Most of the ads are meant for targeting the social life of the individuals so that their social behaviors, attitudes, and pattern of living are influenced by the advertisements in a positive manner, which can play a significant role in the success of the product. The words that are used in the advertisements indicate the societal norms that are linked with the accepted behaviors of males and females.


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