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A research paper is an essay that is expanded to present your own argument, evaluation or interpretation. Even if the fact that there is a variance in the exact style and format of journal articles in their field, many of the articles have the same content and are divided into parts that follow the same logical flow (The Writing Center, 2015). The following are the main sections that are found in the layout of academic research paper, Title, Abstract, Key words, Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Results, Conclusion and Bibliography
The title represents the main idea in the research. The title specifically indicates the research problem that is being addressed by the use of keywords that helps in the literature review (Shuttleworth and Shuttleworth 2015). For instance, in Balabanis paper the title is given, The Relationship between Diversification and Performance in Export Intermediary Firms.


The readers use the abstract quickly to review the overall content of the research paper. A complete synopsis of the research paper is provided by abstract. It also introduces the topic and the specific research question. The abstract contains statement regarding methodology and statements about the results and the findings. The abstract is often written last since it is a summary of the entire research paper. In Balabanis paper, the abstract is given whereby the main objectives of the study are known from the abstract (The Writing Center, 2015). For example, in Balabanis paper the objective is to examine how diversification affects different aspects of an export intermediary’s performance.


These are important words or concepts in a research paper question or even a thesis. They have a significant impact on search results. The research process can be speeded by the use of right keywords. Using wrong words can lead to a painful screeching halt. If, in any case, the keywords chosen initially do not give good results, others should be tried (Umuc.edu, 2015). In Balabanis paper, the keywords are Diversification, performance and Export Intermediary Firms.


In this section, the overall topic is introduced by providing basic background information on the research. After introducing the overall topic, it narrows down to the specific research question that is related to the topic. This section of the research paper gives the purpose and focus for the rest of the paper. It also sets up the justification for the research. It is important to give a quick and brief history of the research with correct citations in this section. All the painstaking research into the background is documented in the introductory part of the research paper (The Writing Center 2015). Balabanis gives the basic background of the performance in export intermediary firms and how it relates to diversity. The parts that consist of the introduction part include:

A general presentation of the research problem

In this point, the benefits to be gained by the research are focused and the reasons why the research problems have not been solved.

The objectives and goals for this particular research should be laid out

The research problem must imply what you are trying to find. Mostly, the thesis statement is placed here.

Own position should be stated here

Background to the paper including any relevant information learned while your literature review is given (Umuc.edu, 2015). Additionally, the explanations as to why a specific research area was chosen are given in this section.

Literature review

The past important research is described in the literature review. Major theories relating to the research topic and their contributors are examined. All findings from credible sources, for instance, peer-reviewed journals articles and academic books are included (Shuttleworth and Shuttleworth 2015). Balabanis gives a review on the relationship between diversification and performance in export intermediary firms.


These are the methods and research design used to complete the research study. This section provides the readers with enough details to duplicate the study. The methods that were used by Balabanis in his research are given (Umuc.edu, 2015). They included sample was drawn from British export association, pre-tested questionnaires and structure postal questionnaires.


This is where the results of the analysis are presented. Results relating to the research or the problem are focused in this section (Umuc.edu 2015). When there is too much data, graphs and tables should be used to include it efficiently within the text.


In this section, a discussion of the results and the implication on the field and other fields take place. Answers to the hypothesis and validation by the interpretation of the results should be given. Results relating to previous research mentioned in the literature review are discussed in tis section. Guidelines on how to handle the findings and potential for future research are provided. In most cases, findings are summarized in this section.
Conclusion may be a paragraph or two in short research papers. In dissertations, it is the most important part of the entire paper (The Writing Center, 2015). It describes the results and discuss them in details. It also emphasizes the importance of the results in the field and relates it to previous research.


All academic sources used in the research are listed here (Umuc.edu, 2015). The format used to list the references must match with the style used in the paper.
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