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It is clear from the book ‘The Nightfall’ that Isaac Asimov was an atheist. He described the Bible as a mythology. Nothing that is discussed in this book comes close to what is contained in the Holy Bible. Though there are some incidences and aspects, which are parallel to the Bible. Asimov and Silverberg argue that there exist many suns, an argument that is contrary to the Bible, that doesn’t state like that. However, there are some slight similarities between Asimov and Silverberg’s book and the Bible. One of the similarities is the foreseeable end of the world and the rejection of something that is not seen (pp 55). He also relates the characters in the Bible to some of the characters that he depicted in the book. The citizens of Lagash can be likened to the nation of Israel. There were so many prophets who had come to warn Israel about their sinful ways, but they did not listen to the prophets. They didn't listen to these warnings just as the citizens of Lagash did not listen to the warnings that they were being given about the possible end of the world, and hence the end to current civilization (pp 2).
Just as there were prophets in the Bible giving warnings to people there also existed a cult in Lagash. The cult of the ‘Book of Revelations’ warned people that there was darkness that engulfed the planet every two thousand and forty-nine years (pp 121). The people of Lagash did not believe these revelations and ignored all warnings that were given to them concerning this darkness. Asimov and Silverberg had an undoubted knowledge of the Bible from their comparisons about the teachings that are contained in the text with what they write in ‘The Nightfall’. From the comparisons of the citizens of Lagash turning a deaf ear to the warnings they are being given about the possible end of Lagash. Irrespective of the astronomers backing it up with facts and the constant denial of the people of Israel refusing to listen to the prophets that were sent by God to warn them about their sinful ways.
Asimov and Silverberg don’t believe in an existing God. The notion is being brought about by them writing in their book that the people of Lagash don’t believe in something that they cannot see. The same way in the Bible, when Israelites came out of Egypt and Moses, went up to take the Ten Commandments for them. When he stayed for forty days and nights without coming down they urged Aaron to make a god for them from their gold earrings. The same way the Romans were criticizing Jews for worshiping a God they are not seeing instead of worshipping gods and idols that they can see and touch. Just as the Romans and Israelites resisted a God, they cannot see the same way the people of Lagash couldn’t believe in something they do not see. The writers tend to think of religion as some mythology that people just follow. They do not believe in the existence of one sun thus indicating in their book that there exist six suns (pp 16).
Although the writers believe that there is a definite end of the world, they present it in a scientific perspective that is entirely contrary to religion. It is clear that religion has an impact on Asimov because of the almost similar arguments he presents in his book and the Bible. He wrote his book in 1941, a time when there was an enormous religious change in the world. People were starting to practice new religious beliefs as they were shifting from the traditional ways and embracing the knowledge of the Bible. This change also seems to have had an impact to Asimov. At this time, people had started also to look for scientific ways of proving things rather than relying on the Bible and faith to understand some aspects and phenomenon. Religion was substituted by science; people had uncertainty whether the Bible holds any truth at all. Asimov was also trying to portray his change in ideology relating to religion by including biblical themes in his fiction writing. He did this by explaining how people of Lagash refused to trust the Cultists and the ‘Book of Revelations’ (pp 136). The same way as the Israelites in the Bible turns their backs from the teachings of Christ and the prophets that he sent.
Although Asimov confessed that he was an atheist, his life was greatly influenced by religion and more so the Bible and biblical texts. He was raised by Jewish parents hence having a good mastery of the Bible that influenced him greatly when writing his book. When he uses the Book of Revelation in his book it also asserts that he greatly relates his science fiction to the Bible. The Book of Revelation in the Bible is the one that talks about the possible ending of the world by coming of Jesus Christ. It explains what will happen during the end times and it also explains that during the end times people will not believe any messages that they will be given. By choosing this book in his work, Asimov also relates his book to religion when he also explains that the people of Lagash don’t believe any message they are given that concerns the end of the universe, and the possible nightfall and darkness that will engulf Lagash (pp 121). Asimov’s argument in his book borrows significantly from the stories and the themes of the Bible. Given that he was born to Jewish parents who were staunch believers of religion also influences his works greatly. Asimov also seems to have a great understanding of religion and the Bible that provides him the guidance when writing his book because he substantially borrows his script from the bible.

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