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Nowadays, classical music and music from the beginning of the 20th century are very popular and many people due to this fact become familiar with such styles as jazz, blues, art music etc. There are plenty of very famous and successful bands around the world; however, there is one that deserves to mention.
First of all it is essential to mention, who is the performer. Parov Stellar – is a very famous and successful band that performs jazz and nu-jazz, showing a magnificent level of talent, artistry and ability to work with right instruments. This band has many beautiful and well-played songs, however the concert that I have attended they played their best songs and tracks. It is also important to state that the combination of jazz plus modern instruments make their performance memorable, enjoyable and create a strong desire to attend again such type of concerts.
It was hard to select only 3 songs to analyze, due to the fact that they have so many perfect themes. However, it should be done, and only 3 songs must be chosen, the first selection, is band’s one of the greatest hits – “Baska Brother”, the second is “Booty Swing” and the third is “All night”. It is essential to mention, that all these songs are very alike, they were fast, had the same rhythm, form and dynamics. Songs were played in jazz genre, with the usage of modern technologies, however, saxophone and tube – main instruments in jazz were used.
In the first song, “Baska Brother”, it is possible to say that instrumentation was dense, with particular focus on drums, sax and tube, as they are main components of jazz music. Moreover, it was quite loud, yet not too loud for me not to hear anything or not to hear lyrics or some particular instrument. Speaking about lyrics, for me, it was an accomplishment to the music, and sometimes it was great to hear solos of sax or tube, and sometimes it was great to hear only drums and voice of the vocalist. Tempo was quite fast, it was possible to clearly distinguish a strong beat. Because of that a lot of people around me were dancing.
The second song “Booty Swing” – was a very fast, rhythmic and great performed song. With the help of lightning and smoke, the atmosphere was perfectly shown. The lyrics are also worth mentioning, as they are not only to sing something along with the music, but they are informative enough. At the end of the concert, Parov Stellar played “All night” song, which is for me, was the best one throughout the whole performance. It was fast, lyrics were brilliant, and tube and sax solos made the end of the concert memorable and enjoyable.
The musicians were well prepared, everything was at their places, and there were no mess at all. The audience reaction was amazing; everyone was applauding and whistling, asking for more songs.
Hence, it is possible to say that Parov Stellar concert was a one brilliant music event. The songs that were performed there were big for their rhythm, melody and lyrics. Coupled with great vocalist, musicians and music in whole, the concert was a really great and memorable event.
It is impossible to speak about rock and not mention world famous rock band AC/DC. I had a chance to be a part of concert in 2011, and frankly speaking it was the most memorable thing in my life. Again, it was very hard to choose only 3 songs from such specter of magnificent and charismatic songs by AC/DC. The first one, was of course the most famous song by this rock band – “High Way To Hell”. There are not enough words to describe how perfect this song is. First of all, every single musician is masterfully used their instruments. It is essential to emphasize Angus Young the lead guitarist of the band, who performed mind-blowing solos. Moreover, his behavior on the stage is also worth mentioning – his dancing with guitar is very impressive. The tempo of the music is extremely high, drums created very fast beat. The instrumentation in whole was very loud, dense with heavy drums, guitar forcing.
The second song was “Hard as a Rock” – another hit by AC/DC. Here, it is possible to say that the tempo was slightly low, instrumentation in whole also was slightly lower, however, one could find more solos. Lyrics in whole was quite amusing, despite of the real meaning of the song. Hence, the voice of the lead singer – Brian Johnson is very high pitched and piping, which is best for rock as for me. It is also important to state, that none of their songs had political messages whatsoever.
The last song that is worth mentioning is “What Do You Do For Money Honey”. Here, one can say that the tempo is much slower; the focus was on guitar, rather than on lyrics and signing. The vocal style however, as in all previous songs were rather shouted and sometimes dialectical, as lead singer is from Scotland.
This very band has gorgeous command of musicians and instruments which make their performance such successful. The audience reaction was magnificent, after each song we were cheering, applauding, screaming and whistling. I felt great rush of adrenalin, and despite the fact that the concert lasted for 2 hours, I was not tired at all, I was glowing with power.

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