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Accidents at the workplace are quite a common occurrence. While some accidents can be avoided, some are totally hard to do away with. It is always important that employees are briefed on the safety measures they should take. In all cases, safety is always first, but on analyzing this report it appears that there is a lot of carelessness amongst the workers. Most of the accidents recorded in this report are as a result of the employees not taking precaution or using the right equipment. In a great way, the report shows that there is a lot of neglect amongst the employees. Not only do they use the wrong equipment, but they also do not put on the right gear for the kind of work they are doing. This paper analyzes the report and proposes measures that can help these employees avoid some of these problems.


One thing that one can easily pick from this report is that there is carelessness amongst the works. Most the accidents recorded in the report arise from simply improper use of equipment or use of the wrong tools. Among the major reason that cause hazards include incorrect lifting techniques and poor planning, working without the necessary gloves, lack of use of protective equipment such as face shield, improper labeling of chemicals, poor housekeeping, incorrect use of equipment and many other reason. Clearly one can see that all this mistakes are things that the employee should have avoided. One should be responsible when they are working, and this requires them to use the right equipment at all times. Negligence is costly, and this is what every employee should be aware of (Bonehill, 275).
Another trend that is quite visible in this report is that most of the accidents and hazard occurs on workers aged between 18-25 years. Looking closely at the causes of this accidents one will notice that there is either lapse in the use of protective gears or the lapse on the use of correct tools. It then emerges that this group of employees are new tot eh company and have little experience.


Most of the fatalities that are recorded in this report can be avoided. There is the need for concerted efforts between the management and the workforce on the best ways to deal with these fatalities. One of the things that the management needs to do is that there should be seminars aimed at equipping the workforce on safety measures. Some of the workers might have little experience in dealing with some of the machines, and thus they need some tutoring on the best way to handle the machines. The management plays a vital role in enhancing the safety of its employees, and one way they can do this is to organize such seminars. These seminars and lectures are an important in a way that they provide the necessary information that the employees need when carrying out their responsibilities (Bonehill, 276).
More safety precaution needs to be taken on the part of the employees themselves. As it has emerged some if not most of the accidents are as a result of recklessness on the part of the employees. In this case, then the employees need to be more careful and keen on what they do. If one can label a chemical incorrectly or leave it unlabeled, then they are reckless. As much as the management can play a vital role in ensuring the safety of the workers it also trickles down to particular employees. One case in point is when the employees do not use face shields when dealing with dangerous equipment. It is important for the employees to just take responsibility and handle their work with diligence (Axelsson, 152).


In a nutshell, the responsibility of safety in the workplace requires both the management and the workforce to be fully involved. It is not only for the workers to be diligent, but also for the management to set up strict rules that should be followed.

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