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 IPhone 6

One of the ‘gadget-craze’ that hit the world even as early as last year, is the release of Apple’s new Iphone Model, the Ipone 6. What made the phone different from the others is of course its size. It is bigger compared to the phone it succeeded. I got the chance to personally see the product and when I touched the phone, it felt really light when I was holding it. I was surprised about its weight given its size. Its cameras are clearer. The sample photos are stunning because of the megapixel feature of the phone. I saw how impressive the photos were because the screen brings out the vibrancy in the image. Other impressive functions that I observed are the zoom in function of the camera and also the slow motion option for capturing videos. Because of these functions, the users can be more creative with their videos and photos. The color options are no different from the rest of the Iphone series, but I like how the phones look for eye-catching as before. I personally like the white Iphone 6 because it’s simple but appears sophisticated.
Over the years, the mobile phone industry is progressing at a very high rate with the introduction of smart phones. Mobile phones are devices that help the modern society to stay in touch with their loved ones and to stay connected to the world. Since mobile phones enrich our everyday’s life, smart phone manufacturers are growing in terms of production as new phones emerge in the market. Apple is the leading smart phone manufacturer because of their product’s design and ease to use them. Apple has set standards in the smart phone market by introducing the iPhone, which is the most desirable communication device in the market today. The launch of the iPhone has revolutionized the mobile industry as well as creating competition to other phone manufacturing companies. An iPhone is a smart phone that enables the users to use the internet as well as facilitating the multimedia needs such as movies, photos, and music. It runs on the Mac operating system and this system makes it a computer thus meeting the customers’ expectations. IPhone is one of apple’s well celebrated smart phones that have taken the mobile phone industry by storm. Many consumers tend to like iPhones compared to smart phones because of their sleek and metallic design. IPhone 6 is one of the best phones ever created by Apple.
A lot of people can attest to this because of the convenient brought by the Iphone. I observed that many business people opt to use the brand. Aside from being stylish it also offers many other leisure functions. It plays great music and offers a wide range of selection because of its ITunes function. The music feature of the new Iphone catches the interest of customers because it gives them a full entertainment outside of the typical cellular phone functionalities.
The iPhone 6 was launched by Apple on September 9th 2014. According to Caldwell, it is a 4.7 inch smart phone that is admired by many because of its rounded corners and ultra thin body (2014). The launch of the iPhone 6 was to maintain Apple’s market leading position in the smart phone industry. IPhone 6 has created a quite impression in the user’s minds as many users choose it as their first choice of smart phone. The design of the IPhone 6 was influenced by the design of the iPad Air that has a curved glass front at the edges and this makes it an incredible device to own. The iPhone 6 has a one GB RAM, an improved camera, and an improved battery that lasts for long time, a much larger screen, and a boosted processer, despite the fact that it is thinner compared to iPhone 5. Again, it is much faster compared to the previous versions of iPhones because of the expansion of the LTE. The iPhone 6 offers high quality calls over LTE in addition to faster connectivity.
The iPhone 6 has a high performance because it has faster processors, enhanced cameras, and it has the new Apple Pay payment system (Reardon and Tibken, 2014). With the new digital apple wallet, clients can be able to use the fingerprint Touch ID technology to make payments using their iPhone 6. The phone has major improvements on the video and camera. The iPhone 6 is the thinnest smart phone in the world that has a larger display (Apple, 2014). It is noticeable that, compared to the previous iPhones, iPhone 6 has improved its camera in terms of sensor improvements and new focus pixel technology that has enhanced the phones aptitude to pick autofocus points. The focus pixels on the iPhone 6 are designed to speed up the auto focus of the image because they provide the sensor with more information of the image, thus improving the quality of the picture. The front camera of the phone has been improved to let in more light thus improving the imaging and capturing oh photos. Another relevant point is that, the iPhone 6 supports a superior camera and video features, for instance, a steady autofocus, improved noise reduction, and face detection, and this helps to shoot higher-quality photos and videos. Equally important, it has high technological software compared to other smart phones in the market because of its Wi-Fi calling support (Franzen, 2014).
The iPhone 6 has the latest Apple’s operating system making it more powerful. The iPhone 6 uses, Apple's newest mobile operating system iOS 8 and this system helps to enhance the integration amid Apple devices; both the desktop and mobile phones by using Continuity. With the use of Continuity, consumers can flawlessly shift tasks between iPhones, Macs, and iPads. The iOS 8 also includes attributes like widgets in the Notification Center, interactive notifications, new Quick Type predictive keyboard and third-party keyboards (Apple Inc. 2014).
The iPhone 6 design is unique and this uniqueness leaves a long and good impression on the customers. It has a good brand name which fulfills the requirements of a brand name. The iPhone 6 fulfills the needs of the clients, and it does not only capture and lures many buyers due to its attractive features, it outperforms the competitors. The fact that it is a power efficient phone makes the iPhone 6 an extraordinary and amazing phone. In addition, the iPhone 6 offers the Touch ID feature which is Apple's fingerprint-based security system that provides security to the phone.
The iPhone 6 came with a number of technical problems with the software and hardware. For instance, users reported that, the iPhone 6 has a screen backlighting problem in addition to ripping off their hair when held close to their ears. In addition, it very expensive compared to other smart phones thus making it affordable to the rich only. Moreover, the iPhone 6 has a short life cycle because of its glass screen. Nonetheless, Apple has been able to handle the issues in order to maintain its standards in the market in addition to keeping their clients satisfied with their products.
In conclusion, the mobile industry is progressing day by day as mobile phone companies compete to remain on top. Among the smart phones manufacturer’s Apple is the leading in the market with their extra-ordinary array of iPhones. The current amazing and likeable product from Apple Inc. is the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is a product or rather smart phone developed by Apple Inc. It first appeared on 9th September in 2014, and it includes many new features. The iPhone 6 is simply bigger and thinner. In addition, it is power efficient making it likeable among the clients. The iPhone 6 is has a smooth metal surface with a more advanced display. IPhone 6 comes with a better camera that delivers a better focus, an improved battery that lasts long, a much larger screen and a boosted processor. Apple presents an overhauled design of an iPhone 6 which is advanced compared to the previous iPhones. However, iPhones are the most expensive phones on the market with the iPhone 6 leading. The iPhone 6 is a leading smart phone from Apple Inc with new improved features and technological software. Apple is a leading smart phone manufacturer and it has remained on top of the market after introducing different types of iPhones.


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