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Buddhists believe that when the person dies there is a reborn. Reborn is the process of death and rebirth continues until the attainment of Nirvana and end of suffering (Siderits). Also, it is believed that death does not mean the end of life. Death is simply considered as the conclusion of the mortal body but still the spirit remains and will try to find out the necessity of the attachment. This attachment will be to a new life and to a new form such as gods, humans, non-human animals, and others.
This reborn is the outcome of the gathering and past actions, whether it is the positive or negative actions. It is also believe that this is the result of karma (Siderits). This would lead to be reincarnated in in one of six realms consists of the following: heaven, hell, human beings, animal, Asura, and hungry ghost. Buddhist also believes that realms are the harshness of karmic actions of a person, and there are no permanent places and no one remains at any place forever. Caused by karma, life does not end and the person goes on in other forms after death. Buddhist believes in the temporariness of life together with all afar the present life.  Herewith, it should not be feared for it will lead to reborn.
The six realms are the figurative depiction of samsara or the accustomed existence, or samsara. In these realms the person is reborn and its existence is determined using karma. All the realms are imperfect and all are temporary and some are not pleasant than others such as hell (Keown & Prebish).
First is the hungry ghosts are visualized as creatures with empty stomachs and giant having thin necks which cannot swallow and pinhole mouths. It is categorized by greedy craving and hunger. These being are always searching for new things which satisfy its craving within. It has also a relation with obsession, compulsion, and addiction. Second is the most terrible realm is the hell which considered having a short fuse thus making angry in everything by aggression. It searches the other beings’ company and pushes away those who give love.
Third is the animal realm where beings prevent distress or whatever unacquainted and live in protected lives. Animal beings are trained by ignorance thus exist the prejudice, complacency and stupidity (Keown & Prebish). Fourth, among the realms, human beings are the only realm that escapes the cyclic rebirth or samsara. It is accustomed by doubt, desire and passion. It also involves the enlightenment.
The heaven realm is the fifth and is populated by godlike beings. It enjoys great wealth, long life, and power, thus, living in happiness and splendor. It also grow old and die and reborn in another of the rest realms. It had privilege and dignified status which is unsighted to the others’ grief. There is no consideration or knowledge despite of the long life. The last realm is the asura, considered to be the powerful and strong beings. Sometimes it is depicted as enemy of gods. It is caused by the karma of jealousy and hate (Keown & Prebish).
People’s fear of death is lessened from the fear of the end of existence and losing the identity and position in the world. When a person is beautiful and strong and even aged, as well as to approach the final moments of life, it realizes how truly comfortable the place it was short-lived.

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