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The overseas Chinese town (OCT) is located in Shenzhen city in Guangdong province in the republic of China. It covers an area of 9km squared and it is a national ecological tourism demonstration district and also an international tourist destination. It is estimated that about 3.5 billion Yuan have been invested here by the OCT group known as Shenzhen overseas Chinese town holding company, which currently own and run the town. The OCT assimilates Chinese fork cultures which are demonstrated in its several feature themes and cultural essences which are Chinese folk culture village, splendid China, happy valley and windows of the world (Spence, 2010). The OCT is a unique community that has majority of residence being Chinese natives and a few foreigners who run businesses in this town. The OCT community was established by investors who were ethnical Chinese from around and the world in turn contributed its expertise to its success. Furthermore, its splendid performance can also be attributed to its profound following of its principles which are complete function, scientific planning, beautiful environment and modern management. The OCT has changed to a thriving commercial initiative as well as a modern coastal tourist attraction area in the pearl of Shenzhen bay in one decade (Spence, 2010). This work will majorly focus on this town community and its attributes.
Today the OCT group has become one of the large-scale state owned enterprise group which is engaged in cross-industry and a cross-sector operations within China. The group began in 1985 from a stretch of mud in the Shenzhen bay and today it has reached to a fostered company leading in three major businesses in the republic of china (Ryan, 2009). The OCT group leads in the tourism and related cultural operation, manufacture of electronic and set package products and real estate and hotel development and operation. However, tourism happens to be the most influential business of OCT and in the year 2009 it is estimated to have accumulated about 150 million of people who visited the town and this made it the first brand travel industry within china (Ryan, 2009). OCT receive several ten million visitors per year and this made it received an honorary title as the National Eco-tourism and Demonstration Area in the year 2007.
I started living in this town when I was six years old and even upon finishing school am still living in this town. The environment here has helped me to live tidy and clean as this town is environmentally friendly and demonstrate its interest in conserving nature. People all over china are each day visiting our town to get employment or medical attention or even education. This increased number of local people has entirely led to an overcrowding which has contributed to the reduction of room per person and environmental degradation (Harneit-Sievers, 2010).
I have been conducting several interviews with different age groups of people living in OCT so as to know where there have chosen to live here in OCT. My first interview was on my friend who is a schoolboy, ‘i live here because my parents work here and also there no problem with my schooling in the community. This town too has helped me meet and interact with some new international friends’, he replied. I also went further and interviewed my grandfather who responded, ‘that i am living in OCT because it is a good place with a fantastic environment more so, living in OCT is appropriate to me because it is like am holding the whole of china in a village’(Harneit-Sievers, 2010). My final interview was on my primary school teacher who is also retired and he replied ‘OCT is a place of fortune; they are good job and also a better environment to raise my children as the entire basic requirements is readily available’.
A community is described as a group of any size who share common values. It can also technically be defined as a network of people with common interest and who collaborate by sharing information, ideas and other resources proving that OCT is a community. OCT is managed by its own company which is responsible for arranging everything that concern with the town. Due to the management by this own company OCT has become one of the most developed towns in Shenzhen (Harneit-Sievers, 2010). The company has managed to get the town schools, two classy colleges, proper modernized hospitals and also shopping malls that support the residence in their daily livelihood. The community has two 18-hole golf courses including the public golf course and the valley golf course, hence support sports as a social responsibility (Harneit-Sievers, 2010). Every community has religion as an obligation to quench their thirst of faith and this town is not any different as it has the Hua Xing temple.
The OCT Company has gone further to fully display its harmonious coexistence of the human and nature through creation of Sea field village that takes wine grape culture as it is major theme which usually create the amorous feeling of the America. The building is particularly based on masonry and log making it warm and rustic. Inside the building they series of bronze sculptures that shows the whole processes, from picking of grapes up to the final stage of brewing red wine. This brewing of red wine creates the amorous feeling of red wine village in California Napa village in USA in the 19th century (Bao, 2009).
The company does also extend its hand beyond the town to the other communities all over china. Notably case was in the last year 29th march when the poverty-relief group of the OCT set off to give anti-disaster fund to Sansui and Tiazhu County in southeast of Guizhuo province. During the visit it did also inspected the ongoing company sponsored projects as well as getting information about the purchase of donated medical equipment and beside that, it also the distributed scholarships for poor students. The company went further ahead and bought water pumps to every village to assist them in water a scarcity problem. The company too left some fund to sponsor elevation of a few public schools in the counties to high level (Sanderson, 2012). The OCT community has also continuously involved its self in the developed of the of Shenzhen town infrastructure, especially roads as it try to meet the challenge of traffic jam and the population increase. The company has upgraded a few major roads that lead in and out of the town to high levels so as they can be handle the traffic jam thus ensuring no inconveniences to the guests.
More on the social responsibility of the OCT to the community is that it has created many job opportunities within and outside of the town. Most people living in the town work here within this facilities ranging from casual workers, cashiers, business operator, teachers, doctors up to the management level. All these workers and are all held by the common goal of earning a living to manage their living in this town. Outside the OCT businesses have grown magnificently as the local natives they try to meet demand of the many visitors arriving in this coastal town thus creating more even more job opportunities (Sanderson, 2012).
Different from the rest of Shenzhen, you will realize that the OCT community is very environmentally friendly and has that passion to nurture nature. This fact is demonstrated in that this town is a serene and a sparkling place where you walk on roads covered by beautiful trees’ shadow. The town is very strategically situated and perfectly oriented on top of a mountain thus making it an appropriate view point of the rest of the Shenzhen town vicinity(Bao, 2009). Moreover, different from what one would speculate from a common idea about China, a country with a population of more than a billion, you will always find less people here and more so the streets are cleaner. The real definition our town in other terms is described as silent, green and sparkling place.
According to (Bao, 2009) it only through union in similar interest did this small town of OCT develop to the current level of being a major hero in the economic sector. We as the residents of this town to we have a jurisdiction to ensure this town retain its public view, attraction to international tourist and also economic powerhouse. This can achieved through working, adhering to the laws and regulation set by the company as well a selling it name, home and far yonder by respecting and maintaining our Chinese cultures. The company has actually demonstrated that it’s environmentaly friendly, home of Chinese culture, innovative through technology and beside that a states finance power house that we the residence should emulate.
In conclusion, the OCT community is a developer of property and tourism and also a provider of electronic information. This has made it always strive to improve the quality of living of Chinese people through uniquely imagination as well as creative culture. The company is guided by their vision to become the most imaginative and influential enterprise in china. The company is also promising to rely on infinite imagination and strong determination of its outstanding team to create quality living that will meet the needs of the OCT community as well as whole China.


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