Good Case Study On Modern Database Management

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Published: 2020/12/19

Question 1 page 45

BOOK and BOOK COPY many to many
1 n
n n

Question 2. Page 45

Graphic cards of high quality too help in manipulation of multimedia format.
Question 12. Page 45
Define several major data entity types and draw a preliminary
Enterprise data model
Warehouse ID, Is an entity to help identify specific warehouse within the library department defined by characters.
Capacity of the warehouse, this is defined by a number hence interger.
Inventory ID given by characters.
Order, given by an integer.
ISBN of the books defined by characters.
Publisher defined by characters too.
Preliminary data model diagram for a school management.
12 b.
The multiple tier will benefit because the three tiers provides the database management functionality and it is also dedicated to the data file services that can be optimized without using any appropriate database management system languages.

Question 4.

Inconsistency of data
Anomalies in concurrent access of the database.
Data is not accessed easily
Duplication of Data
Problem of atomicity
Question 5.
Database management system (DBMS):
Application programs:
User interface.
Data administrators.
System developers.
End users:
Question 6.
One-to-one, related tables share similarity of a single record.
One-to-many, the table containing the primary key shares a record that relates to many other records in the related table
Many-to-many, records in one table relate to many other records in a related table
Question 7
Data independence refers to the immunity of data from being altered by unauthorized programs or users. It main goal is to ensure data integrity.

Question 8.

Database approach contains both data and meta-data unlike conventional
Data Independence is enforced in database approach
Data sharing is made easier in various forms.
Redundancies and inconsistencies are controlled.
Security is assured by denial of access to unauthorized persons.
Integrity is enforced in database approach.
Loss of data is not fatal as backups are available easily in database approach
Database approach supports multiuser access.
Controlled and easy update of data in database approach.
Easy implementation of constraints.
Question 10.
Three-tiered architecture is a client –server format architecture in which data access, functional process logic, data storage and user interface are independently developed and maintained as modules of their own in different platforms.

Question 12.

System Analysis, definition of system goals and definition of requirements needs.
System Design, abstraction of the system to come up with guidelines for contraction of the system
Construction, accentual development of the system to meet the specified needs
Testing, analysis of the developed system to ascertain whether it meets the expected needs.
Implementation, the system is put into actual use to experience its effectiveness.

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