Five Things I Like And Dislike About Myself Essay Examples

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Principles of Sociology

It’s never easy for someone to admit their negative qualities even though everyone do have such qualities. In our everyday life, we tend to portray our best qualities while interacting with people; unless of course the situation under which the interaction is hostile. Different situations bring out the different qualities of a person, and this is quite true for all living things. Qualities such as deceit, anger, shrewdness, dishonest, obsession, ego, hatred, calculative, ill-will, and irresponsible to name a few, can be considered to be negative characteristics of a person, and qualities such as responsible, courteous, affable, punctual, motivated, adjustable, affectionate, honest and so, are positive qualities. Nonetheless, at times, when situations demand a behavioural change, certain negative qualities can be construed to be positive. For example, when someone is said to be calculative, it does not reflect as a positive attitude of that person, because it can be interpreted to be a person who is suspicious and never trusts the other person. However, in a situation that requires a person’s advice or instruction to overcome an unforeseen event, if that person who is approached for advice or instruction is said to be calculative, it reflects that individual’s positive quality. Therefore, it would be prudent to consider a few of the negative characteristics to be negative qualities.
If I was asked to define five things that I like about myself, I would say that I am considerate, as I am always open to suggestions and ideas, and will never force myself on others, unless warranted. Why I say warranted is because at times, some of my friends may not be able to take a decision for themselves, and so, I try and take a decision on their behalf. The second thing that I like about myself is that I am a loyalist. No matter what the situation may be, if I am pitted against a person with whom I had a personal relationship in the past, but not now, I would never be able to stand up and act against him or her. I always remember the good days we had together and will never seek to harm or hurt that person’s feelings in any way. Also, if I become close to someone, I will try to do anything to help that person in whatever capacity I can. The third thing that I like about myself is that I am courteous. I can never hurt a person knowingly, and will always try to stay away from causing troubles. I respect my elders and never say ‘no’ to something I can do. I also give way to people if I am in their way. I also help people who are in need of physical help. I wish everyone I know with a smile and extend a hand in help, if needed. The fourth thing that I like about myself is that I am a responsible person. I will never try to delay or put-off my work if I can help it. I will do everything possible to ensure that whatever work is entrusted to me is completed without a fuss, and at the earliest. Finally, the fifth most likeable thing about me is that I am highly motivated. I have this adventurous instinct in me that keep me going. I enjoy facing challenges and try to succeed in whatever I do. I never back-off easily and will give all my effort to complete a task successfully. I try to do different things and can never stop my effort to succeed. I never give up, and while many have questioned my attitude as being rash, I feel that only I know that I need to do something to give me the satisfaction.
There are many qualities that can be considered to be my negative characteristics. I am insensitive. Yes, when asked to perform a task, I never give it a thought that whatever I am doing could actually hurt others indirectly. For example, if I am asked to do something, I try and do it without thinking whether it will affect others around me in some way. My action could cause others to be dragged into it without their consent or interest, and this is something that I need to curb. I don’t think about the consequences of my actions. The second point that I dislike about myself is that I am not calculative. As mentioned above, I fail to consider the consequences of my acts on others. When I am performing a task, and if i need the assistance of another person, I fail to understand that the other person has his or her own tasks to perform and thus may not be able to spend time with me. This is an area where I have to curb my instincts and spend more time in understanding the situation before plunging head-on. The third flaw is that in my pursuit for success, I become frustrated if I don’t achieve what I want, and frustration leads to my fourth negative quality, which is anger, and this has on a number of occasions led to irrational behaviour. This is perhaps the most conspicuous and dangerous negative thing in me. For a person who is highly motivated, the thought of failure can be catastrophic, and this has led to personal problems. However, I have controlled my frustration to the extent that people around me are feeling a lot of comfortable to have beside them. I practice yoga every morning, and the controlled breathing has given me the power to control and check my emotions considerably. My fifth and final negative quality is my obsession for success. I need to control my attitude toward perfectionism. I tend to get carried away by whatever I do and in the bargain, forget about others around me. This obsession to perfection has only led to problems with friends and others around me and unless I become more sensitive to the feelings of others around me, I will only complicate my association with them. Therefore, I have now become more open to discussions with my friends and others on how I could keep to myself and not drag them into my personal matters. These discussions have not only made me slow down, but it has also allowed me to understand the various options before me, before plunging head-on into an assignment. Yoga has also helped me overcome tension arising from frustration.


Even though I consider my positives to be my strengths, I am quite concerned that I have an equal number of negatives as well. If and when I can translate my negatives to positives, I am confident that I will be a better person in society. I am making a conscious effort to minimize my negative attributes, and have succeeded in controlling them to a large extent.

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