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The legalization of marijuana has been always a grave problem. Some people make profits from the sales and others are addicted to this plant. Today many young people believe that cannabis is a natural substance that has grown out of the earth like a plant and is completely harmless, while others claim that it is a hard drug, thus, it should be banned. However, it is difficult to oppose the fact that legalization of marijuana will profit a country in different areas. Thus, the Lebanese government should legalize the use of marijuana as it could benefit the country in several areas such as public health, security, government revenues and reducing the informal and illegal economy.
Surprisingly though it may sound, but there is a general opinion that marijuana should be applied in medicine. Different studies show that marijuana helps to treat ocular diseases, spasms of sclerotic effects of nausea in chemotherapy, and to stimulate appetite in patients suffering from malnutrition. Many countries such as USA, Canada, Israel, Western Europe countries use marijuana in health care to treat and/or relieve symptoms of various diseases like AIDs, cancer, disseminated sclerosis, fibromyalgia, diabetes etc. As a result, the oncologists and physicians claim that the use of marijuana has positive effects when applied for medical purpose. Moreover, there are cases when marijuana is the only active remedy for patients. Thus, the long-term medical experiment proves that the active components of marijuana can stop the development of disseminated sclerosis and fibromyalgia. In addition, marijuana can be used for the prevention of cephalitis or myelitis. Thus, it is obvious that legalization of marijuana will benefit health care of Lebanon.
Disputes on the legalization of marijuana are still going on not only in Lebanon but also in the majority of countries all around the world. The most sensitive issue is the effect of marijuana on humans’ health. It is scientifically proven that the drugs have a deleterious effect on long-term motivation and short-term memory. It is an open secret that cannabis is popular among students, so the use of marijuana can have negative consequences in terms of education and self-development. Yet, this problem cannot be solved by means of ban of marijuana. In addition, it should be mentioned that frequent use of large amounts of marijuana can lead to addiction. However, it is absurd to prohibit it just because of addiction. Studies of the National Institute on Drug Addiction show that cannabis cannot be so easy to get used to, such as nicotine, alcohol or caffeine. It is believed that only 4% to 9% of smokers who regularly use marijuana, experience discomfort associated with addiction. Abuse and dependence can be found in different ways. Some cannabis smokers do experience symptoms of clinical addiction and feel discomfort when they try to quit. Nevertheless, the intensity of their feelings and the danger of this state do not go to any comparison with the state of an alcoholic or a smoker in a similar situation. Due to this fact, the legislation of marijuana will benefit to the public health. The numerous amounts of Lebanese smoke marijuana. More than 60% of citizens in Lebanon got used to regular smoking and only 14% never tried it. 86.15% of Lebanese absolutely accept legislation of marijuana (Gino Raidy).
Taking into account the experience of certain European countries, one may state that legalization of marijuana attracts tourists and benefits the tourism industry. For example, Holland is a country of tulips, wooden windmills and slippers, yet Holland is always associated with marijuana. In the Netherlands citizens are allowed to carry small amounts of marijuana, using it for personal purposes (“Lebanon's Well-Armed Cannabis Farmers Won't Let Islamist Militants Anywhere Near Their Crops”). There is no denying the fact that tourism always brings income. In fact, tourism plays an essential role in Lebanese economy and is one of the main sources of revenue. The culture, history, and nature of Lebanon attracts people all over the world, every year the country welcomes millions of tourists. Legalization of marijuana will not undermine the tourism sector, but will have positive effect and attract even more tourists.
Lebanon is popular for producing marijuana, which is exported to any part of the world. However, the situation with legalization of marijuana in the country has not been clear for many years. From 1975 to 1990 during the Lebanese civil war Becca fertile valley was the place with annual production of more than 1,000 tons of cannabis and about 50 tons of opium. The Bekaa Valley is considered as one of the poorest territories in Lebanon and it was the key base for Hezbollah for a long period of time. In addition, the main problem for Lebanon is the constant political concerns. So it is politically unstable, highly fragile, and always being on the brink of war whether with civil war or outside the country. Between 1976 and 2005, Syria occupied the Bekaa Valley at the top of their operations, and got all traditionally diversified crops including cannabis, wheat, and grapes. In the early nineties, the major places of production of these crops were destroyed with the help of the UN government. There were clashes between local farmers and government armed forces, which were aimed at the elimination of marijuana fields. Nobody was seriously injured but the farmers have made it clear that they will not give up their culture without a fight. In recent years, the production of marijuana and hashish quickly returns in this politically unstable region. The Lebanese leader Walid Jumblatt put on the question to ban to grow and use cannabis. Despite the threats, the army “clears out” marijuana fields in the Bekaa, but everybody knows the farmers are planting more than ever. Prohibited crops are the main sources of income of the peasants of the Bekaa Valley. The big advantage is that it does not require the creation of irrigation systems. Due to these two reasons Bekaa farmers cultivate it willingly. At the beginning of 1990s, about 30,000 hectares of marijuana were destroyed. So 23,000 family farms were left without a source of income, they were dying from poverty and hunger. It is their mode of life, their chance to survive (Beirut, AFP). Thus, it is hard to understand why the government reject to legalize cultivating of marijuana. In case if all these farms cultivated legally marijuana, the farmers would pay taxes and government would have an additional source of income. Moreover, farmers would be protected by the law and they would be able to work at ease without fear that they can lose everything the next day.
A recent poll on legalizing marijuana in Lebanon revealed that 85% of residents absolutely support it. The point is that people living in the harsh environment of the valley Becca are well aware that it is impossible to find a replacement to such unpretentious and very profitable business. Al Nasr Shamas is one of the largest domestic producers of cannabis said that if they had no choice, they would be ready to fight back anyone who tried to destroy their crops. There have been recently numerous incidents between the liquidation of the armed forces employed by the government and farmers, who are armed with rifles, grenades and mortars. As a result, a lot of people were injured. The government managed to stabilize the situation, promising to compensate farmers for destroyed crops. Thus, legislation of marijuana will resolve the constant confrontations in the country and the residents will live in the security. Today the huge armed conflict in Syria is just 30 miles from the Bekaa Valley, the largest base for the production of marijuana. So, the producers of cannabis are on the lookout all the time. The famous grower from Lebanon, Ali Nasri Shamas, never leaves his house without a gun and weapon on the back seat of his car. Such people are able to do everything to protect their crops, because the cannabis production is the only source of constant income. The bulldozers and military equipment used to eradicate cannabis crops in Lebanon. Today, producers of marijuana are ready to start a real confrontation with the government and their military army. The locals will protect their “bread” with arms in their hands up to the end ("Cannabis in Lebanon").
The residents believe that legislation of cannabis will have a positive effect on the living standards of the country and it will benefit the government revenues. If the country experienced good times and the prices were not so high, they would not do it. The unemployment, poor health care, inadequate schooling and a lack of development have led local farmers to adopt cannabis as money-making. The farmers say that they simply have no choice to survive but plant cannabis. They refuse to plant other drugs such as opium for example, as marijuana is less harmful.
Nevertheless, the illegal production of hashish in Lebanon does not stop many families in the Bekaa to cultivate cannabis. It goes from generation to generation so it is more than just making money. In Bekaa valley traditions are above the law. The majority of local families are involved in the marijuana trade, so children from childhood are acquainted with all stages of the cannabis-making process. The farmers are glad to welcome tourists and offer cannabis freely to visitors and guests. Anyway they have little respect for the government and they grow marijuana openly. Farmers say demand has risen by more than 50 percent since 2012 and it has a permanent tendency. Due to the Syrian war Lebanon's tourism industry experience huge losses but still marijuana cultivation resolves the situation remaining one of main sustainable source of income for locals.
The legislation of marijuana in Lebanon will reduce the informal and illegal economy. The cannabis traders say that it is necessary for the prosperity of the country, their local farmers. The residents will lead the legal way of life. The legislation of marijuana will create jobs during the labor harvest and gives bread to the poorest part of the country. The calls are renewed every month and Lebanese expect the end of legal prosecutions of its producers and dealers. The legalizing of marijuana in Lebanon would save the situation and help to struggle in Bekaa Valley. In addition, marijuana would stabilize the economy and bring a lot of money to the state.
The legalization of marijuana in Lebanon is quite realistic today. The politicians understand the importance of this production that can improve the economic situation in the country. Such a move should contribute to the development and prosperity of the Bekaa Valley where the plantations of marijuana are grown illegally and law improvements can drastically change the situation. There were the attempts of the former politicians to replace the cultivation of marijuana to other crops but they failed without any income. Then the residents of the valley were forced to move to other parts searching job. Today marijuana is famous for medical purposes and it is a good deal to use it for medicine. For example, Turkey uses opium for the production of morphine. Today ministers and members of parliament are talking openly about the legislation of marijuana and it will not be a surprise if one day it happens. As a result, the legislation of marijuana in Lebanon will have a positive effect on public health, security, government revenues and reducing the informal and illegal economy.

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