Should Corporate Farming Be Limited In US Argumentative Essay Example

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Published: 2020/11/30

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The term corporate farming is often used for meat based or agricultural practices undertaken by corporations. Since it is done for profit making purposes, hence it is done on a much larger scale. Unlike the house farming practices that have been around for centuries, when families could stay self-dependent growing their own crop and raising their own cattle. I believe that corporate farming should not be opposed in the United States.
It is questioned, that corporate farming owes thanks to the industrial revolution that was meant for making and selling items by industrialists and hence plays a very important role in depriving people of basic needs by first making them dependent and then either failing to deliver a supply that fulfils all needs or does so intentionally to exploit the market. House farming is said to have been a better alternative considering the fact that no one person could make monopoly and everyone would at least be able to eat what they need and how much they needed. Furthermore, the cost of family grown crop and family raised cattle was next to nothing making them very attractive alternatives to the new idea of corporate farming (Toews, 2015).
But the evidence is that when talking about the United States, situation in the times of family farming too were not very joyful. There are several counties and areas still present in their original shape in the United States that one can find being enormously large for being a house or residence of one family. The areas of such residencies are often in scores of acres. This is the evidence that even then families that could afford did bought a larger area that of course went on increasing with the passage of each season. As they went on to purchase newer areas they constantly pushed those families to the sidelines (Minnesota Farm Living, 2014).
Introduction of corporate farming might not have done anything to stop this from happening and might have even taken it to a whole new level but at least the sector is producing more jobs every year due to some irreplaceable human factor involved. Then family farmers do not, in most cases enjoy enough resources to save their cattle and crop from getting eaten up or killed by insects and diseases. Corporate farming first endorses and then puts to use, ample research in the direction of how to increase productivity levels and how to reduce the likelihood of death in cattle and rotting in crop (Ground, 2014).
Another argument that favors corporate farming is that it travel down from father to son constantly and the coming generation is left with no choice but to either adopt the profession, whether they like it or not, or they can simply diminish since it is mostly all that they have in possession. In the age of today, farmable lands have a good price tag and corporate farmers pay well in exchange for them, this is encouraging family farmers to give up the old ways and to move towards more modern areas where health, education, and other services are better available. In the more well off states like New York and California, it is not uncommon for one to find families that migrated in the early and mid of 20th century from a rural area after having decided to do so after facilities. Their doing so serves as ample evidence of the importance of corporate farming as recognized by these families since they too sold off their lands to reside in cities.
Those who are still convinced that they can take out their livelihood and all other expensive by continuously cultivating their soils pushing them to limit, have a second thought coming. With time, nature of soil changes and only the bigger corporate level farmers is able to adapt to the change making necessary amendments as to what to grow or breed on what land. Family level farmers who used to grow wheat crop on their land some ten years ago now find it only being suitable for sugar cane due to high usage of fertilizers, for instance. If sugar cane is to be transported over a long distance for it to sell at a right price, then the producer gets nothing if the crop’s volume is not enormous.
In the United States, there is still a lot of trends to live in rural areas where families still pet cattle and grow their own crop, but it is evident that very few families do that just because they want to. Mostly, families live in rural, farm houses just because of affordability problems. However this should be a matter of choice for families whether they prefer living in a farm house or in an apartment in the city center, but in the United States, corporate farming needs to come up into a full-scale industry that it pretty much already is.
Life in rural areas is also quite difficult, and it is not becoming any easier. Hence it is about time when the remaining families will start heading towards bigger cities and will abandon their homes in rural areas. Best is to make use of those lands while it is still possible as a sudden movement can lead to a crisis as there will not be anyone to cultivate or raise crop and cattle on the abandoned lands. Also, family farming causes a problem with everyone farming items that they see being easy and cheap to cultivate and hence can bring shortage of another item. Corporate farmers are able to produce what the public might want at the end of the cultivation period.
Broiler chicken could never have been produced in a quantity that it is today. It is beyond doubt that this meat caters to fulfill the need of a large proportion of the population. Likewise, any crop or meat that the corporate industry has targeted over the years has gotten a lot more abundant than it used to be. Yes, it might have increased the cost and hence price but it did make things available to people for once (Family Farming Ahab, 2013).
Family farming also lacks efficiency that is unique to corporate farming. What the later does is that they make use of everything down to the last useable item from what they produce. For example, on production of wheat crop they are able to extract animal fodder, semolina, and several other edibles in the process. Similarly, as the primary purpose of raising cattle in to get meat, skin and other organs come to use for other purposes like making leather products and in making medicinal and general usage items.


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