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Ms. A is suffering from Iron deficiency anemia (Marshall, 2008). This is a common type of anemia that is caused by intake of insufficient diet as well as absorption of iron. In addition, bleeding contributes to the loss of iron; hence, leading to the condition. The internal parts of the body that can be involved in bleeding include uterine, intestines and the urinary tract. Iron deficiency has resulted to about half of all the anemia cases in the world. Notably, research done shows that iron deficiency anemia is likely to affect more women than men annually all over the world. An approximate of 1 billion people is said to have been infected with anemia (Earl, 1993).

Signs and Symptoms

Iron deficiency anemia has a number of symptoms. They include pallor, which refers to the decreased hemoglobin on the skin. Other symptoms include fatigue, weakness and a light head. However, these symptoms are said not to be specific or even sensitive. For instance, the pallor membrane indicates anemia in children; though, it was found to be 87% specific and 28% sensitive. Other signs of anemia are trouble while breathing (dyspenea), food cravings that is unusual, anxiety, low feeling sleepiness, tinnitus, hairless, poor appetite, restless legs syndrome and itchiness (Burket et al., 2008).
In the case study of Ms. A, some of the above symptoms were realized. For instance, there were changes in her menstrual cycle, she was fainting, stiffness in the joints, which is leg restlessness and she had a problem with her respiratory system; thus, causing difficulties while breathing. These are primarily symptoms related to Iron Deficiency Anemia.

Causes of Iron Deficiency Anemia

This type of anemia can infect both the adults and the children. It is caused by either an increase in the demand of iron in the body or by either loss of iron or reduced intake of iron. Chronic blood loss should also be counted as an attributing factor that leads to infection. Some of the factors believed to cause anemia include lack of adequate iron in the diet and parasitosis. The latter refers to being infested with parasites, usually worms. The WHO gives an estimate of about 2 million people that are infected with the disease by soil transmitted helminths. This worms lead to chronic blood loss and inflammation. It is worthy to note that infants require enough iron in their diet as well. Some of the foods believed to be rich in iron are leafy green vegetables, meat, eggs and foods fortified with iron.
In addition, another cause of anemia would be inability of the body to absorb iron. Food that is rich with iron gets absorbed in the small intestines (duodenum). However, intestine disorders can eventually lead to inability in iron absorption. In some other cases, the body may have the ability to absorb the iron nutrients, but then lacks enough surface area for the absorption. Some of the conditions that may reduce the surface area are inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease.


In conclusion, this type of anemia is possible to treat. All one need to do is increase the intake of food rich in irons or uses the iron supplements. This will primarily help in increasing the number of red cells in the blood. Based on Ms. A condition, it is clear that she is suffering from iron deficiency anemia.


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