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What exactly is the importance of the ethical education? In today’s world, the issue of ethical passing of knowledge from a teacher to a student is very rare. Rather, the school system of modern is constantly becoming very rigid, monotonous and stressful for the kids. The issue here is the quality of education and educators for the young generation of the country. This paper talks about the advantages and the disadvantages of transformation in the methods of education system in past few years. Due to incorporation of the latest technology, the classes are becoming ‘smart-classes’. Homework is becoming the burden for the kids. The weight of the bag that a seven year child carries to the school is higher than the child’s own weight! Isn’t this a cause for the concern for the education providers? The fees and donations in the private sector schools is very high for the pre-school and early school years. There are entrance exams and cut-throat competitions just to get an admission in the first grade school for a child. In this scenario, there is a need for critical thinking on this issue. The aim of this paper is to define and assess the moral ethics in education field with various practical examples, and to do an assessment of various challenges faced by the teachers in education field from various perspective.
When a child turn five or six years old, it is a very stressful issue for the parents about the education of that child. The admission process of a first grade looks like the admission for the college. That level of stress is spread around the house when parents talk about the admission of the child. The kindergarten and primary education providing schools have so much high levels of fees that it is very difficult for the middle class parents to even think about getting their child in such schools. The primary education is something that gives the child a general idea about the environment around him to explore and understand. A child’s mind is like a blank slate, where anything that he comes in contact with gets registered. The schools and education should be in such a way that the child is brought across all the goodness of the world. The use of technology in the education system has its own benefits and traits. The benefits are abundant like, due to technology, the smart-classes can give enhanced audio-visual education for the children. A child learn better and faster with the visual and auditory perception. Various science models and videos that are a part of the early education gives the children a good idea about the current scenario of the world. Indulgence of children in the vastness of latest technology from the early years of education can open many doors for them in the future to make a profession out of engineering and computer technology.
But, the other side of invasion of technology is that the good old reading and writing practices are vanishing from a child’s mind. Due to availability of computer and typing, a child avoids to write with a paper and a pen. The creativity of drawing and painting is replaced by the computer graphics programs and visuals. That can lead to obstruction of the inner creativity of the child. The balanced education should incorporate both of these aspects of education with proper planning to provide a child with sufficient of both way of learning. A child who is good at writing should be encouraged for the writing, not typing it out. According to,Neil Noddings,the issue of ethics in education is more controversial and debated than ever.According to a Greek study, have a high level of ethics and goodwill than other professionals. According to Sage Journals article, ‘Ethics in Education’ (2000), a study where moral ethics of teachers were assessed, and the results were promising. The ideas of Aristotle and Plato about ethics in education can be viewed as difference of opinion in educational ethics.
The methods of teaching are becoming more and more rigid and monotonous. The element of freedom and enjoyment in education is becoming absent from the curriculum of education. When a child gets up in the morning, the first thing he says to the parents is that he doesn’t want to go to the school. This is because of the burden of the syllabus that the child has to learn without properly understanding it. The teachers are forced to complete the syllabus or course within the given deadlines, the students are supposed to learn everything and remember everything before the exam. For example, a student was asked to present a paper on methods of human body preservation. The student started the topic by saying that ‘there are no references available’ in the literature about the topic. The reason behind his mistake was that the teacher used the abbreviation for number of reference as ‘No. of references’ in the notes. He did not explain him the meaning of ‘No.’ is ‘Number of’. The student took it in its literal meaning and told that there are no references available. Nobody cares if the student has a proper idea or knowledge about that topic, as long as he writes it in the exam. Above average students just by heart the topics from the notes. They don’t even try to understand the real knowledge of that subject. Then they vomit it all out on the exam paper. For example a tenth grade student writes everything about the environment in the science exam. But if asked the current scenario of global warming or pollution levels, the child will not be able to answer. The reason is that he only knows what he remembered blindly for the exam purpose. The real education should install the real education in the child’s heart and mind. It is the duty of the teachers to engage the students with the necessary activities, practical demonstrations and value education about every subject. The things that child learns in the primary school, helps to build the foundation of the future profession of that child. So, the early educators are literally, the builder of the future of the country.


It is the equal responsibility of parents, educators and government to put together a system in which the early education of children is under a clean environment without all these distractions. Yes, the technology and awareness about its uses should be a part of education. But, the abuse or exaggeration of any one thing is not helpful for the overall development of a child. Thus, the education system has to focus more on the provision of knowledge rather than just bookish information.
What we have to take away from this is an invisible line separating pure knowledge and mere information.For example, asking ‘Is/Was’ is information, asking ‘How/why’ is knowledge. ‘The earth moves around the sun.’ is information, but explaining ‘How earth moves around the sun?’ is giving knowledge. When we start giving education understanding this concept, we can make the difference. When a student gets clear knowledge, there is no scope of confusion.


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