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The revolution has been described by both Thomas Bender and Laurel Thatcher from different perspectives and angles. Thomas Bender ‘s article titled ‘A seasons of Revolutions’ and ‘A great sea A going’ are all used to describe the revolution. Benders article describes it from a larger perspective while Thatcher describes the revolution from a micro-perspective. The best approach that brings out the real picture of the revolution time is the larger picture used by Thomas Bender. Thomas Bender approach can bring out the real reasons as to why some of the countries were against the British. According to Thomas Bender, the British had won a war seven years before the revolution arose, and this did not please the French. The French tried to eliminate the British from their colony-America- that made the British to use all the taxes they could protect their colony at whatever cost. The reason the British took all the measures to protect their American colony is due to the presence of another colony who wanted to colonize Americans.
The revolution period was the period where the revolutions were taking place in the whole world. The French had lost all their trading posts in India and Africa and they felt back that they were becoming weaker and weaker. The revolution that took place in the United States was due to the fight for the Independence of United States. According to Thomas Bender, the fight for independence of Americans was like a global war. The article by Bender was about how the colonies raised against their colonial powers to gains independence. The war brought independence to America because the Americans felt they were been harassed by their colonial powers. The Americans were been taxed more so that the colony can be protected from external aggressors. This article can provide the real situation of the revolution period other and the reasons why there was an uprising unlike the article by Thatcher.
In the article by Bender, the independence of Americans came due to the introduction of high taxes by the British and the revolutions that occurred in other countries like India. The article can put into perspective the revolution period at the time more than Thatcher's article. Thatcher article mostly talks about the social world where the countries like French try to eliminate the powers of other countries like Britain so that they are left superior to them. Once a country is conquered, it is left to the mercies of its colonyd does not bring out the revolution period in the US at the time it was colonized by the British. For example if you are to explain the issues that lead to global warming, you will not talk about the weather, you will talk about the climatic changes. That is why the article by Bender specifically illuminates the issue of revolution time.


Frontier can be defined as a region that is at the edge of a settled area. The American frontier began when the first Europeans settled on the Atlantic coast and the Eastern Rivers. Fredrick Jackson Turner assessed the significance of the frontier since it shaped the American values and characteristics and also defined the American life. The frontier was like a new approach to the definition of the history of the United States in the 19th Century that historians and social scientists were taking. Instead of focusing on the issues of the wars and treaties, reigns of kings and popes, the historians were concentrating on how social and economic factors were shaping and influencing historical events in the United States. In this 21st Century, Americans are still associating the American enterprise and individualism to the ‘Frontier thesis' that Turner articulated three years before it was declared closed by the U.S Census Bureau.
The history trajectory of the United States can be represented by the use of the assessment brought out by Fredrick Turner. From the Turner's assessment of the frontier, we can extract critical points that are crucial and reflect the American society even in this 21st Century. The frontier has shaped the character of the American society in the following ways; the perennial rebirth, fluidity of American life, expansion westwards due to new opportunities and furnishing the forces that dominate the American character. The American frontier is significantly different from the European frontier since it lies in the free land at the higher edge. Frontier is the source of rapid and effective Americanization. All the activities that are been done in the US today can be one way or another be linked to the American frontier.
The composite formation of the American people was due to the frontier that led to the establishment English speaking citizens on the coast that spread into the free lands. The frontier also led to the decrease of the dependence of the Americans in England especially the coast part. The Atlantic Frontier is a frontier that included the various fishermen that were found at the coastal lines of the Atlantic Ocean. The frontier included the trading activities between the various individuals from Europe as well as on the sea. According to Turner, a frontier has to have an effect on the social or economic activities of the people who participate in it. The Atlantic Frontier is a frontier that changed the life of fishermen and also encouraged economic activities around the Atlantic Ocean.

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