Good Structures And Special Conditions Of Quotations Essay Example

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Quotation involves the usage of exact words in a content or speech from a known and trusted source. The writer duplicates original text and credits it to the author or narrator. The writer should carefully select manner of expression and the ideas worth quoting, to ensure that they remain relevant to the topic of discussion. Special condition quoting allows writers to use different methods of presenting imported text or speeches. The writer can prefer to use quotation in various points of a sentence, to form different sentence structures. The aim is to ensure the sentence structure remains coherent and is up to the set world standards. Careful arrangement of the phrases provides that the connection between the writer`s ideas and the imported information.
Quotations may take varying sentence structures. References made at the beginning of a sentence is one form of creating coherence of imported information with that of the writer. The end of the phrase has the speaking verb that shows the data source. Quotations used at the end of a sentence take a form that the writer begins the sentence with a speaking verb. To enrich the style of presentation, the writer has a choice of splitting the quoted information into segments that will appear in different points of the sentence. Despite the variety of options on where to place the quoted information, the writer should choose the point that retains their flow. They should consider their audience to ensure that they can decipher the intended message.
A writer can use a colon instead of quotation marks to introduce the cited information to obtain a new quotation structure. (Allyn 47) The colon shows the beginning of the quoted information and connects it to the preceding and later sentences. Sometimes the sentence preceding the quotation is used to set up or explain the incoming referenced information.
Special conditioning of quotations is another tool used to streamline the flow of a writer`s work while allowing them to enrich the text with sourced information. The writer can omit words, add words, or even rephrase the entire quote. There are cases where the author wishes to omit a certain phrase in the text that they are quoting. Such a situation arises due to the expression not being relevant to the study topic or in an attempt to reduce the bulkiness of information. In the position of omitted words or phrases, the writer uses an ellipse to show the audience that part of quoted information was left out. (Allyn P 94) The writer can choose to add words to the quote in the form of a note or a general comment. This method of text enrichment helps the writer expound on the quoted text and explain its relevance to the study topic. The added information is enclosed in square brackets to distinguish it from the primary quote. The biggest consideration made in using special conditioning of quotes is to remain coherent while integrating sourced information into a writer`s work, without altering the meaning intended by the sources.
The wide variety of structures and allowance of special conditioning in making quotations is a big boost to presentation of sourced information. (Allyn 123) Writers can now restructure their reference information in a variety of ways within the same piece of work. This dynamic has allowed writers to break the monotony of a single mode of presentation of research findings from trusted sources. The audience is more interested in the study topic and can still relate the quoted information with the writer`s argument. Special conditioning, on the other hand, allows the writer to spice up their prose. The writer can thus provide context of the quotations they make, summarize them by omitting unrelated information, and provide a citation for their quotations. There is continued use of structure variation and special conditioning in enriching quotations to enhance information delivery.

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