Essay On Motivation, Goal Setting, Social Learning And Stress Management In The Sport Of Football

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The element and variable of motivational thinking plays a significant role in order to keep oneself on the right track. The philosophy of Buddhism argues that one should house an empty head that must be clear of all thoughts. The humans should not let their minds drift from the inherent purpose of their lives. In the playing field of football, teamwork creates a synergetic effect in order to help a collection of people regarding fulfillment of their dreams. The player works in order to win as many games as possible. The creation of goal in the game of football is an art rather than a science. Every team creates and comes up with its unique and innovative ways of scoring a goal. Importantly, the psychological profiles of the players have to be analyzed and evaluated in order to find out the presence of depressive thinking, unresolved emotions, and hopelessness. Emotion of any kind can be destructive on the ground because it has the ability to distract oneself from the objective of winning the game.
The coach’s job is motivational and technical as well. However, when the players are subjected to immense pressures of the real game then, their psychological outlooks become more valuable regarding winning the game. With the passage of time, technical experts in the field of sport psychology are coming to realize that winning is a habit that coincident with the players’ ability to think positive even in the dire circumstances. The players have to focus on the game without worrying about the outcome because they have to outwit the opponents through excelling in their profession. The players will create success in the ground via practically doing what they have been trained to perform. They just do not have to think intensively while in the ground because in sports, great things happen automatically. The coach has to manage the mental affairs of the game as well. He or she is going to give his or her followers the gift of confidence so that they have the courage to attain even the virtual impossibility. Additionally, the professional teachers cannot afford to have too many expectations from the players because it will create extra psychological burden on the individuals who have to take the heat of playground. The training alone will not create much of a difference until the professional development is backed up and supported by positive psychological intervention. The goal setting theory argues that the goals must be Simple, Measurable, and Attainable. The new teams will fail, and the coach expecting to win the first game would make a perfect fool. The teams are going to lose, but with every loss, their hunger for victory will be replenished. The coach will have to practice patience, and wait for the right time to intervene into a seemingly hopeless and desperate situation. The losing will create anger, and the will to retaliate in the team. The emotions have an unexplained power to bless humans with the energy. According to common belief in the field of psychology, one performs smoothly and effectively when feeling angry. The coach has to use emotional inventories of the players to their advantage. The teams during their early stages of development face disagreements, riots, and political games those powerful persons play in order to gain control, but these difficulties do not allow the team to achieve greatness in the field, and they face defeats over defeats because they could not develop synergetic relations with each other. The absence of synergies can destroy the sense of teamwork, and therefore, the team transforms into disjointed group of people. The teams live as collectives and die out as individuals. The losses will create a fire of doing whatever it takes to win in every individual. The individuals who are lacking the energy to give their best towards accomplishing the objectives of the team should receive psychological counseling, and if they do not improve after the procedure then, they have to be replaced by motivated and energetic players. The mental and physical health must be considered before deciding the initial lineup. At the same time, the coaches nowadays shout unnecessarily in order to receive attention from the media. However, their hunger for fame usually counteracts the performance of the team because they distract from the objective. Secondly, one cannot win the game of football by being a fearful person, and therefore, the players have to develop fearless and progressive mindsets in order to succeed in their profession.
An excellent football player has an internal locus of control, and he or she does not blame others for their mistakes. The referee is right as boss is in the organizational life because one needs to focus on his or her own game whether; they are working in an office or engaging as a player of football. The coach does not have to train his or her children to be cowards, and he or she should not listen to the useless complaining about the refereeing. The controversial decisions does not occur oftentimes because referees are receiving state of the art straining and training as well so they are unlikely to make mistakes frequently. At the same time, one or two erroneous decisions are not going to affect the overall outcome of the game because the result will be decided summarily on the teams’ strength to score more goals, and there is no way in the world that could overturn the performance of an excellent team. The players have to consider the decision making of the referee as an irrelevancy and they have to focus on their jobs in the field regardless of referee’s performance. Every player has to give his or her best in the field in order to achieve the dream of success , and if each player is performing at his or her true potential then, she or she will not feel the guilt of losing because the team tried its level best to gain what the nation wanted from their national heroes, and it is time to realize that people create their own world, and they hold dearest what they conceive, and the player believes in human effort more than anything, and therefore, they become socially active. They develop an urge to better themselves along with the society. In the essence, sports build character, and a characterless person cannot be a sportsman. The ethical side of football went through serious degradation in the recent years because the players are willing to cause significant and notable injuries on the bodies of opponents in order to reap an unfair advantage. The win gathered through cheating is inferior to the loss accepted with dignity. The motivational movies considering sports enthusiasm argue that one must do whatever he or she can in order to emerge as victorious. However, sportsman spirit does allow that to happen. Additionally, players’ developmental process has received commercial focus of unhealthy amount in the recent years, and therefore, footballer’s image has transformed into that of a picture of an asset that ends up at the receiving end of investment, and he or she has to generate return via creating success in the field.


This paper applied the concepts of social learning, teamwork, synergetic management , and motivational techniques in order to determine the overall success of a football team as a whole. However, the team needs to communicate the sense of energy in the field so that every member of the unit can remain vibrant and energized to a fullest extent. The trait theory of leadership will aid the coach in selecting the captain of the team, and the process of social connectivity is going to determine the level and quality of team effort that the unit puts on, and a hopeless player does not belong in the field of football. He or she does not belong to any professional field whatsoever. The thinking pattern of “I can do” will change the perspective of an individual towards life altogether. Additionally, the sportsmen develop characters of highest quality because they grow a habit of living for others, and in their personal lives, they try to live up to the standards of their profession.


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