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Thermodynamics is the study of energy, energy transformations, and relationships among heat, work, and energy (Farabee, 2001). There are four laws of thermodynamics: Zeroth Law, First Law, Second Law, and Third Law. These laws govern even our simplest daily activities.
According to the Glenn Research Center (2014), The Zeroth Law deals with temperature. It states that if object A is in thermal equilibrium with object B and if object B is in thermal equilibrium with object C, then object A and object C are also in thermal equilibrium, as illustrated by the transitive property in mathematics. The First Law states that matter cannot be created nor destroyed; instead, it is transformed into energy. To illustrate, water, when boiled, does not disappear; instead, it changes its form to gas. The Second Law is concerned with the transfer of heat, given that, for example, two objects differ in temperature. If object A has higher temperature than object B, then the heat from object A will flow through object B. This is evident in the transfer of heat from the stove to the pan. It also introduces the concept of entropy which denotes disorder, chaos, or randomness. For example, machines cannot work 100% efficiently unless controlled by humans. Based on personal understanding, the Third Law counteracts entropy; it introduces the “absolute zero”. For example, molecules of water in liquid form appear to be in entropy; upon freezing, these molecules arrange themselves in a relatively orderly form to form ice.
Energy is the ability to do work. Humans use energy in various ways. We use it for domestic, industrial, agricultural, and etc. It also comes in different forms: renewable and non renewable. Renewable energy sources include solar, wind, and hydro power. Non-renewable energy sources include fossil fuel, nuclear, and biofuel.
Solar energy comes from the sun. It can be harvested using solar panels and can power domestic and/or industrial areas. Using solar energy can cut electricity consumption. It is safe for the environment. However, a huge amount of capital is needed in order to harvest solar power. It is also non-sustainable since it can only be used when the sun shines. It cannot be accessed easily; equipment is needed (Shah, 2011). Wind energy comes from the wind. It is also safe for the environment since pollution is not a by-product of harvesting wind energy. However, like solar energy, installation and use of equipment to harvest wind energy are also needed (Shah, 2011). It is also very costly. Hydro power comes from the use of currents to collect energy; its pros and cons are similar as with solar and wind energy.
Using non renewable energy sources such as nuclear energy and biofuel is detrimental to the environment. As the name suggests, these sources are non-renewable, thus humans can overuse and diminish these sources. It is notable that these sources are reliable and cost efficient (Shah, 2011).


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