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Devising the best strategy for the organization so that it becomes global with competitive strength in international trade is not simple. The organization KFC, which was founded in the early 1940s in US changed different owners until in 1987 it was sold to PepsiCo. Since then the organization has developed target global market from a great marketing strategy. The process of selecting and training right candidate for automobile firm and position vacant for sales manager is studied alongside the above marketing strategy.
Keywords: strategy, sales, manager, marketing
Identify one global marketing strategy and using a specific organization as an example, identify how they successfully implemented the strategy to market globally.
Yum Brands owned KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is a successful organization with an international marketing strategy. There are three subparts of their global strategy for marketing. While the organization has 15, 000 outlets in 105 countries in the world, for the year 2011, KFC had a sales revenue of 15$ million. First subpart is a two-part strategy, including the satisfaction of customer needs with the local strategy. Implementing this local “cultural” strategy meant that they have studied the local conditions and eating habits. The second part of strategy is the right product mix offering (bundle) (Mourdoukoutas, 2013, para 3), which addresses peculiarities and specificity for each market. The second subpart of their global strategy in marketing is creating a menu of products for KFC, which has both a local and a global component. The third subpart of global marketing strategy was included from brand proposition as it was argued that it is linked to the marketing strategy of the product KFC. This brand proposition was called “CHAMPS”. It is the short form in simple words that means “cleanliness, hospitality, accuracy, maintenance, product quality and speed of service”. Winning in a wide scope of the world market took KFC to engender a marketing strategy with exceptionally crafted three different value propositions – a unique “universal” value proposition for target market of pure global segmentation, an effective “customized” value proposition for target market of localized market segmentation ( Harrison, 2015, para 2) and thirdly a “hybrid” value proposition for target market of semi-global segmentation. The organization -Yum brand’s global marketing strategy for KFC was successfully implemented using the above methods. KFC was amongst those fast-food chains to have expanded at global level first, when it opened their outlets in Mexico, Jamaica, and England during middle of 1960s. During the years from 1970s to 1980s, KFC had experienced success domestically from different owners. During 1970s, the organization was sold to spirits distributor Heublein, which was later acquired by R.J. Reynolds food and tobacco organization, which later sold KFC to PepsiCo. KFC was the first western restaurant organization to have started in China in 1987. PepsiCo had changed name of KFC into Tricon Global Restaurants in 1997 and later changed it to Yum! Brands in 2002, with ever bigger plans to market globally in 2005 and 2010 (Tepper, 2013, para 2).

Global human resource strategy for recruiting, selecting and training, expatriate for a Sales manager position in the automobile industry/organization. While recruiting a manager for commercial product like cars/ automobiles and in the sales department, the selection criteria and strategy for interviewing, hiring and training follow the specific steps and preferred guidelines. An international recruitment must be comprehensive, including all essential aspects to prefer a given hire. Talent and skills will be necessary while add-on skills, special skills make it easier to get select the right hire. The right hire must fit the right job. The challenge in recruiting at a global level is notice the loyalty, be able to get the job responsibilities and description effectively to the position candidates. Accordingly, with the global recruit strategy a flow diagram can be made; (Dias, 2015, Ch 5),
Staffing plan -> Job analysis -> “JD” or Job description -> Legal issues -> recruitment plan -> final selection -> Training.
Steps to be followed of the strategy to get the right candidate, a recruitment strategy comprises following -: soliciting resume from job - advertisements (Davis, n.d., para 2) in national daily and international magazines and their websites, initial screening, selection criteria with the interview over Skype and/or face to face, interview results, second interview with human resources professional, hiring final candidates and subsequent training.
The recruitment strategy includes all of following at the first stage when the responding candidates send through their resume for the selection using the internet. The following are important while screening resumes at initial stage - the background of the candidate which has been verified, education level, and experience in industry, age, language ability, co-curricular and academic details, family background and other goals. From these initial total respondents which can be in numbering hundreds, many steps would follow before arranging for interview through the internet over Skype. A team of four human resources professionals meets the criteria for carrying ahead the interviews and until training stage. The whole of the activity must complete in four months. As the organization has limited resources to get to every candidate, it is easier and more versatile to do interviews and select the right candidate using Skype and personal Face to Face interviews.
After the first round of soliciting resume has been completed with all necessary details with the HR manager who is the person responsible for the recruitment, completion, he or she would then with the team, screen all resume for consistency against background, preference for position background, language compatibility, ability to relocate and similar other details. After every aspect of the first stage is completed the HR manager decides to hold the second most important stage of recruitment which is the interview – face to face and over Skype. He or she is particularly interested in qualities and abilities of candidates, which are either matching completely or with few matches but more compatibility within the organization. The following aspects would indeed be very important;
Flexibility of managers which indicates understanding trends and new directions in technology. Observing potential markets, the size and scope of potential sales.
A broad understanding of business would indicate financial resources knowledge base, marketing practice, including cultural influences and international economics. This would definitely reflect on acumen for planning and implementation of various tasks which is a prerequisite for sales.
Project management skills in using effectively the resources available to handle large and small tasks and projects efficiently and complete these on time.

Interest for with the willingness of trying new things in corporate and cultural affairs.

Capacity to endear stress and strain is rewarding. In an international leadership scenario with travel, there is stress. Executives need to be prepared in spending longer periods away from home.
The incumbent must be able to have tolerance in matters of ambiguity. Individual should necessarily have skills whereby he or she can exploit and adapt their learning of different countries and markets for an organization.
Incumbent should have good conversational skills. He or she should know English as a business language while knowing other languages would be an advantage.
The incumbent has experience of living in other countries is an added advantage. He or she shows global working style and global thinking in culture.
After the screening and first round of the recruitment has taken place the few selected from the group of resumes would indeed be called for an HR interview, which would decide the candidate who is comfortable in joining the organization for the position of sales manager. He or she would need to show characteristics of adaptability, flexibility, a flair for selling – personal selling skills, whether pursuing or completed their masters degree, ability to comprehend and substantiate with good analysis, communication skills, ethical conduct, ability to make friends, Nature of person – domineering, submissive, trend setter, goal achiever, target setter etc. The second interview process includes a group discussion for the first round of selected candidates. Using the group discussion technique one can easily decipher confidence, learning and comprehension, communication and the ability to speak or summarize in a few words their viewpoint on a particular subject. This is equally well done, and then the individual is expected to wait for 2 – 7 days before the final selection of individual candidate for the position of sales manager is made. This is evidently a process which takes time. As many individuals are having different personalities, exert influence differently one needs to ascertain how well he or she would blend into the organization, lead effectively and produce results in a market which is either new or has competitive producers. So, the right choice of candidate is made from choice of organizational compatibility, strong skills, pleasant nature, education and background with confidence in sales, project planning skills and good knowledge of target market, product (cars), and marketing. After the second interview with HR professional it is the main selection of the candidate so every aspect of the need for a sales manager is matched with the resume, interview results and the prospect. The attributes of final selection would include choice of clothing or dress sense, nature towards work, attitude, test results during interviews, written material, Q and A sessions or group discussion session, ability to manage change, capacity for taking organization product sales, qualities, resourceful, references, body language, confidence.
The final candidate selection proceeds after the second interview round has been cleared. The occasion of selecting the final candidate is made from a handful of individuals. This necessarily completes by the duration of one week during which there is consultation with internal managers, quality control, COO and CFO for raising the final candidate to the position applied for. This process of final selection should leave no queries raised as it is important for the organization. Usually, one needs to get the candidate to know the organization, functions, processes and responsibilities. The sales manager also needs training to get to know various activities of the organization, his expertise in handling tasks and affairs of the organization. He or she needs to know the logging in, reporting time schedule, sales report format, charts and other significant aspects of a full work completed. He or she would need better information at the right time to assess his readiness for management meetings and / or leading a future team of sales professionals. In this category the necessity of having all details and information must be available or provided to him. This is where he would know how to connect with an organization, find friends, social network through intranet and possibly leverage benefits of long term association. The training allows him to know the product, target market, product positioning and business strategy. The more he or she involves or spends time for training there would be benefits in terms of package details, position in the organization, duties and responsibilities, reporting, HR policies for leave and pay, insurance, etc. The training period handles the task of getting informed of a candidate, filling of returns, organization communication of the selection and joining date. Rather than stop there, training allows him or her to associate his queries for better understanding of his work and duties towards organization and sales department. This training is crucial as a candidate and department get to know each other better. The training for expatriate would benefit the final candidate as it leads him or her to know the changing business practices for conducting sales in domestic country and foreign land. This shall indicate prioritizing between social and business norms of conducting business. Developments in the trends of sales augmenting, practical approach, use of web and online marketing are some of the guiding aspect of the training for final candidate, who is an expatriate when he or she is joining in the other country. The training is influential in providing details of how the legal aspects work in the organization, record maintenance and quality procedures. In a way the candidate gets to know how best to use resources, the basic formality of efficient paperwork, etc. In the long run the Human resources department would definitely pick the right candidate from a list of available individuals, the procedure and process would indeed highlight the growing need of selecting the right talent to right opportunity as well.

Selection process as part of recruitment plan:

First round - soliciting resume from job advertisement, websites/internet recruiting
Second round - Skype and face to face interview with group discussion
Third round – internal selection from organization
Final step – proceeding with letters and correspondence to willing candidate(s) to join
Training to final selected candidate
Organization rules and legal matters
Organizational culture, resources
Planning for changing business strategy and sales
Completing the necessary paperwork
Job details and Job description
Roles and responsibilities
Individual candidate career introduction
Cost of living, culture and accommodations


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