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The Apple case is a great example of modern business handling techniques in conjunction with information systems. The Apple case is essential for most business managers because it issues them with rich knowledge of how to handle the customer-focused production in business today. The world has been made flat following invention of several technological pillars. Technology has enabled the connection of the four corners of the world. Communication involving all aspects of human life has been made easy. Business transactions are now done with the assistance from technological aspects
However much it might be hard to trickle in, about a decade ago, the renowned Apple Computer Inc. was on the verge of fiscal bankruptcy. But with several investment mechanisms, innovation, and creativity the company has managed to recover. The fact that the company has increasingly exploited customer knowledge has led to its splendid performance. The apple company welcomes design ideas from customers rather than employees. The customers design products that are later sold to consumers. Consumers have often liked the products designed by Apple customers making the company uniquely successful (Linzmayer, 2004).

Capitalizing on the iPod

The iPod has spread to millions of consumers worldwide. Several groups of customers and consumers are devising ways to capitalize on the iPod. John Lin formed a model of an automatic remote control for the iPod. When Lin consulted Macworld with his new idea, all that resulted was success. After some few months, the apple company incorporated the technology to its retail systems. From then, the apple company supports the iPod economy. Several companies have gained interest in developing more than 500 accessories for the iPod technology. A huge percentage of iPod owners of about 75% purchase at least an accessory of the same. Most users of the gadgets must at fall in need of an accessory. The price of the accessories ranges between $10 and $200 hence increasing the returns established by the iPod technology. The overall index return stands at a minimum of $300 million and a maximum of $6billion.
It is evident from the iPod technology that the apple company has invested in customer knowledge to improve sales and profits. The average consumer tends to reason similar to the customer. As a result it is easy for a customer to like what the consumer likes. Consumers tend to design what they want for themselves even if it's only through wishes. The apple company has therefore invested in consumer engagement in order to maximize the profit margin. In business, the consumer is the Lord. When the consumer accepts the product and acquires it, it is extremely evident that the sales are set to hike. Employees have the professionalism and ability to design products. However, certain products, as designed by employees, have no guarantee of customer acceptance. Duty now calls for the target consumer to present to the company what they prefer. The company, therefore, becomes more profitable, in the long run (Linzmayer, 2004).
The iPod industry has attracted sales of several accessories that attract higher profit margins. For instance, the Apple digital camera connector attracts $29, socks set in six colors attract $29. Other companies such as the Kate spade, Griffin technology, Belkin, Altec Lancing Technologies, Etymotic research among other companies have invested in the iPod technology. All these companies have encouraged the use of the iPod by providing easier usage means and support for continuity. Apple Company through the iPod technology has therefore attracted huge profit margins due to intelligent management strategies. The information sector and management team of the company have invested in new ideas from customers from several companies to encourage the mutual development (Kumar & Reinartz, 2011).

Capitalizing on the iPhone

Using an iPhone is pretty interesting because it provides the user with a wide range of activities that can be performed by the same device. It very possible that an iPhone is not only used for making phone calls. The iPhone can be used for several functions such as watching TV shows, playing games, trading stocks, accessing the internet or even doing some business online. The iPhone supplies the user with a variety of applications that perform more than the standards of any other ordinary phone. The move to allow customers develop software for the iPhone was a brilliant strategic move by the apple company. The company simply opened the gates for different customers to develop applications and software for the iPhone. In less than a year, the customers had developed more than 10,000 applications. In the app store, more than 15,000 applications are accessible from the iTunes section. The download rate of the applications is also commendable because it stands at more than 500million downloads.
In the recent times, the iPhone market is swelling and even to some extent overwhelming the Android technology from Google. Other smartphone markets have to get overtaken by the iPhone technology thanks to its customization based on customer and consumer interest. Other leading dealers and strategy players in the industry are also thinking about adopting the strategy used by Apple to market its products. Just as applied by Jeff Holden, CEO of Pelago Inc. Information managers should aim to adopt the flexible business management techniques to counter the ever changing human demand and taste curve. It is very intelligent for an information manager to uphold the flexibility by probing and investigating several platforms to inquire essential business management information. Traditional management and production techniques do not add up in the technology industry today. New ideas when intelligently executed, results in higher profit margins and better performance by companies.

Capitalizing on the iPad

Just as the iPhone, the iPad has got the capability of multitasking. Its portability and functionality go hand in hand. The iPad can execute several functions such as downloading emails over wireless networks and listen to music at the same time. This provides a wide range of activity at the touch of a button. Several accessories have accompanied the iPad to assist users in operations. The iPod Clear Armor screen protector sells at $ 35, the antique bookcase cover that sells at $ 40, iPad wireless keypad at $99, overcoat sleeve and joule luxury stand at $35 and $130 respectively. The technology that has been used by Apple to sell the iPhone closely resembles the one used to sell the iPad because they perform almost the same tasks (Sadeghi, 2012).
Apple has developed certain strategies to outperform their key rivals. Most of the strategies are aimed at providing a complete set of devices so that someone with an apple product is complete and ready to go. For instance, by developing the iPod, the Apple company solved the consumer's strain for the look of a mp3 player. The simple mp3 player is even becoming smaller and less expensive with incorporation of more applications and functionalities. The latest unleashed bombshell from Apple is the iCloud. With the iCloud, consumers of Apple products have got the advantage of saving their files, documents, videos, songs, photos in the iCloud so that in case of device destruction or loss, they can still go online and access their files and documents.

The Mac operating system and Apple computers.

The apple company has also invested in the manufacture of computers with unique operating systems. The Mac operating system has been produced by the apple company to accompany its computers. The Mac operating system contains all important software and applications such as word processing software and other document execution software. The stability of the operating system itself has enabled it to stay outstanding amongst other companies such as Microsoft. Most consumers who use the Mac systems site the fact that they are classy and stable as the key reasons for their continued adoption.
The world today is excessively competitive with inventions emerging on a regular basis. Apple has however managed to keep pace and stay ahead with certain management strategies.

Business intelligence

Business intelligence involves the technology of doing critical data analysis then presenting information that can be acted on by a company or organization. They include the tools systems and software that form part of strategic planning in business. Apple collects information from customers and consumers and analyzes for strategic planning. Customer information is key to the success of any company or even organization. It is essential if the strategy department of the organization collects unlimited views of the customers who by all means own the business indirectly. Such information is analyzed critically so as to come up with a strong and functional strategic plan (Vaidya, 2012).

Enterprise resource planning

ERP is a business management software that contains integrated applications that can be used by a company to gather, store, manage and interpret data from a variety of business activities. ERP manages shipping and payment, product planning and cost, manufacturing, sales and marketing and inventory management. ERP avails core information about integrated business processes in real time for critical analysis and decision-making. The apple company uses the enterprise resource planning technology effectively so as to save it from bankruptcy. The management of manufacturing, sales and marketing, shipping among other key sectors is put under the ERP so that the information managers can coordinate all the departments and rectify the ones that pose danger of failing at the correct time. ERP has led to increase in profit margins in the apple company.

Customer relationship management

The prime reason for the success of the apple company in recent times is its renowned customer relationship management. The customer is the chief of the business and runs the company from without. The apple company constantly consults its customers in order to get information about what they need from the company. The iPod technology for instance was as a result of customer idea. The company absorbed the idea and to date it uses the same to increase its profits margins. What many rival companies have not released is that software designed by customers are more likely to be downloaded than those made by employees. This is also a key point that the apple company has exploited to realize its outstanding performance in the technology gadget industry (Kumar & Reinartz, 2011).

Data mining and intelligent systems

Data mining is the process of analyzing system databases and information sites so as to gather essential data about a certain business or production process. The apple company has invested in data mining techniques in a bid to gather information on how they can make their products more acceptable and standard. Intelligent systems are information systems that are used to make strategic business decisions essential for the turning point of a business. Intelligent systems reveal even when other businesses try investing more than one's business so that the interested business can up it game. The apple company by the use of its great systems manages to gather information from competitors, customers, and other relevant authorities so as to make their products better for customers and consumers (Vaidya, 2012).


The apple case can be critically analyzed basing arguments on the key production techniques that the company has. The critical analysis of the Apple case is essential because it equips information system managers with rich information on how to strategize so as to realize a successful business. It also assists company managers with knowledge of raising companies even if they are almost failing. The apple company was on the verge of falling bankrupt a decade ago. However, when they adopted the customer-focused production technique, the company redefined leading to higher profit gains.
The apple company has adopted a production technique where customers are given the opportunity of inventing the type of product models they want. This worked with the iPod perfectly (Sadeghi, 2012). The iPhone and the iPad also use over 10,000 applications that are developed by customers. The Browne & Keeley text also applies because it offers information on how to critically analyse issues. The applications have attracted over 500million downloads making apple very popular in the electronics industry. Strategies such as customer focus, focus on quality and branding, investment in resources and capabilities and strategic vision have enabled the apple company to perform even better in the industry (Sadeghi, 2012).


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