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I consider taking acting class for the first time as a really good experience for me. First, I saw the opportunity as my chance to build on my confidence and meet new people. Another is, of course, to learn the basics and start building my skills in acting. When I first entered the venue for the class, I experienced mixed emotions. I was excited because I will be pursuing something I believe I will enjoy and of course scared because I did not know what to expect. Luckily for me, everything was fun and relatable and the class made me feel comfortable. I learned to adjust to new people and environment thru acting class. I learned new skills such as interpersonal and communication skills because of the help of my day to day interaction with different people.
Adjustment is always part of my life. First as an international student, I personally experienced this when I moved countries. Adjustment is not easy, but it is also not impossible. Since I wanted to adjust quickly, I asked help from my friends to learn the lifestyle and language. This is also applicable in class, if I do not know a lesson or I have a hard time, I ask questions. I discovered that there is nothing wrong with asking help from other people. My friends and classmates are nice and are always ready to help me. In return, I make sure that when the time comes that they need my help, I will also be ready to lend a hand.
We start each class with fun activities for warm-ups. I think it is beneficial for each student to participate in the warm-ups because they take away stress and make us physically comfortable. In addition, during warm-ups we also get the chance to mingle with others even for a short while. It prepares us for the rest of activity. I learned that even in warm-ups, I need to keep a positive attitude and participate actively because it will dictate my phase for the class. The warm-ups usually involve physical activities such as two students sitting in-front of each other and do some stretching. It helps relax our muscles and helps calm our nerves.
Being calm is important in acting because it helps us be more effective in the roles we portray. When we have a clear mind we can memorize the lines and portray the facial expressions needed. If we are not calm there is a high tendency that we will forget our lines and miss out on important scenes. Breathing is also important in acting because it affects the way we deliver our lines. Our instructor will always remind us that our tone when delivering our lines is important because it reflects the emotions we want to share with the audience.
After the warm-ups, I enjoy the other activities lined-up. Most of the activities challenge me to be innovative. Some of the activities allow me to reflect on my life especially if I want to bring out raw emotions. Through the help of our initial activity, we get to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Some of the activities include the mirror game wherein we act in front of other people and try to copy what they are trying to portray. I find this activity challenging at first because I was still not comfortable with my skills, but as time progressed, I saw myself changing and believing that I can a good job with the activity.
The warm-ups in class taught me that everything must start from the basics. If we do not participate in the warm-ups it will difficult for us as the classes’ progress. Some people do not see the value of warm-ups and even label them as time consuming. But on the contrary, they should be treated just as important as the rest of the activities. It is like our breakfast in class. If we do not take it, we do not have the proper energy and mindset to function.
I believe that one of the most important lessons I can take away from my acting class is to believe in myself. If I did not participate in class activities how will I know that I am actually good at something. I discovered other aspects about my personality because of this class. I learned that in order to give out a good performance, I need to concentrate at the task at hand and do not let my mind slip because of destructions.
I want to get better at my craft. I am hoping that as I continue to take this class and other classes in the future, I will develop more in acting. I am positive that I can take on the tasks and will perform them with the best of my abilities. In class, I observed that it is easy to get lost because of outside destruction; it is up to me to motivate myself to concentrate. I also learned that hard work will pay off because nothing in life comes easy. If I want to achieve something, I need to dedicate time and effort in practicing. I know that I still have a lot of things to learn and improve. But because of acting class, I know that I can confidently face people now. I have goals in life that I want to achieve and I know with dedication and patience I will get there soon.

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