Good Research Paper On Wearing Or Not Wearing Glasses Affects Perception Of Attractiveness And Intelligence

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Sample and ethics

It is very important that ethics be the key influence in any research. In this study, attractiveness is conceptually defined following the manner Hellstrom and Tekle followed. For instance, a person is attractive if he scores five on the Likert scale thus if they were to take part in a beauty contest for men or women in their age bracket. In the study the researcher used a 7-point scale instead of the conventional 5-point scale for the provision of better variance in the results.
The researcher sampled 30 women from the total population. All the women sampled were to have the same capabilities of seeing to avoid ambiguous results. The first fifteen women took part in the no glass survey while the other 15 other people took part in the glass survey part of the study. This implies that the women in the group classified as the treatment group and those in the other group classified as the control group in this study were selected at random. This was done by shuffling all the 30 surveys together. In this survey, the researchers will not be allowed to know which survey is the treatment and which one is the no treatment group. A total of 30 female UW students will be surveyed and enrolled in com 382.The recruitment will be done during times of class. In this study, only the females will be recruited and showed photos of male subjects. This is because females have got more appreciation of a man’s face.
In this study, random sampling procedures were conducted. Nonrandom sampling procedures utilizing the convenience sampling methodology were also applied in this study. The experiment took place in the lab during one of the Com 382 classes. The subjects to the study comprised of 40 female classmates. Apart from the convenience sampling procedures, purposive sampling was also employed in this study. The method was employed in the process of choosing the females in Com382 in UW. Because both convenience and purposive sampling methods are biased and not entirely representative, it might affect the external validity of the results obtained in the study.


Before taking part in the study, the participants were read a recruitment script and was also handed informed consent prior to taking part in the study. This means that each of the participants was required to sign the informed consent form prior to taking part in this survey. The participants in the study were assured that the study was for the basis of academic work and their details will not be disclosed to anybody.


The results or outcomes of this experimental studied as general based on the college aged female students. Only the participants within this population were considered. By surveying only those participants, the researcher was able to make an inference about the truism of the results for all other individuals in the population. Only female students were considered in this study, the researcher intended to use convenience sampling methods, not the random sampling procedures. However for inclusion into the sample, the individual participants will be randomly assigned during the course of the experiment. These participants will be assigned in a random manner by using a coin flip. The individuals will not be matched in this study. They will be divided into the two groups, 20 individual participants will comprise the experimental group will the other 20 comprise the control group.
This study had two dependent variables. These dependent variables in this study will the perceived attractiveness and the intelligence of the participants. These will be measured using what is commonly referred to as the Likert scale in statistics. In this study, we shall use a 7-point Likert scale. In this Likert scale,1 will represent disagree, and 7 will stand for strongly agree.
The independent or explanatory variable in this study was; if an individual presented is putting on glasses or not putting on the glasses. A picture of someone wearing no glasses will be act as the control in this study. On the other hand, a picture of the same individual while putting on glasses will act as the treatment.
This experiment was conducted in a lab during one of the Com 382 class periods. In this experiment, 40 female classmates were recruited. The procedure of recruitment involved flipping a coin that was used as the basis for setting the individual in the two groups.20 individuals were to be in the control group, and the other 20 will be in the treatment group. A private classroom with at least a desk together with a pen will be booked. The participants will have to walk into the room on an individual basis to view the printed photograph and complete the interview.
In this experiment, the treatment will have the individual wear glasses, and the control will be having the individual wear no glasses. Since in this experiment we shall be taking two different pictures of the same person, caution will be taken to make sure the individual’s facial expression remains the same in both scenarios. Because if not so, the internal validity of the experiment will be affected. The private room that will be booked in the building is meant to ensure that the principal of validity is not affected. The experiment will have a lower and minimal external validity since it will be carried out in a controlled experiment.
The tools of statistics that will be used in the analysis of the results of this study will be a student T-test since we have two categorical variables and only one continuous variable for each and every dependent of predictor variable concept in this study. Thus we intend to carry out a separate test for the glasses on/no glasses and the rated level of intelligence, and then the experiment will be done again for the glasses on/no glasses rated attractiveness. We shall know whether our results are significant if the results of the individual t-test p-value obtained are less than 0.05,the selected level of significance in this experiment.
In this experiment, we will have to perform two separate t tests for each continuous variable in the experiment. This implies we will have to do a test for glassed on/no glasses and the rated level of intelligence. Glasses on/no glasses rated level of attractiveness using a similar procedure. The significance of the results will be known based on the significance of the t-test in relation to the level of significance. For instance, if the p-value of t-test is less than or greater than the level of significance, we will each be interpreting our individual results since each group may decide to put emphasis on both the two aspects for instance intelligence and attractiveness and simply one of these two dependent variables.


The results from the experiment indicated that attractiveness turned out to be significant as represented by the t-test p-value. The P value for the attractiveness was found to be 0.039012831, a figure lower that the stated level of significance. The values for the intelligence also turned out to be significant since they had a value of the t-test p-value bellow the stated level of significance. Thus, the results for the intelligence group were also significant. According to the information from the experiment it is evident that wearing of glasses poses a great impact in attractiveness.
The paper based on wearing of glasses and the assumptions that people have towards the wearing of glasses. From the results, it was evident that the people’s perception towards wearing glasses was positive, and most of those people wearing glasses were seen to be intelligent and looked attractive. The result from the study concur with the study by Hellstrom and Tekle study (1994), who found out that the people wearing glasses were easy to understand complex situations and act in the prudent way.
The study reveals that there is a high level of attractiveness among the people who wear glasses than the people without glasses. The study by the two was very instrumental in describing the perception of people towards wearing glasses. The results could not show any different results because people were subjected to the same conditions without any form of discrimination. The researchers used computer-based systems to look at the attractiveness of the people’s faces during the exercise. Through using the seven Likert scale, the researchers conducted this study in the most professional way since the system gave room for more data.
The significance of the wearing glasses and people’s perception was very high and showed how the glasses catch the people's mind. The study came to an agreement with the research conducted Leder, Foster, and George in 2011 that showed the different stereotypes that people have towards wearing of glasses. The study showed that the eyeglasses can influence the appearance of an individual in a positive way. The researchers found out that the hypothesis of the research was fulfilled.

The study utilized two main hypothesis which include

H0- There is no significant relationship between wearing glass with the perception of attractiveness and awareness.
H1 There is no significant difference between not wearing glasses and the perception of attractiveness and awareness.
The table below shows the results of the experiment based on the p-value as got from the data
The tests conducted on the data show that the perception and attractiveness of the people wearing glasses was changing to be more attractive than the people who did not wear glasses. The data showed a significant relationship that enabled the researcher to conclude the hypothesis.

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