Good Example Of Essay On This Event Was A Community Involvement Project In Nepal And Cambodia That I Attended.

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Essay 1: My Research and Singapore’s Development

It is often said that education is one of principal keys to success to the modern world. This statement could not be any more true. In fact, education is not only a principal key to success, but it also acts as an equalizer for all society members. Education gives society members an opportunity to elevate their lives and be at par with their counterparts, who for example, belong to a higher economic class. Consequently, education should be a key agenda in every planning endeavor of the government.
My research is focused on the education system in Singapore. My research particularly focuses on how the current education curriculum in Singapore can be adjusted to make it more relevant and applicable to the modern context. The research seeks to find out how the education curriculum that is being disseminated in Singaporean schools can be adjusted to ensure that once students finish school, they have not just acquired theoretical knowledge but can actually put this knowledge to practical use and consequently improve their lives.
This research will definitely play an accentuated role in the development of Singapore. As mentioned earlier, education is considered to a principal key to success in the current world. In addition, education is a key pillar of development. Singapore’s education system ranks among the best in the world but nevertheless, there is huge room for improvement and it is this improvement that can propel Singapore to even greater levels of economic development.
Effective education churns out individuals with great skills and abilities and these skills and abilities can be utilized in different sectors to boost the economic growth of the country and hence the development of the country. For example, an education system in Singapore that places more focus on practical application of knowledge rather than mere memorization of theoretical knowledge is likely to benefit various sectors of the economy such as industry. Individuals who graduate from such an education system will be ready to work in the industry where they will replace the old and traditional ways of doing things and introduce new and efficient ways. This will increase overall production and output and hence lead to economic growth and development.
I intend to research on the strategies that can be imposed on the education system in Singapore to make it more practically oriented rather than just theoretically oriented. At the end of the research, I hope to come out with clear strategies that the government can use or embark on in order to improve the education system in Singapore and elevate it to the world’s best. Ultimately, adjusting an entire education system is not an easy affair, and this is why I also plan to research on how the challenges that face the education improvement process can be overcome. It is my belief that once my research is done, I can forward several recommendation to the education stakeholders in this country and especially the government that when instituted will definitely lead to not only the development of education in the county but the development of the nation as whole.

Essay 2: The Singapore I envision in the Next Fifteen Years

There is no doubt that Singapore has undergone massive development in the last two decades. The country has been able to overcome several key milestones in terms of economic development. However, there is still a lot that can be done in the next fifteen years to further improve the country as a whole. In fact, there are several things that I would like to see in Singapore in the next fifteen years.
The first thing that I would like to see is the adoption of technology across different sectors of the economy including, health, education and industry. The country has already made massive progress in terms of adopting technology in all the sectors mentioned but compared to several other leading nations in the world; this progress has been rather slow.
For a country with huge economic endowment like Singapore, technology adoption across all important sectors of the economy should be a priority. The future of the country lies in the youth, and the current youth is very enthusiastic about technology. If the country hopes to entice these youth to remain in Singapore and not immigrate to other countries, then it must incorporate technology across all sectors of the economy. However, technology adoption should not just be used as a way of enticing the youth, rather, it should be adopted because of the massive benefits and improvements it brings to the different economic sectors. Incorporation of technology not only increases the quality and quantity of output, for example in sectors such as the industry, but it also enhances efficiency by reducing wastage. Therefore, technology adoption across all economic sectors should be a top priority agenda in the strategic plan that the government has for the country.
In the next fifteen years, I would also like to a Singapore that is devoid of racial discrimination or racial prejudice, and that is filled with cultural tolerance. I would like to see a Singapore where people of different cultures live together, work together and generally interact with each other peacefully. Singapore is made up of people from varying cultures. These include Chinese, Malaysians, Australians, Indians among people of many other cultures. There has been some level of racial intolerance in the country over the years especially when different groups disagree with each other, for example on how to run the government and how to disseminate social services. Ultimately, Singapore cannot move forward unless all its citizens remain together and collectively contribute towards the economic development of the country. This is the kind of Singapore that I envision in the next 15 years. I would implore the Singaporean government to immediately initiate strategies that are meant to enhance social cohesion between different society groups and promote social tolerance and unity.
In addition, in the next 15 years, I also envision a country where the gap between the rich and the poor has been closed significantly. I envision a Singapore where the difference in social status is minimal, and there is an equal distribution of resources.

Essay 3: The Event that has Changed Me as Person

There are several events that one goes through in life, but there is always that one event that stands out from the rest and changes one’s life forever. Personally, there is one particular event that stands out from the rest, and that has changed my life as a person forever.

Personally, I had never been out of Singapore. I had lived in Singapore for my entire life, and when the opportunity came along to go overseas, I naturally jumped at it. At that moment, my only motivation was to get out of Singapore, even if it was just for a week. I did not know that this particular tour would change my life forever. It was an event that would make re-analyze my psychological being and realize just how lucky I was to be living in such a great country and have access to all the basic needs including food, shelter and clothing.
For the first two weeks of this humanitarian visit, I was stationed at Nagarkot Village in Nepal. During the second week, I was stationed at Kampang Cham in Cambodia. One of my primary roles was to teach English to the local children. As I went on with my role, I saw some of the dilapidated conditions that the children in this country lived in. Some of the children were orphans and were living on the streets. For many, the daily meal was not assured. Many were malnourished and looked sickly. In addition, I found out that the infant mortality in this country was very high mainly due to the unavailability of health facilities. Therefore, even if an infant was born normally, chances of it surviving were very low.
The conditions of these children and the status of the camps that I visited really opened my eyes and touched my heart. It was at that instant that I realized that I wanted to be humanitarian in the future. I realized that there are some people who were born so unfortunate and that it is my duty as a human being to help out in any way that I can.
As I taught these children English, I realized that teaching was not simply enough. There was more that I could indeed do in the future to improve the conditions of the children. I made a personal decision that if all things went well for me in the future, I would start up my own humanitarian organization that would be availing help and humanitarian aid to the some of these children that I came across in my OCIP. Cases of malnutrition, homelessness, and disease pandemics are very rare in Singapore, and I realized just how lucky I was. I realized that I had not done anything to deserve such a good life and therefore, I had the responsibility of at least trying to ensure that other people enjoyed the things I enjoyed and had access to the basic necessities of life.

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