Essay On Woman Found Dead In Car At Safeway Parking Lot

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Published: 2020/12/22

The article, “Woman Found Dead in Car at Safeway Parking Lot” posted on Tucson News 4 website features the story of a dead woman found in car at a Safeway parking lot. The Tucson police department (TPD) reports that the family of the deceased noticed her missing on Monday morning. Furthermore, the report of the incident implies that the woman’s body found inside the car in Safeway parking lot has been there for days when it was found. The woman was identified to be in her 50s and was found in the driver’s seat, which eliminates the possibilities of a foul play in her death. On the other hand, the identity of the deceased woman was not yet released by TPD.
However, on close examination of the article, it appears that there is reporting bias in the article information. For example, the article was very brief, which encompasses a lack of context, diversity in information, and details of information given in the article. The article lacks diversity in terms of the absence of individuals mentioned in the article that contributed to understanding the situations encased within the story. In addition, the article lacks context on the potential reasons and explanations for the finding. There is not much to read in the article except the fact that a dead woman is found in a car in the parking lot and the context lacks dimensions with sole focus that centered only on one angle, and nothing more.
Form the personalization perspective, there is no sense of involving personalization in telling the story or anything that gives any hint of telling the story from a first person perspective. Apparently, the article does not show hints of personal opinions conveyed within its context. However, the article is focused on the dead woman, who it considers and takes as an individual person, and attempts to involve readers in the story. On this point, it can be considered as personal. Furthermore, looking at the article from dramatization perspective, dramatization in media may work its purpose in the conveyance of stories that are intended to make an emotional impact towards the audience. However, delivering reports of real situations with questionable nature should occur and remain in a neutral voice. On the other hand, the article did not show any form of dramatization that could mislead the readers to perceive imaginary or unnecessary thoughts about the real facts of the story.
As for the contents of the article being discussed, fragmentation implies the apparent difficulty of the story in reaching its intended audience. Consequently, there was no information about other available media where the story was channeled through. It appears that the news was only made available through the website. The news could have been reached a much wider audience if it was made available in other forms of media such as print, radio or television. Apparently, as per the news article, there was no indication that the news was made available on other media. Therefore, the news about the woman found dead in car in Safeway parking lot did not made it to a larger audience, thus making it fragmented.
The last scope of information bias in the article is authority disorder. Although there were no signs of other conflicts in the context of the news, there is still an increase in mayhem because of the fact that the news itself is about a person being found dead in a car. There are significant human factors and effects in the news because it leaves the audience to wonder about the causes of the woman’s death. In addition, many other questions could emerge about what could have caused the death of the woman. On the authority-disorder side of the news article, there was no indication that a certain individual in power is in control of the news or interjection of an authority that could change the context of the news as a whole. Moreover, the tiny bit of information such as the decision to leave the name of deceased woman unknown could also be considered as a form of authority-disorder because it holds back important information that the audience could easily connect and empathise.
In spite of the information bias, episodic appearance and narration in the article is well presented in the story of the dead woman. Using episodic frames likely help draw a picture in the minds of the reader or viewer regarding the story and it can be more emotionally engaging. For instance, mentioning the age of dead woman as”50” leads the reader to an emotional involvement and picturization with someone they know.
Looking at the article from different angel, there is a clustering of sign. As well known and understood to many, clustering is associated with how a sign connects and disconnects to each other. For example, the group of police officers in the article and crime tape refer to the event as a serious issue, but the absence of some elements in the article lead to make the picture blur to the reader. Consequently, readers fail to connect to the given information and the reality.
In conclusion, the news about the dead woman found in car in Safeway parking lot is a typical story that can be found in almost all media channels. However, the present news article encompasses the characteristics of vagueness because of the lack of context apart from fact that the news itself was very brief and full of biases, which make it very unreliable and not credible piece of news.

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