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Dynamics refers to the study of the different forces and the effects they have on motions. Mostly, dynamics is applied in physics, which is a branch of sciences. Therefore, different people have come up with different disciplines to explain the existences of some forces and the science behind it. As a result, several scientists came up with different laws that explained the forces and their causes. For this reason, people have understood the reasons for the occurrences of events from the use of force. Additionally, it also provided a guideline to most of the people by eliminating confusion that comes from the lack of knowledge (Howard 127). However, the learning institutions have also adopted the disciplines discovered to learning, in order to diverse knowledge and awareness of the forces. As a result, their incorporation has significantly helped the engineering students because, in most cases, they deal with dynamics.


Application of the dynamics knowledge in the daily human lives
Nevertheless, dynamics has helped humans find a niche in cosmos. As a result, most individuals have established the cause of certain forces thereby a clearer understanding. Additionally, those who can clearly identify the dynamics have also helped in imparting the knowledge to the engineering students because it is essential for them to understand the forces. It also helps them implement the skills learnt in school into practice in the outside world (Ruiter, Damaren & Forbes 241). As a result, they help add value to the services and components used in engineering because it gives room for quality. Moreover, the understanding of dynamics has led to an upsurge of innovations and inventions in the engineering industry. Therefore, it improves the quality of the products and services provided to the people thereby improving their living standards.
Humans have also applied the use of dynamics in the daily lives because most of the machines used help in making work easier hence saves a lot of time. For example, the use of machines in manufacturing industries use forces in the processing of the products. The machines use different forces in performance of the tasks, and they produce high-quality and accurate output. As a result, the factories produce high-quality products, and it helps in increasing the profitability levels of the companies due to the increased sales and after that the customer’s loyalty.
The knowledge of dynamics has helped human beings discover their talents through explorations of the different forces. For instance, the aircrafts can fly and remain in the air for the help of a certain force. Therefore, the study of dynamics helped an individual invent the use of aircrafts for travelling purposes after understanding that it can remain in the air without involuntarily coming down. Therefore, the invention has helped reduce the time used for travelling and use it in more productive areas thereby improving one’s living standards (Marcel 286). Additionally, the propelling of the engine in cars also requires some forces that the inventors understood well and discovered that people could also use cars. As a result, the inventions of the travelling industry have greatly helped people in their daily businesses thereby making work easier.
Consequently, most of the investors of the machines that use have earned a lot of recognition and respect from the citizenry. As a result, many have also aspired to make more inventions that contribute positively to the people’s lives. It is because; it has become very easy to identify with such people. Additionally, it gives a sense of appreciation and belonging to one’s country thereby motivating people to work harder. However, the inventions helped satisfy people’s curiosity, and, as a result, people become more careful during their undertakings to avoid conflicting with the forces that could cause harm or massive financial losses. Therefore, well understanding of the disciplines has enabled people identify the workable and unworkable areas easily.
Consequently, people also have the knowledge of dynamics to make their living standards better. For instance, the building of houses involves understanding of some forces that requires the masons to support the building from its initial stages to avoid collapsing. The masons apply Isaac Newton’s law of the gravity (Denisov & Ferronskiĭ 209). Therefore, people have also understood the need for proper concrete and at the right ratios because loosely hanging objects are bound to collapse. For this reason, the knowledge assists the masons in starting the construction from the ground for support services. Therefore, the buildings have enabled people to live in houses as opposed to the old age system, where people and animals lived on trees. On the other hand, it helps in ensuring peoples’ safety by living in constructed rooms thereby shielding them from the cold and the wild animals.
Nonetheless, the study of dynamics has eased communication among the population through the inventions of phones. However, the inventors had to understand well how the waves could travel from one person to another without distortion. The study of the forces, therefore, helped them discover that one could easily convey a message to the other person without necessarily having to travel from one place to another. As a result, it helped in reducing the travelling expenses and also saved a lot of time. Its cheap nature has helped people identify and embrace the phones easily due to the cost effectiveness. Nevertheless, the technology advancements also incorporated the knowledge of forces in developing machines that help in making work easier.
On the other hand, the people have used the knowledge of the dynamics to come up with some insect traps. For instance, the people can hang the fly trapper in the house to help in trapping the flies in the house, which become a nuisance. For this reason, producers apply some wax on the traps to help attract the insects, but once they catch the insects, they cannot rescue themselves thereby remaining there. The wax used helps develops some forces that attract the insects, but they cannot let go once trapped. Therefore, the invention helped in the control of the insects in the house thereby making life comfortable away from the fly disturbances in the house.
In addition, people also developed different arts as a result of understanding the dynamics. For example, there is a force that helps one to remain in the water when swimming explained well in the law of floatation. Therefore, people became aware that the forces prevent one from drowning when in water. Furthermore, for those who cannot float on the water, they use floaters to help them remain in the water. Therefore, the people have applied the knowledge of the dynamics in the recreational facilities, such as swimming. Consequently, people apply the forces for relaxation and entertaining purposes (Yanzhu & Chen 322). On the other hand, people could easily exercise by running due to the forces that propel one in front. Physical exercises are essential in the human body; because they improve an individual’s health. For this reason, people use the different forces when engaging in the exercises. Additionally, they also avoid exercises that could endanger their lives, for instance, when working against particular forces.
However, the theory of evolution has enabled human beings trace back their identity. It has helped in clearing some doubts of how human came to exist. Therefore, the forces of nature and evolution helped the individuals in knowing their roots. As a result, the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin helped the people in understanding the nature. Additionally, it helps put equality among the people because the theory states that the human species originated from the evolution. Therefore, no one can look down upon the other on the basis of one evolution. Furthermore, the people have also understood that for one to survive, they require the strength because only the strongest species survived in their habitats. Therefore, humans should develop some means of survival for them to exist.
The use and the playing of the music instruments involve some of the forces to produce the sound. Therefore, well understanding of the dynamics has helped musicians in upgrading their presentations in terms of showcasing their artistic nature (Rudolf 304). On the other hand, the music instruments help in relieving stress from individuals due to the harmonic sounds produces thereby reducing the high rate of the diseases. People identify easily with the songs; therefore, the artists could apply the songs with the help of the instruments in conveying important messages to the people. However, the instruments manufacturers should produce the high-quality instruments that produce the harmonic sounds with the help of implementation of the forces involved. For example, the drums produce a sound after the drummers beat them, and later the sound transmitted through the airwaves to the environment. The transmission of the sound involves forces that enable it reach the people.
Conversely, the law of gravity helped people understands the orbit and how it revolves around the sun and the moon. As a result, people were able to explain the natural phenomena. For instance, it is very easy for someone without the knowledge of the orbit claim that the sun and the moon move around the earth. Therefore, Isaac Newton helps people understand about the rotation of the earth from the west to the east. For this reason, people understood why they would see the moon or darkness at certain nights of a month. Additionally, the rotation also helped the people discover the seasons thereby alerting them when to prepare the lands, when to harvest. For this reason, it provided the people with certainty, and it eliminated lack of food among many nations. Many nations suffered hunger strikes due to the unawareness of the seasons.
Additionally, the phenomenon helped people understand the reasons behind days and nights. Therefore, developed the flexibility where they respected and responded to the occurrences. The existence of the natural forces that the humans would never later helped the engineering students extend the knowledge to the rest of the people to help them understand the universe more (Arjun 163). Therefore, it helped the humans plan their days well to avoid incomplete tasks at night. Moreover, the law also explained why some nights were longer than the days and vice versa. As a result, the people identified well with the universe.
Accordingly, there was also the generation of electricity from the water with the help of the turbines. Adequate knowledge of the dynamics helped individuals discover the generation of other sources of power. For this reason, people would hold large amounts of water before releasing it in high force that would move the turbines. Therefore, the power generations led to increased rates of production in industries. It led to increased supply, which in return helped in the satisfaction of the people’s demand. Additionally, the electricity enabled people to work long hours and overtime due to the availability of the light. Therefore, it led to the individuals earning more salaries thereby, high-income levels that increased the purchasing and saving power.
On the other hand, the earth’s rotation gave individuals the chance to interpret the phenomenon further. For example, the existence of the meteorologist’s evolved to explain furthers the weather predictions in the different seasons. As a result, it made easy for the citizenry to react accordingly to avoid dangers. People also save lives by informing the residences of a particular place of the calamity that would happen thereby the relevant evacuating them. For example, the experts could measure the earthquake-prone areas with the help of both the knowledge of dynamics and the machines to detect the intensity of the earthquakes and the time of its occurrence. Therefore, the understanding of the dynamics helps to explain the natural calamities. Consequently, without the knowledge of the dynamics, people could greatly suffer due to the calamities.
The understanding of the earth’s structure helped to explain several phenomenon’s about its formations and the contents and their locations, for instance, people know that the core is the innermost part of the earth. However, the understanding of the different forces enabled people understands the forces behind the earth’s eruption. Additionally, some forces also play a part in the formation of the volcanoes and other features that result from the solidifying of the eruption matter (Charles 328). For this reason, it has enabled people to distinguish features formed as a result of the eruptions, and further explain the forces behind it. Furthermore, the learning institutions incorporated the learning of the earth to enable students understand the certain occurrences and features.
Nonetheless, people know that there are some forces behind the convectional rains. Mostly, people who live near the water bodies experience such rains due to the evaporation that occurs when sun heats the water. Therefore, the evaporated vapor moves up the sky and later solidifies leading to the conventional rain. For this reason, people have identified with such occurrences in the universe. However, it is the understanding of the forces that help people and scientists explain the existence of such nature thereby eradicating the curiosity. On the other hand, most of the relief rains result from the winds on the mountains; that is the leeward and windward side. Therefore, people apply the knowledge of the dynamics to explain whether the rain is the relief or conventional.
However, the knowledge of the dynamics has also led to an upsurge in the criminal activities. Terrorists have used the knowledge of the forces applied in conducting their criminal activities. For instance, the use of the nuclear bombs applies a lot of physics. Detonating the bombs require a high level of intelligence and technology. For this reason, the terrorists use some electrical gadgets to send the instructions to the objects thereby exploding. For this reason, people and countries have suffered in the hands of the terrorists due to the creation and the nuclear bombs. Therefore, the identification of the forces have enabled terrorists find other surviving means in the world through the conduct of the crimes.
Furthermore, the dynamics have helped people understand the destruction of the ozone layer in the air that leads to the skin cancer due to global warming. It occurs through the mixture of the several emissions of the pollutants to the air. Therefore, it has posed a great risk to the individuals due to the health risks. On the other hand, the regulatory authorities have also understood the causes of the skin cancer thereby increasing the regulation of the manufacturing industries that emit harmful substances into the air (Ashish 136). However, it has also led to more innovations on how to prevent such gases from getting into the environment. For instance, the firms could recycle the gases or direct them underground. Consequently, the regulatory bodies should introduce fines to the industries that do not comply with the regulations. Therefore, it leads to an increase in the revenue collection in a country resulting in improving living standards among the citizenry. Increased revenues help government increase the provision of the social amenities to the public.
On the other hand, the understanding of the ozone layer had led to the provision of employment to most people through the regulatory agencies. Therefore, the ability to earn a living led to a reduced crime rate in most countries. In most cases, the unemployed turn to criminal activities due to lack of means to sustain themselves. Moreover, the ozone layer has increased research into it for people to understand the specific gases that lead to the global warming (Yanzhu & Chen 241). Therefore, it leads to the increased research, which helps to propel the country forward in terms of increasing awareness of the causes of the phenomenon and how to control them. Therefore, people clearly understand the actions that would harm them thereby avoiding them or using other means.


In summation, people have applied the knowledge on Dynamics to develop and explain the phenomenon that surrounds the world. Additionally, it has helped in the development of many nations thereby leading to improved living standards. For this reason, the engineers should strive more to apply the knowledge on dynamics to make more discoveries that would help individuals relate well in the universe, hence promoting a peaceful coexistence among the citizenry.

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