The Relationship Of Alcohol Consumption With Poor Educational Performance In Teenagers: The Meditative Role Of Social Stress Essays Examples

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Humans are having the nature of social animals, and therefore, they learn from developing social relations with each other. One can recognize the process of professing as a sophisticated sort of literally give and take to say the least. The normal socializing experience is a necessity to lead a productive life (Bell and Mjoll, 456). The drinking problem in adolescents is growing with the passage of time because they started to consider the practice as heroic in stature. The film and media practices in this regard impress the young minds to indulge themselves into alcohol consumption in the recent years. The intend of growing is too immensely present in the minds of youth that they can do whatever they can think of as a means of gaining independence in the society. They need of attaining independence oftentimes leads people to stray in life. They lose focus, and therefore, their existence develops into a meaningless journey without any aim insight (Chiavenato, 19). The theory of Maslow argues that people have a significant requirement to socialize, and those who do not find pleasure in meeting with others have a deep seated psychological issue that needs a quick resolution. This study will investigate the relationship of alcohol consumption with poor educational performance while considering the role of social stress a meditative factor.
The parents have to assume a leading role in order to control alcoholism in youth, and they have to apply an interactive approach in order to achieve maximum ethical and behavioral results. Controlled drinking is not an issue, and the psychological experts find the practice as suggestible in order to promote positivity and enjoyability in one’s life. The parents have to remain awake to the fact that alcoholism is a symptom, and therefore, they have to fish for in-depth reasons in this regard in order to create a difference in the lives of their children. The kids have to undergo various types of stresses and tensions while living their lives. The poorly developed romantic interest, and heartbreak due to a failure at school can trigger alcoholism in oneself, and the parents have to dig deep into their own experiences of youth in order to let the juniors know that they should not feel alone. The emotional need of having a luxury of a sympathetic shoulder can go a long way in terms of easing one’s suffering. The human resource managerial literature weighs manager’s ability and power to motivating others towards exerting themselves to grow and develop as an important factor in the equation of growing unusual energy in people. The presence of unusual energy means that they are hopeful to see their efforts come through, and the same philosophical pattern, one can use in order to energize the children as well. The parents have to keep the reality in mind that their goal is to bring a constructive change in the life of another person, and therefore, they have to motivate the suffering individual by assigning them little and easy tasks in order to help him or her in the development of self confidence. The concept of quick win gives people the energy to continue winning.
The behavioral trend of alcoholism is a manifestation of mental defeat that one has accepted against the adversities of life. The element of hope and faith can rekindle the strength to take the life again, and the parents cannot give up on their kids because they look up to their elders in order to derive inspirational energy, and when the person says he or she does not need love and support then his or her close socialites should be aware that the individual deserves their attention and love more than ever now.

Literature Review

Alcohol Consumption and Social Stress
The social experts have defined alcohol consumption as the average amount of liquor used by a person on daily basis, and the usage of 6 to 7 standard glasses is considered as high rate of addiction (Mayfield, McLeod and Hall, 1121). The higher degree of consumption causes the person to develop a dreary approach towards life. He or she grows depressive thoughts, and faces difficulties regarding the requirement to leave the bed early in the morning, and as the time passes, the individual cuts his or herself off from the legitimate affairs of life. The person foregoes his or her friendships, and his or her true companion dwells in the form and shape of alcohol. Social stress is an outcome of alcoholism that leads people towards integration of laziness and lethargy. The humans who embrace loneliness as a way of life received outdating of their skills as a gift. The going gets tougher in one’s professional existence when they do not engage socially. The alcoholism challenges the fundamentalities of life within oneself, and according to Buddhism, one should leave the world in consequential manner, but he or she should sustain his or her involvement in the game so that they cannot become human waste. The intention of being a productive human part of the society must serve as a beacon in everybody’s life.
The kids have the interest to behave mindlessly occasionally because it helps them relax and the change in routine acts as a much needed tension breaker as well. The children have to return to the mainstream living eventually. We take a recess in order to clear our minds so that we can effectively engage in work. The developed nations have applied work as a source of happiness, and therefore, socially distressed people have to consider the possibility of parting with a professional field that can make them happy. The productivity leads to prosperity, and prosperous people do not have time to worry. In the eyes of Shakespeare, everyone is an actor on the stage of life, and the nature goads each person to contribute. The contributive presence is a necessity, and therefore, we should input ourselves with pleasure because happiness is a choice that we make rather than the destination we intend to reach. The psychological treatment of failure and sorrow of different establishment can aid the person with reference to finding his or her true focus in life.

Hi: Alcoholism creates social stress in teenagers

Alcohol Consumption and Educational Performance
Educational performance is an average grade that one has achieved throughout his or he academic career, and the psychologists have developed a statistically signifying relation between the increase in alcohol consumption and degrading educational quality amongst youth (Bennett, Power and . Eiraldi, 635). The educational performance is a measure that depicts one’s cognitive enlightenment that he or she attained during his or her educational period over the years. Human development is a function of mental learning, and therefore, the consumptive alcoholic behavior suspends the mental energies of the person due to substantive killing of the grey matter, and the person’s competency to learn degrades as a result, and the educational performance becomes miserable as well. The motivational anecdote is a necessary tool that teachers and parents can collectively use in order to keep the student from freezing in time, and the educational counselors can also play a handy role in the journey of recovery. The adolescents are more like emerging icebergs, and their true potentials are hidden from the reach of a naked eye. The counselors have to suffer through alongside with their young patients in order to bless them with the change of finding out their real identity, and once, these fresh souls seek out what they want in life then, there is no one in this world that can stop them from achieving their objectives. The counselors’ willingness to share the burden of pain and suffering will reinstate the belief in the presence of good in the dissatisfied souls.

Hii: The heightened level of alcohol consumption drives down the educational performance

Alcohol Consumption, Social Stress and Educational Performance
The literally story shared by the previous sections of this intensively crafted research report conveyed a concealed message. The Alcohol Consumption creates depression by driving the person in the direction of laziness, and therefore, he or she does not manage his or her time properly, and the individual does not prioritize his or her actions effectively and healthily. He or she makes irrational choices due to suspended mental powers. As a result, his or her need to consume alcohol eats away the element of psychological pleasure away, and therefore, as the time passes, the educational disinterest becomes a least of his or her problems because finally, the life of the body comes into question (Cohen, Kamarack and Mermelstein, 386). The social distress meditates the link that prevails between otherwise independent and dependent variables because the patient does not seek social and psychological help, and the creation of social support groups in this regard pose positively induced mental behaviors and peer pressures those might cause the person to quit the awful habit of drinking. The social distress destroys one’s ability to trust, and therefore, he or she moves deep into the dark allies of hopelessness.

Hiii: The element of social stress acts as a mediator in the relationship of alcohol consumption and poor educational performance

Research Design
This study will derive findings from the application of survey, and the appropriate questionnaires will be employed in order to measure different variables material to the investigation. The instruments developed by Mayfield, McLeod and Hall, (1122), Cohen, Kamarack and Mermelstein, (396) and Bennett, Power and . Eiraldi, (635) will be used in order to measure alcohol consumption, social stress, and educational performance amongst the target population.

Target Population

The study has targeted teenagers who are educationally working in the local community colleges because they do not have significant financial base, and therefore, they do not manage the subjected stress. Oftentimes, that leads them towards behavioral and ethical strays of various kinds. Alcoholism being one of them needs special attention from the heads of teachers and parents as well.

Sampling Plan and Ethical Management

The investigation has applied convenient sampling method in order to select 100 males and 100 females as participants. The partaking into the survey will not have invasive tone, and therefore, the students can decline the request at anytime. They can do so even during the fulfillment of the instrument if they do not want to volunteer the required information.


The study employed multiple regression as a tool of analysis, and following are the statistical results of the process: -
***= p< 0.001 * = p< 0.05
**= p< 0.01

Discussion and Conclusion

The results of the statistical process depicted that alcoholism (B =0.786***, R2 = 0.125***) and Social Stress (B = 0.276**, R2 = 0.154**), and therefore, both of the independent variables had casted a significant causal effect on the dependent one. Social Stress and Alcoholism explained the variance of 15.4% and 12.5% in Educational Performance of the targeted sample. However, when we controlled the mediator during the step 3 of the analysis then, the relationship between Alcoholism and Educational Performance Dropped off to an insignificant level, and therefore, one can assume that there is full mediation going on through the construct of Social Stress in the abovementioned conceptual linkage. The provision of social support from the peers and family of a disturbed person can control the issue of unprecedented consumption of liquor. The counselors have to evaluate their roles in this regard while applying this research.


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