“Charging Bull” Essays Examples

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Published: 2020/12/22

“Charging bull” is a famous sculpture which is recognized as a symbol of the New York Stock Exchange and the Wall Street. The artwork is located at Bowling Green Park in Manhattan. The Bull is rather high, it is more than 3 meters and its weight exceeds 30 tons. The position of an animal shows its activeness and vitality, the bull is about to run and attack somebody. His muscles are strained and his tail is ready to hit anybody, who is going to come too close. It is understandable from the first sight that it is an aggressive and assertive beast. It is made of bronze and its metallic body highlights the power of the creature. The sun shines on him during the day and creates an eye-catching image of an unconquerable dangerous animal. The meaning of the sculpture refers to the issue of “bull market”, which is characterized by euphoria and optimism. The bull symbolizes the spirit of the United States, which is hopeful and optimistic. A person, who is looking at the statue, should feel that whatever are conditions, there are no obstacles, which cannot be overcome.
The sculpture became a popular tourist spot of the city. Thousands of people gather around it every day to feel the energy and the power of the bull. It is one of the most influential and emotional symbols of New York. Everybody wants to touch the sculpture, rub its nose and horns, perceive the coolness of bronze and enter into the feeling of courage and optimism, which surrounds the “Charging Bull”. I think, Arturo di Modica, the sculptor of the “Charging Bull”, wanted to prove the everlasting optimism of the American nation.
The sculpture is very important for me and for every American citizen, I think. Its aggressiveness indicates the readiness to work hard. Besides, the Bull reminds me on hope and on the joy, felt after the obstacles are overcome. Its massive head and bronze body are not scaring, they show the Bull’s pride of itself and the natural beauty of a strong and powerful animal.

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