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Lighting is a subtle tool of design that determines whether life is visible, even in the most mundane of designs. Lighting plays multiple roles in fashion and design. Lighting determines the impression of a design on the viewers. Most fashion designs have a variety of colors. Lighting is important in highlighting the colors. The kind of lighting on the design piece determined the colors that are focused on more than the others. The article discusses the impact of lighting on different colors, and the importance of lighting during the display on fashion designs. It also covers the difference in the display on bright and luminous colors under different kinds of lighting.
The inspiration behind the use of “luminous” as the title came about as I walked down the beach under the moonlight. The sky was clear and the sea was calm. The beach looked completely different that it usually does during the daytime-under the sunlight. The moon glowed on the sea and the effect of the reflection changed the environment around the beach. There were features that I saw under the moonlight that I had never noticed during the night. It was under the moonlight that I noticed many colors of shells on the beach. The manner in which the sea and sand reflected the moonlight was also glorious. The luminous colors were very clear. The contrast that the moonlight brought was unique in that it revealed the objects and colors that are often overlooked under normal lighting. The dominant colors, orange and green, brought me a sense of love, harmony and universal love.
Since lighting is the technique that is used to display a variety of shades, colors and textures in fashion pieces, in is important to understand that different considerations are made in regard to lighting. The techniques in question are color temperature, color distribution and full spectrum light.
Highlighting the bright colors that bring positive emotion make a piece of fashion attractive and relaxing to behold. Such colors attract more audiences and interested parties. However, the combination of colors on the piece of fashion should also be taken into serious consideration. The wrong use of color schemes and the over emphasis of luminous colors without considering their compatibility as portrayed on the color wheel is a mess. That way, the colors of interest are highlighted under the desired lighting to bring the emotion and the qualities of a fashion piece at any given time .
Just like the beach looked under the moonlight, the color temperature is important in determining how a piece appears. For instance, Amber shifts make it possible to concentrate on the luminous colors as the other colors are seen as complementary colors in the background. To display the luminous colors to the full without hiding the beauty of the non-luminous colors to a piece, warm lighting is the best to go by. It should, however, not deflect too far from the medium lighting.
The light distribution is also essential in showcasing all the properties of a fashion piece. Fine distribution of light whereby the whole piece is visible under the the same kind of lighting ensures that all the colors are visible. Uneven distribution could be applied to bring out contrast or emphasis on different parts of the fashion piece. It could be done for the purposes of showing the different looks of the piece in different environments.
Colors have psychological properties and when combined in the correct manner, they bring about emotional effects that determine the viewers’ attitude toward the fashion piece. For instance, if violet is highlighted, it brings about the feeling of luxury, vision and authenticity . However, it is important to avoid too much of colored lighting. In fact, the use of white light is most recommended because it does not give a false impression of the design piece. Creativity is important in ensuring that the pieces are unique. The use of reflected light could have a different effect on the design piece as compared to the initial original light. The use of water as a reflective device is one possible innovation that changes the texture of the fashion piece, I also gives the luminous colors the true effect\of luminous colors.
When lighting the room in which the fashion piece is displayed, there are four principles that should be followed. They are such as general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting . Decorative lighting is important on architectural and fashion pieces because it is the one that arouses the artistic and decorative interest. The reflection of the moon was reflected back in scattered rays because of the irregular and calm but non-static nature of the water. The best way to apply such lighting is by placing the source above the object of focus in that it shines down on it.
The walk on the beach gave me a different perspective of natural lighting and artificial lighting. Artificial lighting is possible to control. However, it could easily cause some color and texture properties of a fashion piece to be overlooked. There are colors that require warm lighting to accentuate the qualities and color combination in a particular piece. The use of full spectrum artificial lighting is not the best method in the display of luminous colors. The beauty and uniqueness of luminous colors should also be seen in the way that they reflect different lighting schemes. Overall bright light is also likely ot cause the colors to look cluttered.
In conclusion, when lighting any piece of work, it is important to consider the color combinations of the piece, the amount of luminous colors and the intended color texture. The use of general lighting on fashion pieces may not accentuate the unique color schemes that are applied on a piece of design. That is because it could prove to be so bright that it clutters the design piece. Lighting should be applied in a way that it brings out the required properties of a piece. It should also not bring out a false impression of the colors. For instance, the use of colored bulbs is not a recommendation for the showcasing of any fashion piece.

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