Making Money From Captive Animals Article Review

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This is an article by diodate who has passion in animal but doesn’t have an idea about keeping them. He comes quickly to give a message about marine land but a gain realizes that he doesn’t have enough information about it. The reason being, he is not an expert in animals. These animals are available to the public and any member of the community who wants to view them; they only have to pay a given amount of money to have a view of these captive animals. The process of captive breeding thus involves breeding animals especially those that are not very familiar to the people or those that are very much liked by the public. These animals are kept in a well-defined setting where the public can freely access and view these animals. Such facilities include Zoos, wildlife conservation centers like game parks and game reserves. Sometimes this may involve just release of these animals to the wild where they have a have a sufficient natural habitat.
In the process of jurisdiction, diodate argues that city hall has no jurisdiction and that they are not involved in monitoring them but it’s another body that does so. The mayor in his defense said that he will be going to marine land to check since he has never seen mistreatment of animals. His family loves animals and they have always been there with the kids to see them.
The defending of the marine was not welcomed by all people. On the comments to the Niagara Falls review, there were raised some questions over that. With the ever changing environmental conditions of the world, some animals are bound to extinctions. Animals like the Mountain Gorillas and the elephants are feared to be on the verge of extinction if no strategy is put in place to preserve them. On the way of providing and ensuring that these animals are kept in existence would be to devise means and also come up with ingenious ways of creating proper habitat for these animals. Habitats that would mimic the natural habitats of these animals in a natural setting after extensive research. The best way to entice researchers in this field would be to devise a way of making these animals provide a source of income to the people who invest in them.
The animals suffered loss of fur, sight deterioration and the skin damage it caused even blindness due to poor water conditions.sea lions and baker moved out of water and confined in the dry cages causing further harm to there already damaged eyes. The Toronto star released this story on the marine land and the accusations of cruelty went rampant on twitter where many people would call for the shutdown of the park.
Thus we have a moral obligation to preserve them, they also pointed out that we have a moral duty to protect these animals. Thus, one of the ways to protect these animals entails keeping some of them especially the endangered animals in captivity. This does not only protect the animals from the natural sources that would be threatening their existence but also provides an opportunity for humans to learn more about these animals.
The report that was published by an animal protection agency in Zoo check Canada brought together a number of findings and conclusions in a report that was entitled distorted nature: Exposing the Myth of marine life. This report included the results from 13 different experts in the fields of marine mammal science, zoology and aquarium animal husbandry. It also included worldwide conservationists who visited a number of visits to Marine lands and also made a series of individual observations.
The report pointed out a total of five recurrent themes which emerged throughout the report regarding the state of marine land in Canada. This report reiterated its concerns about the general well-being of the animals on the marine land. It also outlined the failure of the marine land in playing a legitimate role as far as conservation is concerned. The report described that this facility had a negative educational value. This facility had destitute and inadequate public health and precautionary measures. The report further pointed out the facility had an adequate legislation which was to govern the capture, the trade and also the maintenance of the captive wildlife.
The conclusions as outlined by Dr. Naomi Rose a marine scientists on the water mammals from the humane society of the United States of America were being held and shared by all the other 13 scientists in this report. Dr. Naomi recounted that in her opinion, the marine land of Canada is a very substandard facility. She further said that it was not due to what would be minor abuses of the American Animal Welfare Act regulation only. But it was also because of the intrinsic characteristics like the size of the enclosures of the animals; the value of the didactic content of the performances. Zoo check further claimed that over the past years, a total of 16 whales and 10 belugas had succumbed to death in the park and could have been buried in the grounds.
The response of the mayor to this outrage was not received with open hands. The public thought he would have done better in preserving this marine land. However, the mayor's responses were in line with the provisions, mandate and regulatory guidelines as outlined by the rules regarding the conservation of this mainland. His promise to visit this mainland just showed that he was together with the concerns of the public.
Through utilizing the use of social media and a number of other media platforms the mayor would devise ways of convincing the public that maintenance of the marine land and the entire conservation of the environment is a concerted effort that calls for everyone’s involvement not only the mayor. This will involve a number of educational programs that will be aimed at educating the public about the role of the community in maintaining a healthy environment. The use of the social media and other media platforms should be done after a well-articulated press conference in which the mayor is meant to explain to the public his mandate regarding the maintenance of the marine land. This should also be used to explain to the public the role they have to play in making sure that the marine land and the entire environment is kept intact.


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