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Extinction of animals on earth is important issues since there are many species of animals going extinct or are on the brink of extinction. There are several measures that can be implemented in order to prevent extinction. Firstly, the natural habitats of animals need to be restored by giving them back their land and water areas which are currently being used by humans. Secondly, there needs to be a change in the way humans perceive nature and there needs to a sense of concern and love created in people about the importance of preservation of nature and the animals who inhabit it. Also, more importance must be paid to restore the habitats of animals rather than investing in projects that will generate the economy. The mindset of people needs to be altered in order to bring a change. Many people take advantage of the free hand given in order to acquire lands such as forests like tropical rainforests or mangroves that are home to many birds and animals. If people are heavily taxed or fined for such actions, then nature can be preserved. Moreover, people need to step back and let nature, animals and birds thrive. (The Guardian, 2014).
The effects of extinction on biodiversity will be enormous. There are many species of animals and birds which if, go extinct, will upset the balance of the ecosystem. If for instance, polluted waters result in the death of small fish and plankton, then ultimately, the larger fish will be deprived of food which will result in their death as well. Similarly, if animals are hunted down by poachers, etc., this will also cause species' loss. Humans will also suffer, resultantly since the balance of the ecosystem will be disturbed. (Wilson, E.O, 1992).
Extinct species can be brought back by the methods of cloning and various scientific techniques though they question ethics, practicality and legal limitations of the idea. However, in my opinion, it is not safe to bring them back to life, because the time now is quite different from that where they existed, and they might not be able to adapt well. It is wiser to preserve the existing species of animals.


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