Good Example Of The Use Of Electricity And Magnetism In Our Future Transport Essay

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The use of electricity and magnetism has helped in making life easier and cheaper. However, the ready availability of the products has contributed to the embracement by most people. Nonetheless, the technological advancements and innovations have also led to the adoption of the use of electricity and magnets in the transport sector. Therefore, the movement of the people and goods has increased thereby leading to the efficacy in the production. The scientists developed the urge to reduce the high pollution rates that from the emissions from the vehicles. For this reason, they developed a way of incorporation of either magnets or electricity or even both in the vehicles for environment conservation (Solway, 2008). Nonetheless, the physicians need to research widely about the electricity mad the magnets usage in vehicles to help in the reduction of vehicle congestion on the roads due to the slow speeds.
Nonetheless, technology advancement has led to the rise in the use of the magnets in the transport sector as a way of improving it. For instance, the horns used in the vehicles function due to the use of the magnets. The car horns act as precaution measures because they convey messages to the other road users. As a result, the people around respond to the car horn accordingly. The scientists made the car horn with the help of the vibration triggered by the magnets. Consequently, when one presses the car horn, the electromagnets help in the generation of the sound by the use of the iron rod (Blundell, 2012). Nonetheless, the car horns have reduced the accident rates on the roads because it sends a warning to people thereby giving the best response. In addition, the horns make communication easier between the conductors and the drivers when the conductors ring the bell for a passenger to either alight or board the vehicle.
Additionally, the physicians also applied their diverse knowledge on magnets to help in setting motion in the vehicles. As a result, they arranged the magnets on the basis of the unlike poles in order for them to attract each other thereby prompting the motion. The guidance and the support magnet are the most commonly used magnets, which help in the creation of the electromagnetic fields in the vehicles. Furthermore, they applied the knowledge in the manufacturing of the MEGLEV trains that used magnets for movement. On the other hand, the knowledge facilitated the mounting of the trucks on the trains, which pushed the trains forward. Nonetheless, the development of the electric trains has helped in the decline of roads congestion because it provides a faster alternative means for transport (Solway, 2008). Therefore, it contributed to the economic growth of the countries because most traffic tends to delay operations thereby leading to a reduction in the production rates.
The scientists also used magnets in the making of the compasses. The uses of compasses aided improve the transport sector because people use them to give the direction of the different places. Moreover, many people became conversant with the places they travelled. Nonetheless, compasses increased the efficacy in the transport sector because it became easy for drivers and the passengers to give direction in cases of emergencies. As a result, it reduced the time lost by the first aiders when tracing a vehicle. Therefore, the compasses helped improve the security details in the transport sector (Blundell, 2012). They also aided in exploration because many people became aware of the locations one travelled.
The development of the magnetic slot cars helped to increase the transportation speed of the cars. The magnetic slots help in the elevation of the cars in order to increase the drivers’ visibility thereby reducing the number of accidents that occur due to visibility challenges. The also increase the efficacy in the transport sector due to the easy movements made around towns. Nonetheless, the magnets require a strong support that would help increase their durability. Therefore, the physicians developed the magnetic alloy that could withstand the heat generated by the different car motions (Blundell, 2012). As a result, the magnetic alloy improved the transport sector.
The physicians also used the magnets came up with the development of magnetic power-driven vehicles using the different designs to meet the different needs. For instance, they developed a design in the production of the Spiral Wankel Magnetic Motor. The motor relied on the magnetic fields for movement. As a result, it did not emit any gas to the atmosphere thereby led a decrease in the air pollution. Furthermore, the vehicles also contributed to increasing the transportation efficiency because it provided alternative transportation means to the citizenry. The availability of the many different designs contributed to the reduction of the travelling expenses leading to an increase in savings, and it helped in the improvement of the people’s living standards.
Therefore, many nations incorporated the use of electricity in the transport sector using the various avenues. However, the electricity incorporation aimed at improving the transport sector. For instance, the use of the security lights on the roads uses electricity to function. The traffic lights operate mainly on the urban roads because cars usually congest in the areas. Additionally, the urban dwellers do not have the patient to allow the free flow of traffic. Therefore, the use of the traffic lights helped in the restoration of sanity in many drivers because they alert them on when to move and when to stop (Jamasb, Nuttall, & Pollitt, 2006). On the other hand, the use of the traffic lights helped in saving the taxpayers’ money used to pay the traffic police officers. It is because, the traffic lights did not require any direction and control from the police on how the drivers needed to behave.
In addition, the use of electricity provides lighting to many of the towns. As a result, it encourages economic growth because people can conduct their businesses irrespective of the time. It also helped in the provision of employment opportunities to most drivers. It is because the transport companies needed to employ the drivers on shift basis, that is, those who would operate during the day and those who would work at night. As a result, the employment opportunities led to a decline on the social evils because many people the employment opportunities helped many young adults earn a living and it also kept them busy. The lighting helped many people exploit the resources available thereby earning higher revenues. In addition, it reduced the criminal activities in most towns because most criminals operate in the dark (Solway, 2008). Therefore, the light-up environment denied the criminals the chance to conduct the criminal activities because it would have become easier to identify and catch them in the light.
In the transportation means, the physicians incorporated the use of electricity in the electric trains where the trains did not use the fuels to propel them forward. As a result, there were no gases emitted because electricity is environment-friendly because its combustion does not pollute the air. For this reason, several people preferred the electric train because it was faster thereby convenient. The convenience came about on speeding the movement of both people and the goods. As a result, it led to an upsurge in the economic development (Jamasb, Nuttall, & Pollitt, 2006). It enabled a speedy transportation of the farm produce from most farmers thereby eradicating the chances of perishability of the goods that demotivated many farmers due to the losses they would incur.
Additionally, people could source electricity from a variety of products thereby making it easily available and accessible. On the other hand, it also motivated the vehicle manufacturers to produce the electric vehicles and trains. For instance, the people could source electricity from fossils, water bodies, solar and wind. Therefore, electricity provided for flexibility in the transport sector because different people could get the electricity from the different sources. As a result, the move prevented the chances of over-exploitation of the natural resources due to the high demands of oil. In addition, the wide varieties led to cheaper transportation rates due to the availability of the products (Solway, 2008). Furthermore, the variety sources worked well for a country’s economy because it could lead to a reduction in the fuel importation rates.
The physicians also integrated the use of the ultra-capacitors in vehicles instead of the car batteries. Nonetheless, the ultra-capacitors had the ability to recharge themselves thereby eliminating chances of disappointment to the drivers. Most of the car batteries were prone to exhaustion leading to their stoppage. The failure of the car batteries posed a great risk to the drivers and the passengers in terms of security because criminals could easily attack faulty car. For this reason, the ultra-capacitors increased the efficacy in the transportation sector thereby leading to their adoption by most of the vehicle manufacturers (Jamasb, Nuttall, & Pollitt, 2006). On the other hand, they stored a higher amount of energy as opposed to the car batteries. Therefore, they increased the longevity of the services provided by the vehicle. However, the ultra-capacitors were lighter than the car batteries thereby increasing their preference by most people. It resulted in an increase in the vehicles’ speed because vehicles move faster depending on the luggage and its components’ weight.
However, communication is essential in the transport sector because it leads to a faster response in case of an emergency. Therefore, the use of electricity in communication improved the transport sector because it became easier for the drivers and the passengers to ask for help from the relevant team through the use of the telephones. Electric communication is also faster, and it leads to saving of more lives because the first aiders do not waste the time. On the other hand, the police use the radio calls to communicate with one another when monitoring the roads. As a result, the communication restores order in the roads. Nonetheless, the scientists could also combine both the magnets and electricity in one vehicle for transport efficacies. They supplement each other and at the same time increase the speed of the vehicles. Therefore, the mutual interdependence between the magnets and the electricity positively affect the transportation services (Solway, 2008).
In conclusion, countries should incorporate both the electricity and magnets in the transport sector due to the benefits connected with it. Additionally, their use in the transport sector helps in the reduction of the pollution thereby becoming environmentally friendly to both the animals and the plants. On other hand, they contribute to a country’s economic growth. It is because the citizenry uses the time saved to engage in more productive activities thereby increasing the company’s profitability levels in the transportation. For this reason, the leaders should increase the funding in the transport sectors to support the application of the uses of the electricity and the magnets in the roads.


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