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Published: 2021/02/10

My ethical beliefs strongly oppose the legalization of abortion. The benefits associated with banning abortion outweigh the disadvantages. Abortion compounds tragedy, and it should be avoided at all costs. Situations like rape and unplanned pregnancies are not enough to support the legalization of this vice. For instance, conducting an abortion because a woman was raped might lead to health complications in the future. People should learn that two wrongs never make a right. Abortion also jeopardizes the lives of the unborn, and this violates civil rights. Supporting abortion is punishing the lives of innocent beings by depriving them the right to live. I believe that abortion causes new problems because it does not consider the long-term effects. To me, abortion is an inhumane act that should be eradicated in the society. Our ethical beliefs fail to support actions that aim at eroding the cultural values in the society.


Icarus: Good morning Socrates
Socrates: Good morning Icarus, how are you doing?
Icarus: I am a little confused friend. I am struggling with a query. Do you have faith that abortion is moral?

Socrates: The question is very critical but if you have time we can try to sightsee it.

Icarus: Yes, I am in no hurry. So where is our starting point?
Socrates: We cannot establish a consensus if first we do not understand what is considered moral. We must have a measure that determines a moral and immoral action. With this in mind, it will be easier to resolve where abortion is moral or immoral.

Icarus: so which is the best way to decide if abortion is moral or immoral?

Socrates: Let’s imagine a scenario like this. When an individual acts in unswervingly, rationally, and logically in a way to express love, is this considered to be an action or a moral action?

Icarus: when love is solidly and constantly applied, it results in moral actions

Socrates: That is a reasonably working answer that can really help us in determining whether abortion is a moral action.
Icarus: Yes. We can start from there
Socrates: so are you in a position to explain to me what abortion means to you?
Icarus: Abortion is the action of eliminating or compelling out the womb of a fetus or embryo at a time in which it is unable to survive alone.

Socrates: Is the action of terminating a pregnancy considered a violent action?

Icarus: Yes, abortion is a violent action. A person who practices it denies love to the offspring by taking an action on abortion. Murder should be condemned at all costs.
Socrates: what do you think of a situation where a person is in a critical condition that forces her to commit abortion so that she can save her life? Will such an action considered to be morally upright?
Icarus: To me this is a dilemma. To show love, everything must be done to protect the life of both beings

Socrates: The problem is that people have not settled on when life begins and these present problems.

Icarus: Yes, that is a very strange situation. To me, life begins at conception, and this makes the mother and the fetus important
Socrates: This is a moral dilemma but when you consider the actions of love is a moral action; abortion is immoral and should not be legalized.
Icarus: Thank you Socrates for your help. I have learned a lot from the dialog.
Socrates: You are welcomed Icarus. Let’s hope that the authorities will implement moral laws that will safeguard the moral actions within the society.

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