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1) Historical and philosophical foundations of handicaps, albinism, and the inclusion in the civil rights and social justice movements are important for the disabled. Movements have secured equal opportunities and equal rights for the disabled. The soloist 2009 also identifies Ayers to have been taken for rehabilitation and later works with an organization that caters for people with disabilities.2) Societal barriers, attitudes, barriers and practices that bring forward discriminatory patterns are exhibited in the film. Ayers lives in the streets yet very much talented and is disabled thus someone should even come to his rescue. Unfortunately, the society lacks attitudes to help the disabled and instead creates barriers that do not enable disabled people to prosper.3) Disability feels like the difference in sex or race at times because it makes people live differently and feel different. Sensitivity, appreciation and understanding of disability according to psychological and medical views characterize people on the basis of physical appearance. The well-being of disabled people seems to lack appreciation, and that is why in the soloist Ayers is left to live in the streets. Medically and psychologically, disabled people are not understood and catered for unless when they come about a Good Samaritan like Ayers had one come his way.4) Assessments that are both objective and subjective can assist and enhance opportunities for the disabled people. Lopez did some assessment for Ayers and created good opportunities for him. Being disabled and talented, Ayers was in a position to be rehabilitated through music and integrated back into his community.5) Sensitive communication skills in the film have enabled Lopez, Ayers, and the doctor to identify problems and history of Ayers. Cultural sensitivity and circles of support ensured Lopez had reasons for Ayer’s residence in the streets and how this came to be. An organization for the disabled then ensured Ayers became included in the society as he was before through reconstruction.6) Major psychological theories that describe adjusting to and recovering from disabling conditions are important. Behavioral theory ensures the recovered victims keep a tendency that ensures the victim stays happy despite the challenges. This behavioral theory is best and is the one that is known mostly, and it ensures that happiness in victims remains relative to every situation.7) The holistic approach to well-being and connection between mind-body-spirit is in depth and depends on normal activities. When approaching well-being of a person normal activities are applied to define whether the mind, body, and spirit are okay. Conditions like lack of diseases and tiresomeness can be used to express whether the body, mind and spirit can get to fatigue or not.8) Personal skills and attitudes towards the people of disability are those to change their lives, economically and making them socially acceptable in the society. Future instances can be confronted by allowing the disabled to participate in societal activities. Just like Ayers was made to use his talent to participate in communal issues like playing the violin, prejudicial actions towards him ceased to exist.9) Social sicknesses have existed since history began, and disability has always been seen as a sin or lack of something. It is appreciated that such discriminations seem to disappear however not much.10) Goals of the government based on issues of people with disabilities are to help them live a good life. Governments include disabled people in the systems of operation, create a sense of independence for them by providing jobs and other economic support and ensure they are productive by engaging them in activities that are productive like talent use and economic activities. Governments also make the disabled to have self-determination by ensuring they participate and yearn to improve within the communities.11) Families give financial and emotional provisions when it comes to assisting their people with disabilities. Families even often go beyond consultation on what can best suit their disabled members. Unfortunately, the family of Ayers does not appear to put any effort on his assistance, not even provision of shelter.12) The media at times gets to be name rumor mongers since they can spread both right and wrong information. The media can present issues that make us have a positive perception of others and at times negative ones. It is thus how the media presents issues that affect our perceptions of others and the world that is around us.13) Unique characteristics in America for the disabled in within the media show pity, heroism and harbors stereotyping. The issues of disability in the media often stereotype by repeating disability news to the audience and making the audience show pity that is not heartfelt.

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