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As the name depicts, Gas to Liquid is a process through which it is made possible for gaseous elements to be converted into liquids. Since both gas and liquid are fluid states of matter, hence, they require only reasonable pressure and temperature for such a conversion.

Working and Purpose:

There are three widely used processes to convert gases to liquid, and all of them follow the same principle. That is, to convert gaseous hydrocarbons into longer chained hydrocarbons with the strength of bonds between their molecules being the prime difference (CSIRO, 2015).
The purpose of these conversions is to change naturally existing elements to a more useable form. For instance, the above-mentioned process is used to make diesel and gasoline that are used for transportation and generation of power. Similarly, those gases that have high methane proportion are converted into synthetic fuel using the process (Shell, 2015).

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The prime advantage of this method is that by deploying it in a factory that produces high volumes of gaseous fumes, valuable fuel can be made out of totally garbage rather hazardous gases. Industry flares and burns out a lot of gas produced as a by-product of industrial processes and thus they go to waste. Some efficient industries use the same gases, process them through the same Gas to the Liquid method and make perfectly usable fuel out of them ha is then used for the industry’s power generation (Forbes, 2014).

Controversial Aspect and Challenges:

There is an argument against this process that it is not easily possible to separate gasses from each other since in the form of a waste, they are all mixed up, and hence the process becomes rather impractical. Not all kinds of gasses can be used to make a certain fuel.


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