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Published: 2020/12/30

Research Project is required a course that I have to take it to complete the Master's Program of National Security. Therefore, I decided to conduct a research project about Hezbollah because I come from a country in the Middle East, which is a challenged by increasing threats from terrorist groups and corrupt regimes. Hezbollah is a Lebanon-based political party and the militant group formed by Shi’a Islamists. The group has caused political unrest and threat to national security in the Middle East region, where I live. Therefore, it is important to carry out a study of the group so that I can learn more about them. In addition, the study can help communities and policy maker to understand the group and develop measures to mitigate risk associated with the group.
In order to conduct this research project properly, a lot of time and effort will be required in searching, reading, writing, and meeting with the professor who has a lot of experience in the field of my research for consultation. This is anticipated to help me increase my stock of knowledge. At the first time when I met my professor, I discussed with him the requirements of the course and I suggested to him that I am interested to write about Hezbollah. Subsequently, the professor liked the topic and he advised me to use two books that he thinks they are helpful. Therefore, the main data of the study will be collected from the two books; "Inside Terrorism by Bruce Hoffman" and "Mapping Terrorism Research by Magnus Ranstorp." As a result, I was required to purchase the two books in order to start preparing for the research. The professor also added that most of my references have to be published during the past five years.
The other resources will be taken from the Internet where there is a wider range of sources available because I prefer to move outward. For instance, I can find more data from various source such as governmental and non-governmental organizations, online newspapers, journals, and online news. I believe that in the cyberspace, we can find a lot of books and articles, which may provide substantial data that may help me to complete the research project by using them as references. The Internet has been a good source for a variety of data regarding this topic. Internet sources are also cost effective because some of them are free and easy to acquire.
In this research project, I have decided to collect data from the secondary sources because they are readily available, and they have substantial information. Through the Internet, I found a lot of books and articles that can be used as references but most of them have published five years ago and before, which is against the course requirements. Moreover, many of them were similar to the references that I have decided to use them. Therefore, this can be considered as some of the early limitation of the data collections in my research project. However, I gathered around 25 references that I can rely on them when I write my paper. These materials provide a variety of references such as Articles and Books from Google Scholar, Government Websites, and News Websites. The research will utilize qualitative approach to analyze data collected from various sources in order to acquire valid information.
Currently, I have written the outlines of the research, which will help me later to write the details of the outline and organize the paper. I meet with my professor once a week, and we discuss what we have done so far as well as what I have to do for next week. I believe this way will help me a lot because it will build my paper step by step.

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