Free Case Study On Public Relations Problematization

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Published: 2020/11/19

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Personal reflection

The modern economy is not the economy of goods and services that was 50 years ago. Today’s economy is rightly called the experience economy, or economies of emotions – who creates a better experience (more than positive emotions) about their products (services), he won. The best impression is having the money by the company. Not up to the best is the money from a competitor and company’s brand is rapidly dying. And all the money invested in the development, production, promotion, etc. die too By the way, in order to create the impression of goods (services), it is enough about 5-7 seconds for a person. If he is interested in, his attention can be held of more up to 20 seconds. That’s all the time that the company has. To change the impression later and to convince people is almost impossible.
Famous brands form in the individual’s consciousness characteristic images, long-standing association of internal and external quality, correlated with personal experience. Brands have a potential market promotion and market reach, ability to distribute the image in a variety of products involved in the orbit of the brand. Expanding the limits of use of famous brands is used very often. Stamps of fashion goods are characterized by creative innovations and focus of supporting the avant-garde image of the brand. Brands’ opportunities to extend and increase the demand for more and more products are proof of the value and power of brands; marketing services of their respective owners knowingly and timely launch mechanism capitalization of accumulated by brand equity.
While conversation about brands it is worth to mention that owning a prestigious brand elevates its owner in his own eyes. Me personally and a lot of my friends love to buy prestigious, influential and respected brands. In this regard all customers are driven by two main motivations, namely external and internal. Among my familiars there are people, who often want to “show off” to others, and prestigious brands give them that opportunity. But things of well-known brands are often bought for “internal use”, they bring their owners satisfaction from the fact of possession. For example, Jimmy Choo shoes’ belong to the category of the brands for “internal use”. The process of making a purchase is also of great importance. The success of the brand is achieved through its compliance with the expectations of consumers, providing added value, satisfaction of psychological needs of consumers. Functional performance indicators of brand can be objectively measured and verified.
One of the most affluent factors of the brands is their logo and package. This is the first message sent to the client. It is completely unobtrusive and not perceived them as advertising. This contact is very tight and fast. It helps customers to better understand themselves, gives the impression of the company, its products and concisely describes what is offered to attention. That is why it is so important for companies to develop a good professional logo, symbols and style.
Most consumers perceive brands as living images. Brands as individuals have their own character, not like the other brands, as well as values ​​and attitudes. Consequently, the typical products sold under a particular brand and actions (advertising) in respect of them can be attributed to the individuality. When the brand affects traditions, customs and manners of the people, they inevitably fall into their cultural space. Brand, cleverly using cultural associations, is impregnated with the spirit of people, becomes a true national treasure and a genuine national pride, an integral part of the culture. For example, it is difficult to imagine modern Germany without Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Opel and, of course, Mercedes cars. Nokia mobile phones are the pride of small northern people, conquered not only the whole Europe, but even America.
Concerning factors, which can stop motivating me to talk about brands, it can be company’s poor advertising campaign, which doesn’t give an opportunity to recognize the brand. Also, the matter can be in company’s negative reputation. I don’t need a product of the company, which was accused and guilty in some violations and has unreliable reputation.
It is worth to mention that one of the most important tasks and functions of PR is the increase in the degree of positive attitude on the part of consumers of the company’s products, the establishment of positive contacts with representatives of the trade press, the implementation of quality of communication within the organization, including its employees. As PR distributes different materials about the company and its products, it forms brand awareness and perception by customers. The positive effects of purposeful work to create a positive image include a high level of customer loyalty to the organization; increase in brand awareness of the company; the ability to focus the marketing on brand promotion, rather than on individual products or services; reduction of the cost of the output stage of a new product on the market due to the generated confidence in the brand; and increase in the attractiveness of the company as an employer and to hire more qualified staff. While negative PR means the disclosure of company’s non-ethical or illegal actions.
The peculiarities of PR practice consist in the fact that this works not on short-term results, but on the process, it has the effect of strategic character. Although PR actions and measures definitely bring results, when signing contracts and performing transactions, but the results are indirect. From the viewpoint of the PR it is very important to establish trust in time, to ensure the expansion of influence, reputation growth, bringing perspective tangible results.

Therefore, the role of PR in the creation of attitude to the brand is extremely high.

Marketer application
The media loves stories behind the scenes of the events that have yet to occur, especially if it is exclusive. In other words, any reporter seeks to cover the event earlier than the competitor. The main rule in this situation is honesty, openness and responsiveness of the organization to the data breach. Rapid passage in the press of materials prepared by the company suspends the emergence of rumors. Target must immediately begin to cooperate with the media, to try to help them in the light of current events. The phrase “no comments” is incredibly hostile and reinforces the impression that the company does have something to hide. It should speak and say all as soon as possible.

The plan should include the following steps:

1. It is necessary to immediately respond to inquiries from the press.
2. Only known facts about the causes or consequences of the situation have to be disclosed. Conjectures and hypotheses, which can give rise to rumors, should be avoided. But at the same time it is necessary to provide a constant flow of information, even in a situation, where there is no change. As a result, the confidence in the company may increase.
3. As soon as sufficient information to cover the situation is collected, the company should immediately organize a press conference. Journalists have to get all the answers. And it is necessary to take into account the time TV news or newspapers are shown and depending on it to assign the event.
4. Management should be present at the press conference. Its absence makes a negative impression on the public. The role of the speaker must be performed by a person trusted by journalists. In addition, it is necessary to remember that his looks, voice, manner of speaking will affect the television audience.
5. In case if the compromising information published in the media has caused incredible publicity, a “hot line” should be promptly established. Hot line is one of the most effective means to reach out to the public. The notification about the introduction of a “hot line” should appear in newspapers and / or on television. It will help to establish two-way communication with the public and thus enable to provide information to and receive information about public opinion.
6. An effective measure would be to create a press center for communication with the press and TV, if that is not in the PR-department. Through it, reporters will be able to receive up to date information.
7. Press center, “hot line” and so on should be available 24/7, should also fix the content of the calls to know what questions journalists are interested in the most.
According to Target announcement it can be concluded that the company didn’t deny the fact of violation and that is very good. This confirms company’s integrity in relation to its customers. Mr. Gregg Steinhafel, company’s CEO wrote the letter personally, which also confirms company’s respect to its customers, because this person is public with positive reputation and appropriate achievements. In this letter the proper advises were given to customers in order to avoid such inconvenienced and unpleasant situation in the future. In addition, the emphasis was made on the necessity to register on the company’s website and get unique activation code. Taking into account provided above plan from the PR viewpoint Target Corporation did everything accurately and professionally. Even so-called “hot line” number was given in the end. However, it could be valuable to organize a little press conference, where the company’s representative could answer about the reasons and taken measures.

Marketer reflection

The damage control PR has the main principles without which any campaign to rescue doomed to failure. First and foremost is honesty and openness. The company must honestly admit its problems. Explain the reasons for their occurrence and real measures to overcome the difficulties. This way it can avoid inflation and negative rumors, as well as gain the trust of the public, even telling about itself negative facts. But only openness is not enough, it must provide the actual facts, argue its words to convince the opinion, pull on its position. It needs a lot of information. That is, the company must conduct an aggressive PR-policy, so if the public learned about the problems, all the news should be said by the company. It is necessary to fill in all information fields, thus eliminating the rumors. With rumors it is possible and necessary to work on the Internet in social groups.
Another principle is the urgency of responding to the damage. Each appeared phenomenon not only tends to expand with each new economic cycle, but also gives rise to new phenomena accompanying it. Therefore, the sooner the company will apply damage control mechanisms, the more opportunities to recovery will be available to the company.
One of the challenges marketers face when trying to get consumers to talk about their brand is the problem of comparing objects. While studying brand image it is needed to get a description of own and competing brands that would allow them to compare the by known criteria. But when discussing the various brands belonging to the same group, consumers often use different criteria (for example, one brand is beautiful and the other is reliable) – then there is the problem of comparing objects described by consumers (often slightly overlapping) through various sets of criteria.
In order to positively encourage, direct, and manage consumer discussions about their brands, marketers are recommended to conduct situation assessment, definition of goals, the definition of the public, the selection of channels of mass communication, technology impact, budget planning and results’ evaluation. The brand should be spoken regularly and on different channels, namely magazines, TV, Internet, etc.

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