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“Fight Club” by David Fincher

Shot in 1999, “Fight Club” by David Fincher is an eccentric reflection upon the values and priorities of an average contemporary person in the material world. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk and perfectly conveys its atmosphere and the main message of the author. “Fight Club” is a nominee of the Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing; it is declared one of the most innovative and famous movies of the 90’s.
The story of the movie is significant for its extraordinary approach to depicting the person with a serious psychological problem. The main character suffering from the dissociative identity disorder is an outstanding example of the introverted phlegmatic office worker with a frame in the wardrobe. It is unknown whether the author wanted to attract the public’s attention to such people or just entertain his readers but anyway, the image of the character he created is so authentic one cannot but reflect upon the problem of the white-collar job with its questionable life priorities. The main character used to follow the generally accepted rules and ended up doing horrible things just to feel alive.
It seems like the author either understands or even supports his main character in questioning what is really important in life. The society forces the necessity of the valuable property on each person who wants to be the so-called “normal” – it is standard to want to live in a rich neighborhood, in a well-furnished apartment, and wear brand-name clothes; the job has to be prestige and well-paid. Obviously, not everyone feels alive and happy when focused on these comforts – the main character, for example, stored up his anger and dissatisfaction, and created the Fight Club which became his only home.
The viewer must have paid attention to the main character’s argument on why he is going to destroy ten buildings with the biggest credit card companies – in fact, he desires the economic equilibrium; he thinks he will perform a very important deed because when the information on credit debtors is erased, the humanity will be ready to begin again from the ground up, and thus create new values. The Tyler part of the main character states that the upper class should be more careful with those who cook, serve, and guard them.
It is very curious that the upper class is represented in the movie as the arrogant stupid people while the members of the Fight Club (obviously, the middle class) are the protagonists – those who can’t stand the unfair world anymore. The latter blindly believe that if they destroy everything that matters, they will thus revenge their employers. It seems like the author supports his main character but also demonstrates the shallowness of his army.
The film triggers a lot of emotions because the timely topic is revealed in a very impressive way – both the storytelling and cinematographic devices. I think the film hints at what may happen and what actually happens in the world of glorifying the material values. It is a simple answer to the reason of violence and armed robbery. Of course, there exists no perfect society with exceptionally satisfied people but what is happening in the contemporary world is a catastrophe. The life dynamics is so fast, some people just don’t manage to get the same speed so they get back to the basic instincts like killing and destroying.
I think the film is significant for demonstrating the double nature of every human – the good and the evil. The director obviously shows that in the movie, the evil one is the winner, and the result is horrifying because though the good part of the character is weak and uncertain, the audience still feels more sympathy to him rather than the crazy Tyler. Tyler is a rebel and the one who protests the system – he did not find his place in life and he accuses the government and the upper class of his misfortune. I think that the audience cannot admire him because though the system is rotten, it still provides people with working places and salaries for living. Destroying it will not do any good.

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